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Everyone's take on recent Sonic games

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Effexor, Feb 20, 2010.

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  1. phoenixwright7


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    Sonic Adventure (DX ) - Sonic's levels were fun. Tails' levels seemed like shorter versions of Sonic's, but were still fun. Knuckles' levels were boring, but short enough to be bearable. Same with Amy's and E 102's. Big's a terrible fisherman and should take lessons from Link <_< A pretty fun game over all.

    Sonic Adventure 2 (Battle ) - Birth of one of my least favorite characters! That being said, Sonic and Shadow's levels were fun. Every one else's levels were boring though. Am I the only one that hated grinding since game one? And why does everyone love the chao garden so much?

    Sonic Heroes - Was pretty fun at times. Team system was a cool idea. Wish the power and flight characters weren't so slow though since you seemed to play as them more than the speed characters. Hated how the game crapped on the character development that the previous games had.

    Shadow the Hedgehog - Was kind of fun at first. Stopped being fun after I had unlocked the second or third ending.

    Sonic 06 - Haven't played it yet. Probably won't for awhile since I don't plan on getting a 360/PS3 any time soon...

    Sonic Unleashed (Wii ) - Haven't beaten it yet. that being said, both day and night stages need some work. Day stages need to be longer and have more platforming, night stages need to be shorter.

    Sonic and the Black Knight - Pretty fun at times. Wish the game would throw less enemies at me at once though. Would love to see another Sonic and the Black Knight, just as long as a couple of things were improved. I don't care what ya'll say, the sword gimmick was an awesome idea!

    Sonic Advance - Fun! :) Was missing something though... Dunno what... I can't seem to figure out those Special stages! >_<

    Sonic Advance 2 - Thought this one was pretty fun too. Hated the boss fights though... Never unlocked Amy :(

    Sonic Advance 3 - Yup, I thought this one was fun too! I don't think I ever unlocked Cream though...

    Sonic Battle - Pretty fun. Better than Sonic the fighters imo. Some fights were pretty annoying

    Sonic Rush - Fun! Best special stages since sonic 3 :) Blaze was pretty cool, too.

    Sonic Rush Adventure - Even more fun! Don't think I ever beat all of the missions though...

    Sonic Chronicles - I really liked this game. The battle system was incredibly addicting at times, though there were times where I was bored with it... Couldn't tell you why, there just were. I loved how they did Amy... And Tails... And Robotnik...

    As you can tell, I really liked the handheld games, and I've had some fun with the 3d titles too.
  2. Azookara


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    Adventure was great; fantastic mixture of seriousness and cartooniness and almost (read: almost) perfect transition of Sonic's gameplay to 3D. Plus: Be Wild, Be Cool, Be Groovy & Red Hot Skull = <3
    Adventure 2 was alright I suppose, but the removal of the standard roll in favor of a crappy somersault, the speed stage overlinearity, the butt rock and hiphop and the forced mech and hunting stages nearly killed it. And Shadow used to be cool in this game.
    Heroes was two steps forward, one hundred steps back; as it brought back classic environments and musical variety, but left us with buttloads of talking, an ubercampy storyline and crappy TEAMWORKKK
    Shadow was an abomination that ended up only having one redeeming quality: Sky Troops. And maybe the theme song(s), although they don't suit the Sonic series whatsoever.
    Nextgen was terrible, but had some awesome levels and music, and one really awesome rendition of Dr. Eggman and his mechs. However the story, bad gameplay and loading times really destroyed it completely
    Unleashed PS360 was great, heck even the Werehog was fun to play as (although unfitting). Also, AMAZING GRAPHIX, and pretty fun daytime stages, although a little like an even more boost-happy Sonic Rush
    Unleashed WiiS2 was pretty crap; Werehog was tedious, some really terrible graphics even for a PS2 or Wii game, even Sonic was tedious to play as (although with superior boost and level design)
    Advance AMAZING. Sega, I don't care what you say, that is Sonic 4 until you prove S4 as teh bettar. :colbert:
    Advance 2 great fun and good in the Sonic-y spirit, although the level design is a little too built around "hold right lols".
    Advance 3 ugly as sin in the art department, level design was pretty dang crappy (with some terrible object placement), gameplay was clunky and abysmal
    Rush feels more like Sadv1 + Sadv2 + Unleashed, and that's not a bad thing whatsoever. Addicting.
    Rush Adventure is like Rush but BETTER in the level design department.
  3. Adventure - Probably one of the best Sonic 3D games of the bunch, I always can come back and play this some more. It's just fun.
    Adventure 2 - The first 3D Sonic game I ever played, I loved this game, especially because of the storyplot, since I never had seen much of a story plot in games beforehand. (All I'd ever played before was Commander Keen, Jazz Jackrabbit, and Sonic the Hedgehog)
    Heroes - My brother hated this with a passion, but I found this to be quite enjoyable through the first run. The things that went wrong was the repetition of beating the stages over and over with different teams the god-awful voice acting, terrible plot, and the starting-to-get-annoying "Robotnik isn't the main villain". Oh yeah, and the team gimmick was useless too.
    Shadow - I didn't Shadow getting a spin-off at first because it didn't show the guns. Now when they revealed the game had guns AND 4Kids Voice-actors (Had watched both versions, loved Japanese, hated 4Kids) I was pretty pissed. The game itself is actually pretty decent, though it has a ton of flaws.
    '06 - WORST. VIDEO. GAME. EVER. :flunked:
    It had so much going for it pre-Shadow and Silver, I was very excited when it was Sonic-only. I also liked the new robot styles too. But of course the game came out and turned out to suck eggs. Almost lost faith in Sonic with this game.
    Unleashed (360/PS3) - Wow. I actually think this was a pretty good game. Day-time stages are solid, and the Werehog gmmick/stages could have worked. They just didn't. Too long, and repetitive.
    Unleashed (Wii/PS2) - I played this version first. It was a god-awful piece of shit that had horrible gameplay and a worse overworld. Can't believe I convinced my brother to spend $50 on this shit. I almost didn't play the 360 version when I got it for Christmas.
    Advance 1 - First emulated game I ever played. Incredibly awesome, one of my favorite Sonic games.
    Advance 2 - I loved this game too. I don't get why people hate on the speed part of the game, it was pretty cool for one game, just didn't work well outside of it. Also, I must have seen a lot more split paths or something than everyone else or something.
    Advance 3 - My brother also hates this game. No idea why, it's solid gameplay, and the team-up business wasn't annoying. Only thing that went wrong were some of the later bosses. That Cyber Track Zone and Ice Palace Zone come to mind. :argh:
    Rush - I loved this game too! I mean, it limited down to only 2 characters, and Blaze was actually pretty cool. (She wasn't screwed up much until '06, come on, it's established she's from another universe, not the future!)
    Rush Adventure - Other than the submarine sections, this game was pretty solid too.
  4. NHY


