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Finding the source of the Sonic Technical Files

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by DefinitiveDubs, Oct 28, 2022.

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    So, Sega of Japan supposedly had their own document for Sonic for Japanese development, similar to the "Sonic Bible", which was then supposedly translated by the Sega Technical Institute into English. The "Mary Grannet" story has been seen in an abridged form in the 1991 Sonic manga, and the SA2 Birthday Pack, but as for everything else like the character bios and whatnot, where's the source? The articles only list an old fansite from 2002 as their source, which doesn't provide much of a source for where THEY got it either, and again, the character bios are not present there. The Sonic Wiki cites the Sonic Jam Official Guide as containing all the text therein, but after scanning through the guide, I find it contains no such thing, unless I missed it somehow. The article was typed up by @Stealth, but I'm not sure if he would know where it came from either.

    To be clear, I'm not doubting the legitimacy of this. I just want to know a definitive source for where it came from. Where was it published? Where was it posted online? And when was it written? Surely there's somewhere other than a fan wiki where you can see this for yourself.

    EDIT: Ok, so the Sonic Jam guide does in fact contain the Mary Grannet story on pages 4-6. That does not account for the rest of the info.
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    The external link on the Sonic Retro wiki isn't really relevant.

    The Mary Grannet story is its own thing, that dates back to Sonic 1's development. The external link on the Sonic Retro wiki is typed up from the version included in Sonic Jam Official Guide.

    The "Original Story" document on the Sonic Retro article is something separate. It INCLUDES a version of the Mary Grannet story, but the document as a whole is from a later date, as it references characters and locations from Sonic 2 and 3.

    There should be two separate articles on the wiki, really. One for the Mary Grannet/test pilot story in general, and one for this later document.
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    Regardless, the question is, where did we get it from? The later document?
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    I asked this a few years back, here's the answer you're looking for:

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