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Favourite Master System Sonic Game?

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by BaronXVI, Mar 15, 2022.

  1. BaronXVI


    Yo, just wanted to hear everyone's opinions on this - what's your favourite MS Sonic game? Sonic 1, 2, Chaos, Spinball or Blast?
    I'm a Sonic 2 kinda guy myself, it's a fun challenge and feels like a nice evolution of the first game. I'm hunting for a copy of Chaos personally, but from what I've played of the Game Gear version it feels pretty good. Blast is a guilty pleasure of mine but I don't think I'm ever gonna own it since it's Brazil exclusive and those games tend to cost a lot more on the aftermarket.

    But I digress, what are your thoughts?
  2. Yash


    CHOCOLATE! Member
    I think they nailed it with Sonic 1, it's up there with the best NES platformers.

    I will add that, aside from screen crunch, I don't think 1 or Chaos are significantly worse on Game Gear than their Master System counterparts. Sonic 2 however absolutely suffers for the conversion, and I think would have a better reputation if the Master System version was more available.

    That being said, Sonic 1 > Chaos > 2. If Triple Trouble were in the mix, I'd put it above/about equal to Chaos. Don't care for Spinball or Blast, and Mean Bean Machine is excellent but I don't mentally consider it a Sonic game.
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  3. LockOnRommy11


    Sonic 1, for sure. There’s less annoying gimmicks, I think the overall level design is more intuitive and less confusing, and I also think the music is better. For me it’s the Super Mario Bros of the Master System.

    After that it would have to be Chaos.
  4. Palas


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    I mean. Sonic 1 for the Master System was my first game ever. Some stages I could literally finish with my eyes closed. I'll irrationally¹ defend and praise it anywhere I can. So.

    ¹ but not wrongly!
  5. I mean, I think Sonic 1 Master System (and Game Gear) is really better than the Mega Drive version... so I'll go with that. But I think Sonic Triple Trouble and Tails' Adventure are really fun too.
  6. Xiao Hayes

    Xiao Hayes

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    I don't really like Triple Trouble, so I'm ok in not including it, but Sonic Blast is terrible and only ported in unconventional circumstances, so I would leave both in or out. I know, only MS, but versions aren't that different beyond the dreaded Under Ground boss (which I beat quite easily in GG). I wouldn't count stuff like Spinball as it's an spin-off that works differently, but I guess it's a Sonic game too.

    My favourite was Sonic Chaos because it mimicked the main games a lot more and they made a very good work at making so pretty looking graphics on a Master System, but it was the easiest of the then trilogy of 8-bit Sonic games. I love the three, each one for different reasons:

    -Ancient's Sonic 1:
    this was my preferred one for the challenge of getting all the hidden bonuses after beating the game, and overall a quite welcome title for doing perfect runs or failing at them because the game was fun enough to not freak out if I failed (the dreamcast was about to disappear when I finally achieved this). It had special stages and they felt like special stages, but finding the emeralds was a treasure hunt testing your skills and intelligence. The original levels fit perfectly within the series despite not having further references about how would it evolve, and the bonus giving signpost was a great concept. Oh, and it came in my console's memory, so I didn't have to open a game box to play it! XD

    -Aspect's Sonic 2:
    I was quite a masochist playing this game, but I loved how weird it was. Green Hills? It's the fourth level and it's third act's layout is more dangerous than any other level's (on GG, this was the one that made me repeat time and again, the first boss might take some tries but I got the knack of it). First level? It has lava. Sky High? Glide high! Robotnik's hideout? It's in the special stage! (I think). And.. what the hell is Scrambled Egg zone? I love that zone. Gimmick Mountain ends an act by going to the left, can you believe it? This game made a lot of act1 =/= act 2 in a proper way too, 16-bit Scrap Brain did it first but not so well.

    -Sonic Chaos:
    Mecha Green Hill wins: it goes Sonic CD by giving us the bad future of a zone along with a remix of the song that zone featured on the previous game, the song that was the main theme for Sonic CD itself the same year. Also, direction changing corkscrews. Of course, what I said previously too: the graphics look a lot closer to the main games, it had playable Tails flight first and that weird Peel-Out that would give you like 2 seconds of invulnerability if you stood still for so long that you were already too bored, but I think this counts as the first time Sonic boosted in some way.