    Adventure - Well DX on the PC. For what its worth, its decent. The graphics are nice and colourful and the storyline was decent. I didn't like Amy's Gameplay, though. She was just too slow! At least Big had apprioately sized levels.

    Adventure 2 - Haven't played

    Heroes - Played a demo at a store when it first came out, I thought it was ok but I REALLY, REALLY didn't like the colouring of the characters, Sonic's face and stomach AREN'T THAT YELLOW, SEGA!

    Shadow - Haven't played

    '06 - Haven't played but want to

    Unleashed (360/PS3) - Haven't played but want to

    Unleashed (Wii/PS2) - Haven't played

    Advance 1 - Nice, colourful and reminds me of the classics but there is something missing that I can't describe that prevents it from being great.

    Advance 2 - In spite of the whole ' HOLD RIGHT TO WIN! ' mentality of this game, I actually quite liked this one, maybe even more so than the first game. However, method of reaching special stages = FAIL.

    Advance 3 - This was a good game, I liked the team play mechanic and I thought the music was great.

    Rush - Haven't played

    Rush Adventure - Haven't played
  5. Phos


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    Adventure - Rather fun, had a lot of the right idea, but isn't quite ready for prime time.

    Adventure 2 - Run down hills: The movie: The game... and that's at it's best. Both Gamma and Knuckles were fun in Adventure 1, but shooting and treasure hunting in this are pretty terrible.

    Heroes - Was fun for like 30 minutes, then it starts feeling like a chore

    Shadow - An unfathomable mess. Nothing in this game makes any sense. Seriously, what?

    '06 - I've never seen a game break a man before (referring to the Let's Play). Has astoundingly bad control, Sonic speeds up slowly but changes direction immediately. Had fun making metal crates shoot into the stratosphere, and sometimes managing to ride them there.

    Unleashed (360/PS3) - Run down hallways: The movie: The game... that is, when it's not ripping off God of War almost as blatantly as Dante's Inferno.

    Unleashed (Wii/PS2) - Makes me nostalgic. Not of any Sonic game, no, it reminds me of early PS1 games with its empty lifeless worlds. This game is almost creepy to play.

    Advance 1 - Fun, but unremarkable.

    Advance 2 - Thought it was fun for like 20 minutes, then it became remarkably not fun.

    Advance 3 - Thought it was fun for like 30 minutes, but the special stage kept me playing for a while.

    Rush - Played it a bit in a DS emulator, impressively boring.

