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Favorite Sonic soundtrack?

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Ell678, Aug 13, 2008.

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  1. djdocsonic


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    Well for me its got to be a combination of Sonic The Hedgehog 2 and Sonic The Hedgehog 3 on the Sega Genesis.

    Sonic 2 tracks that I quite like, Emerald Hill Zone, Hidden Palace or Track 10 which ever one you would prefer me to say, Metropolis Zone and of course the 2P Mystic Cave Zone.

    Sonic 3. Angel Island Zone 2, Ice Cap Zone 1, Marble Garden Zone, The 2Player select race type screen and of course the Sonic 3 Stranger In Moscow :(
  2. montazuma


    Sonic 2 has got to be the safe pick here. Though I really enjoyed Sonic R's soundtrack too.
  3. Sonic adventure 2, its the only soundtrack I have of sonic :rolleyes:
  4. My personal preference has to side with Sonic 3 & Knuckles, but my favourite ever level music has to be Flying Battery, easily. I just love the overal sound of the theme and really does work wonders with the level.
  5. Seconded! FBZ has got to be my fave for any sonic game ever... with Ice cap Act 2 coming in 2nd :P

    and of course.... feel the sunshine... lol nah just kidding, but in all seriousness I love the Crush 40 make of His World, and the Bentley Jones remix of Open Your Heart.

    but fave soundtrack definitely S3&K.
  6. Azu


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    It's hard to pick a favorite. I like all of them, They all that "specific element" to them. Although, I's say I really enjoyed "Crack up the heat" in Sonic Adventure's OST. The guitar solo was freaking awesome. But, Live and Will always be the best theme song. Followed by What You're Made Of.
  7. Loggo


    I love all Sonic soundtracks from the 16bit era, I don't have a personal favorite as they all had some top class moments. I also love the 8bit version soundtrack of Sonic 1, with the Jungle, Bridge Zone and Scrap Brain tunes being my favorites, especially the 8bit version of Scrap Brain is fantastic, it's a shame it's not famous among the remix community. I'm also a big fan of the Sonic 3D ost (both versions), Mega Drive version is excellent (Volcano Valley is the best), but the Saturn version has some great tunes too, especially the Rusty Ruin and Volcano Valley, are some of my favorite tunes ever.

    In contrast, I hated almost everything I heard since Sonic Adventure 2. SA1 had it's moments for me, but I really hated almost everything I heard since 1999.
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  8. Ayla


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    Doomsday Zone act 1 and 2, Final Boss theme Japanese from Sonic CD, TTR from Sonic CD, Present, good future and bad future from american version. SSR present american and japanese from Sonic CD and of course, Sonic 2's Hidden Palace Zone.

    From the newer games? The instrumental version of Sonic's Theme in Sonic Adventure and the actual theme. Tikal's theme and finally Shadow's theme from Sonic Adventure 2 as well as Supporting Me.
  9. Shadix


    SA2 had a pretty amazing soundtrack, with the huge genre variety. Rouge's music particularly stands out, however Knuckles' cheesy hiphop songs were amazing too, as well as the DnB\Rock fusion like Supporting Me and Shadows music.

    Besides that I'll vouche for Sonic 2006's soundtracks amazingness, as well as some of the awesome tracks off SATSR. (that game has some badass music)

    Classic Sonic? Sonic 3D Blast and Sonic CD

    If we are talking about released soundtracks though, I absolutely without a doubt would name the Sonic CD Remix Album my absolute favorite. Dr. Gigglyman, Love You Sonic, Sonic Stream and Miracle Blue are some of the best songs I've ever listened to.
  10. TerraEsperZ


    Although all the recent games had decent to great soundtracks, my favourites remain the following:

    1) Sonic CD (Japan & U.S.):

    I played the U.S. version first, so I used to prefer that version, but the Japanese soundtrack eventually came up on top, though not by much. It fits the colourful and crazy worlds of the Miracle Planet better that's true, and it's really energetic and gives the feeling of a vibrant world full of people.

    But the U.S. soundtrack had the time to inspire different though not necessarily worse feelings. Now, the old Sonic games never showed any human or even any anthropomorphic animals anywhere, only tiny animals when busting capsules and badniks. With the new soundtrack which is more moody and atmospheric and sometimes really dark and melancholic, the colorful levels give off a very different vibe. Like an empty world, one where all the lights and machines keep going while nobody lives there anymore, as if they had all suddenly vanished (which at the time felt reasonable, with robotnik using Time Travel to conquer the place). And while I do like "You can do anything", Sonic Boom remains my favourite theme songs, it just feels more intense to me during the introduction cartoon.

    2) Sonic 3D Blast (Saturn):

    I love, *love* Richard Jacques' work on this game. While the Genesis version has its moments, this one is all good. The Diamond Dust songs feel like taking a walk outside on the morning after Christmas, the Volcano Valley theme pumps you up and works wonderfully to make you feel alone but courageous against the dangers of the fiery elements, and the boss songs with Robotnik's sinister laughter, it's all great.

    3) Sonic R:

    Okay, the songs are almost too energetic, the lyrics are cheesy as hell, and I'd be ashamed of someone walking in on me while listening to them, but as far as fun but mindless tunes go, it's great! And it makes great workout music to boot :(
  11. Insert Coin(s)

    Insert Coin(s)

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    Undoubtedly the music from the first game, especially the Green Hill Zone. Aside from that, Sonic Spinball had some pretty jawsome music.
  12. 87th


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    Sonic The Hedgehog. I can't play it without humming along. Star Light Zone gets me emotional.
  13. Jordanime


    Sonic 3 and Knuckles has my favorite compiled track(though I prefer the original mini-boss music and Knuckle's theme from Sonic 3). Sonic CD(Nilson's version) probably comes in second, but I also like the Japanese/Euro version, I still prefer Nilson as a composer.

    The newer games haven't had the same quality, but Crush 40 is a guilty, guilty pleasure of mine.
  14. WyraachUr


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    My favourite soundtrack for a game....Its hard to choose exactly one soundtrack. the rest are all songs from various games, but my favourite soundtrack is the JAP/EU Sonic CD soundtrack. And within that my favourite songs are the opening and ending songs. Various favourites of mine include Star Light, Hidden Palace (S2), Death Egg (S3K), Live and Learn....the list goes on XD
  15. Ravenfreak


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    I honestly like every single one, except there are two songs from Sonic 3 that I really can't stand, sadly. They are the miniboss theme, and Knuckles' theme. My favorite song by far is Ice Cap Zone, both acts (I do like act 1's song better though.)
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