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Fighter's Megamix Move lists?

Discussion in 'General Sega Discussion' started by Cooljerk, Mar 28, 2023.

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    I've had Fighter's Megamix since it first released, and while it probably has the best training mode of the 32-bit era, it's super lacking in many ways. Probably the biggest sin is that for all the FMM exclusive characters, their training mode hides the move list. This is extremely bad for several characters who never appeared in any other VF or FV game, who basically are black holes. For example -- Ura Bahn. He's a FMM exclusive character. What makes him different from normal Bahn? Hell if I know. He's got a different pic? Some of Bahn's moves don't seem to work with him? He probably has some hidden moves?

    For some characters, like Janet, this isn't so bad, because it was discovered fairly early on that she's really Aoi from VF3 reskinned for the most part, with some extra moves (like the gun fire). But for Siba, Rent-a-Hero, Ura Bahn, Hornet, the AM2 palmtree, etc, I have basically *NEVER* used them because I have no idea what they offer.

    GameFAQS has been consistently terrible for this game. There are some FAQs from back in the day, but all of them are incomplete or have gaps, even not listing all the moves in the training mode. I have heard rumors that Fighters Megamix got a very comprehensive strategy guide in Japan, but I have never seen pics or anything from it.

    Another problem I've got with FMM's training guide is a lot of the instructions for specific moves never seems to work. Like, many moves will say "facing a wall." I have never, in 26 years, gotten any of these moves to register. Same with things like "back to wall." Some of these conditional moves, like "behind opponent," work, but these moves about facing or having your back to the wall never register.

    So, after playing the game a lot lately, I come to ask: Anybody have a real good source of good character breakdowns in Fighters Megamix specifically centered on the hidden characters?
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    We don't have Fighters Megamix Official Guide yet but we do have Fighters Mega Books, which claims to have full move lists. No idea how accurate these are.

    ...but if they are accurate, get them mirrored on Sega Retro, because that sounds like a gap in the market.
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    I found another book which seems available for about $20 online. It actually has some scans on an ebay listing showing the inside, which shows move lists for Kage and Dural, but I'm not sure if it has move lists for the secret characters. There is two page spread on Bean, but it doesn't show a move lists, rather it seems to be telling his backstory and showing off some strategies for him. He might have a move list on another page that is unseen.

    I went ahead and ordered this book, so when it comes in I'll scan it.

    EDIT: The Fighter's Mega Books above has some great move lists for the hidden characters. When my book comes in, I might take the Mega Books and it and combine them into a FAQ that can be uploaded to Sega Retro in a more text searchable format (and also in english).

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    Jack shit.