    Rush Adventure - Couldn't be assed to bother by this point.
  6. I never owned a Dreamcast or Gamecube. So SA & SA2 is out of the picture for me.
    Sonic Heroes: Props for game play. Cons for story.
    Sonic Mega Collection Plus: Emulation was near perfect. Good compilation for PS2 overall
    Shadow the Hedgehog: I don't like guns, except for plasma-based weaponry.
    Sonic '06: Never have, never will. Plot integrity sucks.
    Unleashed: I will not play a Were-hog. Nearly broke me to tears with the commercial.
    Sonic Advance: Completed it. Took me 2 years.
    Sonic Advance 2: I beat it with Tails and Cream only. Not sure about the others.
    Sonic Advance 3: I beat it, but didn't get all the emeralds. Chao hunting is hard.
    Sonic Rush: I never played it.
    Sonic Rush Adventure: It's the same as the one above.
  7. Clutch


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    Adventure- Hasn't aged well, but still fun and set the bar for following titles
    Adventure 2- Improved on Sonic's gameplay from the original Sonic Adventure. The shooting and hunting, while not necessarily as fun to replay, still had their merits.

    Had every subsequent 3D game just took Sonic and Shadow's gameplay design from this game and refined it, doing things like making the engine more sold and allowing other characters to share in on the same goal (I.E have Knuckles' object to be to reach the end of the level rather than hunt for Emeralds), I would have been just fine.

    Heroes- In music and visual aesthetic, one of the closest efforts in evoking the feel of classic Sonic. In terms of playability, very repetitive, unnecessarily long, and controls too slippery for my tastes.
    Shadow- Shares Heroes' slippery controls and manages to take it's unnecessarily shiny character models and somehow make them look worse by putting them in environments that look like they were half-ported from the N64. Writing is so laughably bad that at times I'm not sure if it's supposed to be a parody. Gameplay is average, moral choices which involve finding/eliminating/etc all of something in a level are annoying and tedious.
    '06- Okay Sega, we've finished testing your game and found numerous, well-documented glitches. Barring some irks with character designs and the story though, it seems like it'll be great game once it's finished. When's the final build going to be ready?
    Unleashed (360/PS3)- Werehog isn't as bad as it is made out to be, even if it sounds incredibly silly in concept. Earlier Sonic levels are fun, later ones venture too far into gameplay derailment with unnecessary focus on extreme speed and quick reaction time. Shouldn't have been so focused on long levels to boost through as to necessitate things like the Werehog to lengthen the game. Excellent visual and auditory presentation.
    Advance 1- Haven't played it in awhile, though as I recall, aside from certain and fairly average music (a few tracks like Egg Rocket and Cosmic Angel notwithstanding) it could easily have passed as Sonic 4.
    Advance 2- Encourages, and pretty much forces in some areas, for you to run too fast for your own safety, and the overly tedious method of entering special stages contradicts this design.
    Advance 3- Better than 2, almost as good as 1. Music is generally better, buddy system feels pointless, but harmless. Level graphics seem to have a strange visual scheme.
    Rush- Good at what it prides itself on doing. More fun than Advance 2, excellent bosses.
    Rush Adventure- See above.
  8. Mastered Realm

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    <!--quoteo--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE </div><div class='quotemain'><!--quotec-->Rush Adventure - Unplayable due to annoying story sequences.<!--QuoteEnd--></div><!--QuoteEEnd-->

    Just press start >.>

    People know how to play a game these days but don't how to read what's written on the screen.

    Adventure - I liked this game, the zones were very enjoyable, as the music was too!

    Adventure 2 - Never Played

    Heroes - Only playied some zones, don't recall very much, but I liked the GFX and sound, the gameplay was meh tough

    Shadow - Never Played

    '06 - Never Played

    Unleashed (360/PS3) - Never Played

    Unleashed (Wii/PS2) - Never Played

    Advance 1 - Nice game, nice zones, not so good sprites, but still good

    Advance 2 - I hated this game, I don't know why, I think the zones were too lifeless

    Advance 3 - So-so, nice soundtrack but too complicated level layout

    Rush - Awesome songs, graphics and special stages, I liked this a lot, as the bosses too!

    Rush Adventure - Simply the best 2D game of all the time, awesome soundtrack, amazing Zelda Phantom Hourglass-like transportation system, nice special stages, nice zones with very varyied themes, excelent 3D pieces of each zone. I love and recommend this game to anyone who played rush and felt it lacked something. Now the bosses use both screens, 2x awesomeness.
  9. Eggman Crusher

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    On scales of 1-10, 10 being the best.

