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    QQ Past has a rather similar keyboard sample arrangement as to the the album mix of “your love” by The Prodigy, my favourite song on that album... And yeah I agree with your final statement, so much - basically why I’m trying not to look things up as much when playing games lol.
  2. Yeah Collision Chaos Past also has that ravey vibe at around 4:33 - love it.

    Funnily enough I didn't hear those past tunes until I bought a Mega CD second hand, around a decade later when I was at uni, was pretty surprised to hear those past tunes.
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    It’s because they’re on the data track as PCM audio @High Fidelity.

    Kinda glad but not that they didn’t change those for the US release though, the overall style in the US OST would sound odd in bit crushed samples seeing as the whole idea was to sound like contemporary music... that said the JP past tracks in the US game sound disorienting.
  4. It also gives us JP fans a one up in arguments against the US soundtrack haha
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    Yeah I’m certainly more of a fan of the JP soundtrack (grunge isn’t really my thing aside from early era Feeder and some post-grunge acts like Shinedown) but the US one has its gems too. Collision Chaos Bad Future comes to mind here, sounds “desperate” and “hopeless” which seriously suits the level palette in the game. ^^
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    Sonic 2

    It isn't my fave Mega Drive Sonic title, but it is my fave music. Sonic 1 is a very close second and would be number one (because Green Hill Zone>Emerald Hill Zone any day) but Sonic 2 has a few more songs and a few of those are just insanely good.

    Sonic CD (JPN) is also really good. Sonic 3 & Knuckles is good. Sonic 3D Blast also has some great music!

    Hell, even Sonic Mania is great! The original compositions are top-tier. If it had more originals, it'd be right up there with the best. Maybe even the best. Tee Lopes, man. He's just great.

    I haven't played too much 3D Sonic so I dunno where to start with those.

    I also dig the Sonic Spinball tunes because they have that mid-'90s Genesis feel. Not great music but pretty nostalgic for me.
  7. I've been listening to the Sonic the Hedgehog Boom! album, and holy crap it makes me love the North American Sonic CD soundtrack even more. Its version of PalmTree Panic is pure ear candy:
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    Indeed! Too many people forget about the 8-bit games.

    As for the original question, it's hard to pinpoint a whole best soundtrack for me, it's more like a song from this and a song from that, ranging from the aforementioned Sunset Park 3, to Blue Sphere, to many other ones. And while, of course, the nostalgia can be a factor in all of this, it's undeniable that some of those songs just are that good.
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    Most people bash S&K Collection's MIDI soundtrack, but you can easily make that music sound great in the modern day. All you really need is a virtual synthesizer and a good soundfont. It's better than half the stuff you can find on VGMusic or KHinsider.
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    I love most of the soundtracks, but JP/EU CD, 06, and Unleashed (those nighttime themes y'all...) are what I first think of the it comes to favourites.

    Sonic CD has such a nice aesthetic to it, and the JP soundtrack really just added to it; my favourites would have to be Quartz Quadrant Present, Tidal Tempest Present/Past, and Stardust Speedway as a whole.

    Sonic Unleashed's holds sooooo much variety that it's hard to pick favourites out of, but Spagonia Night, Shamar Night, Jungle Joyride Day, and Dragon Road Night all come to mind.

    Sonic '06 has a lot of my favourite tracks in this series ever; so if I had to think of favourites, I'd say Flame Core (The Cavern), Aquatic Base, Kingdom Valley, and Wave Ocean. The only one I can say I dislike is some of the Town Mission themes, especially Town Mission 3, but those are ones I can ignore.
  11. I'm glad I'm not the only one who likes the North American "Sonic CD" soundtrack. I know most folks prefer the Japanese/European one, and that's fine. I just think Spencer Nilsen's music helped create a really amazing atmosphere in that game. Plus, "Sonic Boom" is a really good song in terms of harmonic composition, but I wish the lyrics were better.