    Too many words, sorry. Short version:
    -Sonic 1 wins in keeping the spirit of its 16-bit sibling and having great challenges for replayability.
    -Sonic 2 wins in originality and weirdness.
    -Chaos wins in porting 16-bit mechanics and having high quality graphics.
    -Triple Trouble loses because it's not fun and doesn't control well enough.
    -Other games lose because they're spin-offs.
    -Sonic Blast doesn't even deserve a seat to enter the contest.
  7. kyasarintsu


    Sonic 1 is the only one of the 8-bit games I truly like. The rest of them range from being annoying to just being pretty boring.
  8. Chibisteven


    8-bit Sonic 1 for me. I prefer the 16-bit version usually but 8-bit Sonic 1 is the best out of all the 8-bit titles available.
  9. nineko


    I am the Holy Cat Tech Member
    And yet, Sonic Triple Trouble is my favourite Sonic game, tied with Sonic 3 & Knuckles. There might be nostalgia involved since I was 10 or so, but still, I like it more than 1, 2, and Chaos, and nostalgia applies to all of them. 2 was too hard, Chaos was too easy. Triple Trouble hit the spot, in my opinion. The only cheap thing in Triple Trouble is the path in the fifth special stage, which can ruin a 100% playthrough.
  10. Yuzu


    I think Triple Trouble has to be my favorite too! Much like nineko said, it pretty much nails the difficulty between 2 and Chaos. Not feeling two hard or frustrating like 2, but being much more of an interesting, enjoyable game mechanically and difficulty wise than Chaos, which is so easy that it just kinda feels like it's pointless as a whole.

    Loved Chaos as a kid on GG but that is probably my least favorite of the first four games now.
  11. DigitalDuck


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    Lincs, UK
    TurBoa, S1RL
    While I'm not sure I'd go as far as to put it above Sonic 1 Mega Drive, it definitely goes above Sonic 2 Mega Drive for me. It's a really well-crafted platformer that takes elements from the Mega Drive version and makes it its own, and allows multiple playthroughs with an actually good scoring system that rewards you for not dying, getting all the emeralds, getting all the extra lives, completing all the bonus stages, and so on.

    The rest I'm not too keen on. I did complete Sonic 2 SMS as a kid and pretty much stopped playing it once I did. Didn't learn about Chaos or Triple Trouble until I was older; I think Triple Trouble definitely does a lot of things right, but it's trying too hard to be the Mega Drive games instead of its own thing.
  12. RetroJordan91


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    As someone who has only recently tried out the original GG games, I have throughly enjoyed Sonic 1 and Sonic Triple Trouble.. Sonic 2 has made me pull my hair out a few times but I do plan on beating it when I have more time.. Sonic 1 was a breeze to play and the Chaos Emeralds are easy to spot there (but Sky Base did give me a bit of trouble) Triple Trouble was a good time too although I haven’t played it in years
  13. Forte


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    Sonic 1.
    It was my first Sonic Game, and I honestly think it's way better than Sonic 1 on SMD.

    I especially love the music, Bridge Zone is fantastic, and the themes for Labyrinth Zone and Scrap Brain, together with Robotnik Theme are way better than its SMD counterparts.

    On top of that, the game is using some leftover elements from it's bigger sister - so it has this unique "feel" of what could have been. Also the mini map of South Island - I love it. You can also hunt the Emeralds in normal stages, and it adds another layer to the gameplay.

    Then, there's Sonic 2, which I beat recently - I like it, but not as much as Sonic 1. While it too does it's own thing, and does it good in few areas - Underground Zone, Green Hills Zone - other levels aren't that good. It strayed too much from the source material.
  14. Yuski


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    Sonic 1 is my favorite and Sonic Chaos the most nostalgic game.
  15. The Joebro64

    The Joebro64

    Sonic Blast is the obvious and most morally correct option

    my favorite is actually Sonic 1
  16. Forte


    I speak better after three beers Member
    Sonic Blast isn't actually half bad. It's been a while, but I remember the game being fun - just ugly as hell.

    Or maybe as a kid I just liked everything Sonic :V
  17. Billy


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    Colorado, USA
    Indie games
    Favorite Master System game specifically? Sonic 1. Though I may be biased since that was the only one that actually came out on the Master System here in the states. =P I actually own this one as an NTSC Master System cart.

    Favorite 8-bit game? A tossup between Sonic 1 and Triple Trouble. Both have really solid gameplay, and are easier to get into than Sonic 2 and Chaos. And both have great music actually, with Sonic 1 having tracks composed by Yuzo Koshiro, and Triple Trouble, well:

  18. Sonic Chaos gets the top spot for me. It's the most aesthetically pleasing of the bunch, and very easy to pick up and play. I also love Sonic 1 and have a good bit of nostalgia for Blast, which despite being terrible in so many ways, still gave me hours of fun when I was a kid (not a very young kid, I think I was 15 when the game came out for the SMS here in Brazil).

    The only one I didn't own back in the day was Sonic 2, which I used to rent from time to time. I always thought it looked worse than 1 and Chaos, and was harder too. This is also the only one I never finished, to this day.
  19. VelvetBlueDreams


    For me, it's Sonic Chaos. Sonic 1 feels watered down on MS, and I just don't really like Sonic 2 (8-bit anyway). Sonic Chaos has a lot of the things I like in a Sonic game; multiple characters with unique abilities (albeit only two), fun levels, and great music and art. (Especially for an 8-bit game!)
  20. Yuzu


    I felt the same way when I went back to it a while ago. But then I got to Blue Marine Zone and I started hating every moment of it :V