    Adventure - 9
    Adventure 2 - 7
    Heroes - 6
    Shadow - 4
    '06 - N/A
    Unleashed (360/PS3) - 7
    Unleashed (Wii/PS2) - N/A
    Advance 1 - I forget. I think it was good, though.
    Advance 2 - Can't remember.
    Advance 3 - Don't think I had it.
    Rush - Don't remember.
    Rush Adventure - Not my favorite...
  10. Lobotomy


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    On 1-10 scale as well

    Adventure - Love it. 9.5
    Adventure 2 - Like it. 9
    Heroes - Meh. It's okay, I suppose. 6
    Shadow - Hate it. 3
    '06 - Oh God no. 4
    Unleashed (360/PS3) - Love it, even the Werehog is okay. 9
    Unleashed (Wii/PS2) - Plays itself. 5
    Advance 1 - Love it. 8
    Advance 2 - Like it. 7.5
    Advance 3 - Haven't played it enough to critique.
    Rush - Like it. 8
    Rush Adventure - Haven't played it enough to critique.
  11. Bozo


    Adventure- Didn't like it much, but it wasn't horrible.
    Adventure 2- Eh, this game is seriously overrated.
    Heroes- Sadly, I'll place this near the top, but this game sucked as well.
    Shadow- Fuck no.
    '06- Didn't try- not planning on it, either (:
    Unleashed (360/PS3)- Not good, daytime stages didn't flow well and the nighttime seemed out of place.
    Unleashed (Wii/PS2)- Didn't try
    Advance 1- Replayable, this game ranks #1 for me. I had no problems replaying this game.
    Advance 2- Some of the levels pissed me off, and the special stages were...odd. Not ranked high for me.
    Advance 3- I played it, but the find chao for the key concept annoyed me. I still haven't found all of the chao. o_o
    Rush- Pits galore. The music was okay, at least.
    Rush Adventure- Never tried.

    Overall, they all sucked.
  12. LordOfSquad


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    making cool music no one gives a shit about
    Adventure - Fantastic.
    Adventure 2 - Great.
    Heroes - Meh.
    Shadow - I liked the gameplay better than Heroes, to be honest. =/
    '06 - It wasn't worth the ten bucks I spent on it.
    Unleashed (360/PS3) - Fantastic.
    Unleashed (Wii/PS2) - Probably shit.
    Advance 1 - Fantastic.
    Advance 2 - Pretty fun.
    Advance 3 - Wonderful.
    Rush - Fantastic.
    Rush Adventure - Fantastic. I just wish I could find my copy.

    Rivals - Haven't played it.
    Rivals 2 - Free play mode is fun. Not fond of the races.
  13. Jayextee


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    Oh man, I love list topics. They're everything you <strike>want</strike> need in a discussion, without the actual content; spanning a great variety of subjects without even once going further in-depth than just a mention. True greatness.


    Sonic Adventure
    This alienated me at first, due to the fact that the cameras didn't really allow for the kind of exploration I really, sorely craved in these new 3D worlds. Sonic seems unwieldy at high speeds, and platforming seems imprecise, especially when negotiating smaller moving platforms over high spaces. However, a little familiarity with the levels with a good dose of 'playing the layouts as the designer intended' (fixed cameras that only point in certain directions lend to this suggestion) and it's not a game totally without merit. It's just all wrapped up in a mediocre storyline; told terribly; and a Zelda-did-it-so-it's-cool tacked-on fishing subgame that nobody wanted. Fun, but flawed.

    Sonic Adventure 2
    Possibly aware of the problems with the first Sonic Adventure title, Sega seemed to have remedied it's faults... by making levels less expansive and more linear, thus limiting the amount of problems which come from 'unexpected-by-the-developer' behaviour when playing -- although it's not truly gone, as cameras can still very often prove ineffectual, and the controls; although more rigid in their execution; still make precise platforming difficult. The various playing styles are bolstered-yet-butchered also; Sonic/Shadow being more controllable at low speed, yet the reverse is true at high speed; Tails/Eggman improving on E103's "Panzer Dragoon without the dragoon" gameplay by adding a normal shot, but lowering the maneuverability of the player to an almost painfully-sludgy pace; and Knuckles/Rouge benefiting from something of a detective minigame, but suffering in the fact that the emerald radar only shows one shard at once, making it more linear. Linearity being the key to the game, both stories wrap up fairly well (amidst some terrible ac- and let's not forget the interruptions -ting from the characters). Fun, but quite flawed.

    Sonic Heroes
    The above, ramped up to 11. By which, I mean even the flaws. An embarrassingly-kitsch story is the framework for what is essentially a platform game which on the one hand pulls at the heartstrings of those of us that were "there from the beginning" with classic-styled zones (and absolutely no Action/RPG-style earning of moves, you start with them all <3) let down by lacklustre enemy designs and layouts which are both overly long and linear -- further cementing the fact that the game is fun if played 'as intended'. This title offered some welcome new experiences: Robot Storm and Carnival being a good way to vent frustrations using the fighting prowess of the various characters, plus the separate speed statistics of the formations made switching between them a good solution to the precise platforming which used to be so difficult. But also, it offered a lot of unwelcome baggage such as forced stealth (and other popular genre bandwagon-leaps) and enemies that seemingly took an age to defeat. Special Stages are more like special ed, since they play like your controller has been dipped in gorilla semen and glued to your ass, upside-down. Fun, but very flawed.

