Extracting Naomi/Hikaru files

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    I'm currently interested in checking out the file formats for the Sega Hikaru game "Planet Harriers", given Amusement Vision's history of using the Monkey Ball engine till 2005/6. As expected with arcade dumps from Mame, the files look like this
    Looking in hex from a few of the ic files....
    I can tell this is supposed to say "SAMURAI AMUSEMENT VISION LTD", so this needs to be interleaved
    It's a good think Mame has a list of how the ic files are sorted. Saves me from guessing which how many tracks the rom has
    So with that, I concatenated sets of even/odd files, then I used BinMan here to interleave the files (32bit worked for the double byte spacing)
    So now in hex for the first section:
    But now I'm stuck. I can't make this into a GDI due to Hikaru not using GDroms like Naomi/Dreamcast

    It made me realize no one really messed with Naomi/Hikaru modding, so I'd like to bring interest to it, so we have a universal method of getting the direct files
    I'm not sure if I can send the files, so best of luck in getting the roms elsewhere for those interested
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