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Music Favorite Sonic soundtrack

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by The Joebro64, Aug 14, 2020.

  1. Raizender


    To me, answering a question as simple as "What is your favourite music?" shouldn't be difficult, but it is. The Sonic franchise, whilst I can't say all of its tracks have resonated with me, it nonetheless has a vast library that I could listen to for hours.

    I guess I'm in the minority when I say I prefer the US soundtrack of Sonic CD over the JP/EU soundtrack. That isn't to say I don't like the JP soundtrack (I prefer Quartz Quadrant from that soundtrack personally); it's just that I've heard it used so much it hasn't aged very well for me. My favourites from the US soundtrack include Tidal Tempest Bad Future, Wacky Workbench Good Future and all of Stardust Speedway.

    I also rather like some of the music from the 8-bit Sonic games on the Game Gear/Master System. My first experiences with the 8-bit library (and the classic games in general) can be contributed to Sonic Gems Collection. Underground Zone from Sonic the Hedgehog 2 has stuck with me, not just because it's a good track but also because I couldn't get past the anteater boss as a kid. The music of Sonic Chaos and Sonic Triple Trouble also deserve a mention as well. I think this part of the Sonic music library is underrepresented and should come back in one form or another.

    Finally as far as the "Modern Era" games are concerned, I like the Mission Street and Pyramid Cave from Sonic Adventure 2, Frog Forest from Sonic Heroes and Sonic Rush's soundtrack for how unique it is compared to the rest of the franchise.
  2. Knucklez


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    A tie between S&KC S3K and JP Sonic CD.

    Objectively, Sonic CD's soundtrack just blows everything out of the water and suits Sonic like butter on bread. But the FM Synthesized version of S&KC properly played on a PC (not through the actual MIDI file rips) just resonates with me because that soundtrack was my childhood and everything I knew and loved when it came to Sonic. The OPL3 version is also lovely. Lava Reef, Hidden Palace and Sky Sanctuary are my definitive favorites no matter which of the... 5+ variations you play based on the soundchip. That PC FM soundtrack to me suits the atmosphere of S3K and each respective level so well.

    I'll say this... the music is the only reason I can even force myself to pick up Sonic CD to play it because those level layouts are just an awful incoherent mess that lack any flow.

    I'll even say I absolutely love the few main themes from the Sonic OVA just as much.
  3. kyasarintsu


    I always liked the sound of 1 and 2. They're still my preferred sound for the series. I find the funkiness of CD kind of obnoxious, to be honest.
  4. biggestsonicfan


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    ALWAYS Sonic the Fighters
    If you don't think the Sonic the Fighters OST slaps I don't know what to tell you...
  5. Oh, I think some of Sonic 3D Blast on Saturn have some neat songs too. Also, Sonic Rush Adventure because the boss themes slaps.
  6. kyasarintsu


    I like the Saturn 3D Blast music a lot but I don't think it tops the catchy Genesis soundtrack. Rusty Ruin on the Saturn's cool as hell, though.
  7. Laura


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    My favourite is Sonic CD JP, not purely because of its OST, but because of the way it remixes the melodies of the tracks in each time variant. It's why I prefer the OST to the US version, which is very good in its own right and which I experienced first on Gems Collection.

    I think Sonic Adventure has an excellent soundtrack, I've been replaying it and forgot how good it is. It's got a reputation for being all rock, but it has more variety than I think it's often given credit. I also think the music tracks fit the scenes really really well. SA1's snowboarding scene is just much better than the scene in S3AK because of the music track and more elaborate set piece.

    Sonic Adventure 2's OST is pretty cheesy, but it really portrays the characters' personalities well. If it weren't for the tracks I don't think the characters in that game would be nearly as popular as they are.
  8. kyasarintsu


    The one track off the top of my head that I always liked in the US soundtrack of CD was the normal Stardust Speedway. For me, it always evoked some intensely cool, serene imagery of Sonic running through these winding, somewhat-futuristic runways with an endless starry abyss above and a sea of lights below. A bit like I get from Star Light, but with a lot more energy and wonder.
  9. Ayu Tsukimiya

    Ayu Tsukimiya

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    I'm gonna be super original and say JP/EU Sonic CD.