    Shadow the Hedgehog
    Sega, proving they learned nothing at all from the above two games. Platforming is back to being every bit as awkward as it was in Sonic Adventure 2, but this time there's the matter of an ostensibly weapon-driven-and-lock-on-lacking combat system which really doesn't work (you can use the homing attack alone, but you'll be there for years. Trust me) and some very ill-chosen mission objectives (DIFFUSE ALL THESE BOMBS IN A LARGE, LANDMARKLESS CITY. IN A TIME LIMIT) don't offset the fact that this game offers a lot of gameplay. Storyline is a mishmash of terrible concepts thrown together and held together with the word 'black' as superglue. Fun in places, but not many.

    Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)
    I took this as an intended 'reboot' of the franchise; in a supposedly more 'mature' direction. Sonic has more human proportions, Eggman looks like a real(ish) person, and there's a clumsy attempt at a love triangle with the staunch pairing of Sonic and Amy being rudely interrupted with the hog-nosed redhead newcomer, Elise. Similarly, an orchestra has been employed for part of the score (Eggman's own theme actually being one of the most pleasant things in the entire series, and very welcomely returned to in Sonic Unleashed) and the environments have been rendered with some amount of care, appearing larger and more realistic than anything seen previous. Also under the heading "mature new direction" is the gameplay; whereas there are ostensibly a large (NINE!) amount of playable characters, they all play very different to each other with different strengths. And weaknesses, such as removing Sonic's signature spin attack jump and leaving the player defenseless until they use the homing-attack. DOES ANY OF THIS SOUND LIKE A BAD IDEA TO THE REST OF YOU GUYS? It certainly would be, but on top of that the game appears to be unfinished, and ill-optimised (I independently nicknamed it "Sonic the Loading Screen" upon first seeing a demo pod in GAME, ages before I ever saw it mentioned on the Internet). Not fun at all.

    Sonic Unleashed (360/PS3)
    Business as usual, and Sega can't introduce a great idea without also giving us a terrible one; yin and yang in full effect. Good idea = speedy day stages, as Sonic alone, with no additional characters to distract us from the fact that we're returning to enjoying time spent with that lovable ring-guzzling velocity-whore from our past. Bad idea = in lieu of no new additional playable characters, Sonic himself turns into a monstrosity ripped from the darkest corners of deviantART, and furries everywhere rejoiced in the prospect of a Sonic suit they might actually be able to make a reasonable facsimile of. Turns out the Werehog wasn't so bad in execution, his stretchy limbs offering gameplay that was something like a diet-Prince-of-Persia mixed in a vat with half an ounce of dirty-Ristar and peppered lightly with Devil-May-Cry-lite. Until roughly halfway through the game, where Sega's layout designers can't ramp up difficulty without placing minor boss fights on tiny rooftops, or making Waaaahog traverse over tiny platforms and beams; all over a bottomless pit, a thing Sega must now be retroactively attempting to gun for the patent of. The day stages look absolutely amazing though... when played as intended. If not, failed QTEs and mis-timed boosts will see our spiteful azure pinrat plummeting floorward to doom. Like I said, business as usual. The storyline isn't great; but told well for what it is. Fun, but flawed.

    Sonic Unleashed (Wii/PS2)
    The bargain-bucket version of the above, except it may as well be a different game with similar (but not identical) boss encounters. Probably as a consequence of being on the family-friendly Wii, this version is easy. Very easy. But where it lacks in difficulty, it's threadbare level layouts actually offer more routes in the day stages than it's 'full spec' counterpart, even if the levels themselves are a fraction the size. The same can't be said for the Wererat, who has many acts of ill-advised compensation committed to the night stages. Playing almost like a shitty Ristar port (with a tendency to play out almost 50% enemy-swinging in places), they're the most fun part of the game. But still easy. Physics are a poor approximation of the 'grown up' version, with a sluggish Sonic and a slippery WereWAT. Fun, but quite flawed.

    Sonic Advance
    Stop what you are doing, and play this. Initially this left a rank taste in my mouth, as the jumping physics slow down the character like a lead weight. But the zones exude so much charm (bar the second, having a fine opening stretch slap us in the face with a dirty brown Metropolis Zone mkII) that it's forgivable. And although the four characters (Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy) share the same routes and layouts, they all play amazingly different -- Amy being my personal favourite due to the challenge factor of not being able to spin-dash, roll or spin jump. Bosses occasionally retread old ground, and special stages have slightly wonky depth perception, but it's totally forgivable to play the game that has come the closest to S3K since S3K. Immense fun.

    Sonic Advance 2
    They fixed the jumping physics from Sonic Advance 1, hooray! Not that anyone can tell, since this title throws five-mile stretches of grindrail at you and hurls you down them at 343 meters-per-second. To be honest, this is what Sonic 2 would have been if every level were Chemical Plant Zone. Loops and autoplay sections everywhere, it is often accused of being "hold right to win" in the same sentence as being damned for level design that forces the player down pits. HERE IS A HINT: MAYBE ALL THAT HOLDING RIGHT AIN'T WINNING SHIT. Somewhat lacklustre art and repetetive layouts betray what could have been an amazing game; boss encounters are pretty good (I'm including Sky Canyon's here -- this is one of the only Sonic bosses ever than I can never EVER get careless with!) and it controls well. It just plays like a game which was designed purely for time attack, but forgot that would need layouts that are in the very least memorable. Like those special rings, eh? Fun, but very flawed.

    Sonic Advance 3
    What a fucking mess. Contrary to the jumping physics (do I seem obsessed with jumping physics? Consider how you get from one platform to another in a platform game, then get back to me and await your detention, dunce) of the first Sonic Advance game, in this title they accelerate you at a stupid rate -- three taps of the jump button will aid you to running at full-speed in mere seconds. This just makes navigating small platforms tough, which is a shame because the platforming is BACK in this title. As is the grinding. Oh, and the needless forced exploration from Sonic Advance 2 returns with a vengeance since it's forced on EVERY FUCKING LEVEL to find the Chao (and thus, Chaos Emeralds). It's like losing a retarded cousin in a mall when you're supposed to be looking after him, and after searching all day you find he's staring at a goldfish in the pet store; it's about as relevant to Sonic gameplay as this anecdote. There's also a superfluous team system which does nothing but provide overzealous partner AI which likes to leap onto your platforms for you, and some team-ups which are so broken it's laughable (using Amy as a partner to repeatedly circumvent pit-related death? YOU CAN'T PUT A BAND-AID ON BRAIN DAMAGE, SEGA). It's colourful enough to enjoy in small doses though, and the soundtrack isn't without charm (even if ring-collect SFX is criminally silent). Fun in places.

    Sonic Rush
    I'm getting rather tired of textwalling here, so go and read what I said about Sonic Advance 2. Now remove everything bad I said about it, and replace with "the story is fucking stupid" and some bitching about how the boost renders the spindash utterly useless. Now insert a comment here about how the special stage is possibly my second favourite re-interpretation of the Sonic 2 one, after Sonic 3D (Saturn). Additional flaws include shitty Sonic Heroes 'Eggman Robots' and being forced into rooms which won't open until you've defeated a set number of them. Fun, but flawed.

    Sonic Rush Adventure remove the robot-room set-pieces and pad out the game with an even dumber storyline and pointless vehicular sections which seem to do nothing but pander to Nintendo's desire to show how 'innovative' stylus controls are; a couple of years after the DS was released, no less. It's still fun, but the padding gets in the way -- and this is without factoring in the fact that to build the vehicles in question, stages have to be mandatorily replayed for 'materials'. Fun, but quite flawed.

    So there you have it.

    tl;dr - suck it, nu-Sonic naysayers! I ended each description with a short sentence containing the word 'fun'. :specialed:
  14. zemulii


    Adventure - I thought it was pretty average. But good enough to play all the way through. About all I can say about this one...

    Adventure 2 - This was actually pretty fun! Although I hated the world it was set in, and HATE voice acting in Sonic games (just as much as I'd surely hate voice acting in Zelda - even if it was done well). Sonic instantly loses the "cool" factor when he opens his mouth. Overall though, I've gotta say I enjoyed it, and did play it a fair bit!

    Advance 1 - Really great! Why couldn't they just stick to this style for:

    Advance 2 - Well it wasn't so bad. Somewhat enjoyable, and the bosses were fun.

    Advance 3 - God I just could NOT get into this. Everything just felt messy. Especially the physics... and incredibly frustrating level design. Worst in the Advance series in my opinion. I think I played about 3/4 of the way through but got so bored I just gave up.

    Rush - Fun!! Spent a lot of time playing time attacks on the first stage.