    Besides that? 3K, 3D Blast (Saturn), R, SA, SA2, Heroes, 06, Unleashed, Colors, and Mania.
    I would have included Generations, but it's all remixes so that might not be fair.

    Where'd you read that? I can't find any comments on the Japanese soundtrack anywhere. It'd be great if someone posted Naofumi Hataya's linear notes from that vinyl album release or something.
  10. The Joebro64

    The Joebro64


    The album version of Metallic Madness Bad Future is easily one of my favorite tracks in the entire series.
  11. The album version of (US) Tidal Tempest is also a banger! Honestly, almost good as the JP Version.

    Also, we need talk more about this:
  12. SuperSonicRider


    It's so hard to say which is my absolute favorite, but I have a lot of fondness for the Advance series' soundtracks. I would play those games a lot between the "grander" 3D Sonic games at the time, and each of their soundtracks have this amazing energy to them that I can't quite describe. I think Advance 3 has the best overall soundtrack of the trilogy - Ocean Base, Twinkle Snow, and Nonaggression come to mind; and it probably has my favorite special stage theme in the entire series - but Advance 1 pulls off the "second act music being a remix of the first act" thing incredibly well. Comparatively, Advance 2 and Advance 3's act remixes tend to be more "samey" IMO but it's all great stuff.
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  13. Linkabel


    I got that from the Sonic CD vinyl where It goes into detail on the process of making the soundtrack.
  14. Palas


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    I didn't know this existed and I'm absolutely in love????

    Also, although I mentioned my favourite soundtracks in general, I can't help but talk about one of my all-time favorite pieces.

    Sunset Park Act 3 is perfect. To this day I can't believe they haven't revived this song and this section ad nauseam. It's the hidden gem in the Sonic franchise.
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  15. Laura


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    I listen to a lot of the Sonic remix albums when I'm doing my PhD work Makes it a lot easier to read the goddamn poststructuralists :V

    I really like the Sonic the Hedgehog Boom album, because it feels like a high quality version of the Sonic CD ost.
  16. Palmtree Panic

    Palmtree Panic

    JP Sonic CD is one the greatest soundtracks to a game. 4 remixes per stage & they are all phenomenal. The remixes sell the idea of time travel. Over 25 years later, the soundtrack is still fresh. The effort put into the OST is astouding.

    S3&K, Adventure 1, Rush, Colors, & Mania have all great soundtracks.
  17. I wish the official Sonic CD (JP) albums would include the intro/samples/loop from the 2011 version.
  18. Not sure why the Sonic Unleashed soundtrack doesn't get more attention as a videogame soundtrack. It's the only OST that has songs I listen to as normal music. Haven't even played that much of the actual game.

  19. Sonic Unleashed soundtrack is so good that you can unronically hear it anywhere.
  20. JP Sonic CD

    I was really into UK rave music at the time, age 12/13, sounds young to be into that but my older brother was always playing stuff like Prodigy/Chemical Brothers/Underworld/Leftfield/Daft Punk, on a big soundsystem he had in his room. I used to steal his CDs, so the rave infused Sonic CD came into my life at the right time.

    I was just finishing primary school, and my friend had the JP soundtrack on cassette. I mean, no one actually owned a mega CD, as they where too expensive and no parent was insane enough to buy one, so that was the next best thing to playing it.

    After that I spent at least a few months saving pocket money to buy the game second hand, even though I had no Mega CD. I just wanted to hear the full soundtrack. I popped that CD into my crappy portable CD boombox and had it on repeat for weeks, full of wonder imagining what the levels where like for each of the songs. Amazing.

    It kind of saddens me that those kind of moments have been lost with the coming of the internet and instant access to everything, so epic voyages of discovery probably don't happen as much with kids these days. Fuck I'm old. Especially saying shit like that.
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