    And anything not listed, I haven't had a chance to play.
  15. Emerl


    Adventure - Undoubtedly the best 3D Sonic game. The six characters each had distinctive gameplay styles (Although Big can die in a fire), and Tails got some much-needed character development (which was dropped in later games <_<). Plus the music was suitably epic. I also quite enjoyed the adventure fields.
    Adventure 2 - Space hunting stages = fail. Tails/Eggman lack of speed and maneuverability = fail. Music = fail (Except Escape from the City). Badly done clones of Knuckles and E-103 levels = fail.
    Heroes - Ok. Except that DAMN THIRD CHAOS EMERALD :argh: Also running bosses = fail.
    Shadow - Meh. Weapons = fail. Too many bottomless pits = fail. Station Square = fail. "kill all enemies" missions = fail (they glitched far, FAR too often, resulting in me spending half an hour trying to find the last enemy to complete the mission, despite the fact that I've already killed them all)
    '06 - I played half of Wave Ocean in a demo pod. The hopeless camera caused my brother to GAME OVER (and since we were doing co-op...)
    Unleashed (360/PS3) - Haven't played.
    Unleashed (Wii/PS2) - Werehog got repetitive after a while. Eggmanland's a Crowning Level of Awesome though, after you get used to its sudden jump to Nintendo Hard difficulty.
    Advance 1 - Graphics = fail. Grind rails = fail. (Seriously, I can -never- get onto them) Running bosses = fail.
    Advance 2 - Graphics = fail. Grind rails = fail. Hold right to win = fail. Running bosses = fail.
    Advance 3 - Graphics = fail. Grind rails = not fail :o Team system = fail. Co-op mode = fail. (Too many glitches...)
    Rush - Haven't played.
    Rush Adventure - Haven't played.
  16. Shadic


    Olympia, WA
    Home improvement eternal
    Adventure: Pretty good.
    Adventure 2: (SA2B) Better/worse than Adventure. I liked the Adventure fields, honestly. Tails in a Mech sucks/Mech in general is much worse than E-102 Gamma. Chao are awesome.
    Heroes: BAD.
    Shadow: ALSO BAD.
    '06: Haven't played, looks horrendous.
    Unleashed (360/PS3): Don't have.
    Unleashed (Wii/PS2): Have. Meh. Night levels blow.
    Advance 1: Haven't played much.
    Advance 2: Played enough to beat. Too fast.
    Advance 3: Haven't played much.
    Battle: I really liked it. Sad the OP didn't have this listed.
    Rush: Meh.
    Rush Adventure: Not touched.
  17. Adventure
    Very nice, I still like to play it. Full of bugs though, and the cutscene animation is just embarrassing.
    Adventure 2
    I still prefer this over Adventure, I even like the Knuckles/Rouges stages in a way. It's quite fun overall.
    It was okay. I didn't beat it, but I think the few levels that I played were neat...and well, Sonic's fur color makes my eyes bleed.
    Played one or two stages, it's what I'd call bad, but it's quite playable though. :psyduck:
    I played it at a friend's - multiplayer. I jumped on a spring that wasn't far from the start. I found myself hundreds of metres above the ground, and the sky was gone. Wow, this game sucks.
    Unleashed (360/PS3)
    Played the demo which doesn't even include the disgraceful night levels.. but even the midday levels were quite mediocre.
    Unleashed (Wii/PS2)
    Advance 1
    Very nice, I remember getting it for birthday. I spent hours playing it. The gameplay felt kind of slow to me.
    Advance 2
    It's awesome in my opinion. The best of the 3, even though it's kind of true that you just need to hold down right in many cases.
    Advance 3
    Well, it's 'decent'. It's not as good as the other too, and the co-op stuff was kind of weird, but I like it.
    Sonic has sticky shoes in this one. The physics are stupid. You can run through a loop by starting to walk on the slope... but I actually enjoyed it as well.
    Rush Adventure
    Story = meh, but the gameplay is the same as Rush's, except for the boat part or jetski or whatever, I don't remember. That was kinda boring, and doesn't really fit into Sonic.
  18. IcePak


    I loved everything about this game except the BIG stages. It feels like a Sonic game, which can't be said for many of the games that followed. Adventure is probably the only 3D Sonic that felt like a finished game. The soundtrack was awesome and fit well.

    Adventure 2
    I loved this game just as much as the prequel. The Sonic and Shadow stages had much tighter play controls, the music was great and the story was excellent. The thrill of getting through a stage just right so you achieve an ‘A’ was immensely fun (and maybe a little frustrating at times) and is something that has not been beaten in any Sonic game since. I loved most of Robotnik's stages, while the remainder three characters’ stages were mostly average (except Meteor Herd and ). Green Hill as a bonus was cool, even if it was a little short.

    I really enjoyed this game; well most of it anyway. The team style gameplay spices things up, although it was implemented a little clumsily. I hate the casino-themed zones because it's hard to figure out what's going on half the time, while the second castle stage, and the final zone were frustratingly hard at times. The other stages were much better. The special stages were a great idea, but horrible to control. I believe there were too many teams in the game (eg dark played just like team sonic). The character's speaking during gameplay was annoyingly repetitive (‘woah, my head's spinning’ - indeed).

    I've only finished one of the story paths. I hated this game at first, but the more I played it, the more I began to enjoy it (to an extent). The guns seem gimmicky, but having multiple routes through story mode was a unique and interesting idea. Had the developers spent more time on this game, it might have turned out better.

    I only played a demo of the first level and it seemed good. It was nothing special though.

    Unleashed (360/PS3)
    Only played the Werehog stages and they were okay, but not great. I also played part of the game on the Tornado, and that was cool.

    Unleashed (Wii/PS2)
    Never played it. Looking at getting the Wii version soon.

    Advance 1
    It was nice at the time, but the level design didn't flow as well as it did in the Mega Drive games. Plus, the music was pretty average.

    Advance 2
    As linear and ‘push right to win’ as this game is, I had a lot of fun with the insane speeds and score attack nature of the gameplay. This is more of a ‘pick-up and play for ten minutes’ game rather than a serious platformer.

    Advance 3
    I have mixed feelings about this game. Some stages were great, while others were pretty dismal and I didn't like the hub system. Less emphasis on speed was good, but the obstacles to slow the game down felt intrusive and out of place.

    Great speed, trick and combo system. The bosses were interesting, and the soundtrack was awesome. I just hated being forced through a horrible storyline delivered in a horrible way. Some of the later stages were insanely hard due to the large number of bottomless pits. It's not as good as I thought it might be, but it could have been better.

    Rush Adventure
    Never played it.

    Sonic and the Secret Rings
    I just brought this game the other day. I enjoy it in parts, and see the good in it, but every time I come away from it, I feel like punching something. Perhaps it's the fact that I seem to spend more time in the menus than actually playing the stages. Or maybe I'm frustrated with the awkward nature of the gameplay. The boss’ voice actor does a completely lame job. This is one game I need to spend more time with.

    Overall, I think the problem with the hedgehog's decline in quality is Sega's nasty habit of releasing games that needed refinement. Plus do they really need to voice every minor thought of each character? Sega, respect players’ intelligence when it comes to storytelling: we're not all two year old kids.
  19. Adventure - Good Example of Taking him to 3D but, Humans, Human Buildings, and any other human influence kinda lost me there. I still love the game though.

    Adventure 2- It introduced Shadow. Who was pretty cool, but SEGA ruined him. along with other characters. It also played with many different play mechanics, though some parts of them were pretty bad. I still loved the game.

    Heroes -...No.

    Shadow -....HELL No.

    '06 - Oh god.

    Unleashed (360/PS3) Long, boring werehog stages.

    Unleashed (Wii/PS2) Better than 360 one. Longer boring werehog stages.

    Advance 1 - Very Nice. A return back to his roots and I enjoyed it.

    Advance 2 - Cream was introduced, and she killed it for me a bit. though it had great music, it was fast paced and faster than sonic 1.

    Advance 3 - The Best. A tad slower than Sonic Advance 2. Great level design and 2 player gimmick.

    Rush - I Liked it. though I would prefer no boost button.
    Rush Adventure - I Liked it, though the title music was kinda stupid. and all of the boats besides that one Sonic rides in I though were a little boring and tedious.
  20. Vaiyt


    Oglio p'ru çeu Member
    Adventure 1 - Fun. Liked how each of the characters' stories came together to paint the whole picture. Tends to punish player hard for trying anything but exactly what the developer wants. Levels are very linear, and the expansive hubs left me yearning for something less set-piecey. Sonic can be difficult to negotiate in all those small platforms over endless pits. A very different creature from classic Sonic but hey, it worked for Mario 64.

    Heroes - Couldn't get myself to play to the end. Hated the team system, the enemies with HP, stopping often to use attacks, the characters talking ALL THE TIME, the story. The first levels are the most classic-looking of all 3D Sonics, though.

    Shadow - I didn't even play the game, but its mere existence is dumb.

    Advance 1 - Most classic-like recent Sonic to date. Music is good, levels are good, the details are all there. Little to complain about. Thumbs up.

    Advance 2 - Sonic for time-attack enthusiasts. I'm not one, so I thought it mediocre. Fun to play, but not quite the experience. Level design is straightforward and repetitive, but at the same time unforgiving in many places.

    Advance 3 - I liked it. Not-stupid level design, a team system not nearly as retarded as Sonic Heroes, nice levels and music. Still, badniks are too hard to hit, some obstacles are awkwardly placed (Cyber Track - why is this game suddenly full of pits? D:) and the hub was pretty much unnecessary.
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