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elicense tagging SEGA content?

Discussion in 'General Sega Discussion' started by TheUltimaXtreme, Feb 2, 2015.

  1. TheUltimaXtreme


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    Let us quickly remember the Shining Force ordeal... Now that we remember, we MUST know that Sega of America stated they don't actively care about use of their content for monetization.

    February 28, I got a video of mine tagged for copyright claim. The video in question used E.G.G.M.A.N. in it. It was tagged by "elicense."

    Similarly, Dario FF, Melpontro, and Paraxade0 seem to be victims of the copyright bed bug. As you can see from the tweet here, this is a problem.

    Anyone else getting slammed here? I won't be seeing any revenue from my Sonic Dash video because of this prick who decided it would be fun to claim SEGA content.
  2. Dario FF

    Dario FF

    Tech Support Hotline Tech Member
    I got hit again today by another 2 of these. If they don't answer I'm not getting around it and replacing the music... I'm just not gonna make Sega-related content instead. A lot of it is gameplay music, it's not like you're expected to get around it very often. It's just not fair considering the amount of work that goes into the videos. (Especially the Knuckles Boom stuff that we spent months setting up)
  3. I've been getting quite the amount of claims by this "elicense". Thank goodness the "Remove music" button is in place - it's easier to just pop the alleged song out than have to deal with the hassle of disputing the claim.
  4. Travelsonic


    Unfortunately, random 3rd parties who most likely are not legit owners, thrive on apathy like this... I mean, if it were beyond the first dispute, if they kept insisting, yeah, I'd be inclined to agree, but at least showing the first set of teeth and disputing the initial claim.... why not?

    I've had to dispute video claims from random 3rd party assclowns trying to claim ownership of content - one video I took from a flight I took years ago got flagged for bullshit stuff, some 3rd party claiming ownership of the sound, disputed, never heard from them again - which, from what I guess, is not entirely uncommon when it comes to copyright trolls trying to claim ownership over content they clearly do not own.
  5. You're talking to someone who got his account monetization disabled for six months in the middle of a dispute of a copyright strike from the ghost of a dead company who's shit was still in the automated system.

    Do you REALLY want me to go picking fights I don't have to, when it's easier to get the monetization back by simply removing the alleged song?
  6. Clutchy


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    Got hit by them twice. The research I've done shows they don't even exist really; so how are they even an affiliate with SEGA, or anything? A friend of mine work(ed) at SEGA (though Customer Service) and said they have no idea what "elicense" is.

    I just disputed the claims. I'm not letting some random 3rd party that from my knowledge doesn't exist earn money off of what they don't own, even if I'm not monetizing what they are claiming.
  7. AngelComa


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    I have never had an issue posting SEGA content on our channel. Never have had them flag anything. The only times we did have flags are when websites like IGN and Eurogamer hold copyright on SEGA trailers and we reuploaded them because I don't want to embbed their ugly media players on our site.

    Oh and this one time we used Jurassic Park Lost World song for a podcast about Sonic Lost World, dat was flagged. But SEGA themselves, not yet.
  8. Paraxade


    I actually haven't been hit by it yet, but I'm worried I will be. :/
  9. SonicHyuga


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    One of my Sky Rail videos was claimed about an hour ago from this post. Replacing audio until this gets sorted out.
  10. Dude


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    It happened to me too, but I'm getting tired of making Sonic related stuff anyways, I'll probably go Dario's route and not make SEGA-related content anymore.
  11. S0LV0


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    B-but guyyys... what about the modding stuff... ;^;
  12. TimmiT


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    I wouldn't go the whole "let's just not do Sonic stuff anymore" route until we actually know if this is SEGA doing this or not, or if they intended to tag these videos.
  13. Paraxade


    You'd think if it wasn't legitimate they would have said something/stopped this by now though. Seems like nobody has managed to get their attention to get some answers about this.
  14. AngelComa


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    Has anyone tried tweeting them about this?
  15. TimmiT


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  16. OKei


    OKeijiDragon Member
    I have had videos with Sega content that were hit with elicense as well.
    I just did. Now I'm awaiting a response.
  17. AngelComa


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    I have a feeling this is something set up by SOJ branch? I know it happen awhile back with Shining Force, a game that SEGA West hasn't published a new entry for in like... almost a decade. Seems its like a third party doing it and being aggressive.

    Personally hate Youtube's policies. Wish players would just make a similar service where all the Let's Play people would migrate along with a chunk of Youtube's traffic.
  18. Dario FF

    Dario FF

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    A lot of the track names in the claims are in Japanese so you might be on to something. I'm aware of the problems in SoA, but Europe should still be able to answer this and I see the twitter account active.

    It is indeed getting even more aggressive as well. For Melpontro:
  19. TheUltimaXtreme


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    This is getting out of hand. Way too much here.

    Also, my video on Sonic Dash had E.G.G.M.A.N. with the vocals, so it was in English.

    I don't know how much a chance the SoJ branch was involved in it, but I suppose I wouldn't hold it against them. Lord knows Sega is not as trustworthy for copyright... Or even proper prices.

    Have you guys ever looked into Project DIVA? The Dreamy Theater PS3 things cost $30-40 in Yen even now, and it's JUST AN ADD-ON. You have to own the PSP game first, not mentioning you must buy each DT CORRESPONDING to the title, one DT doesn't work with another. Doing DIVA 2nd and DT 2nd is $70... But I digress.

    I really can't stand this elicense shit. I've not been victimized for anything more thus far, but I am betting I'll jinx that here.
  20. DigitalDuck


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    And then when everyone has migrated over to "TheyPipe", it gets used to share copyrighted content, and big businesses threaten to get the site closed unless they act quickly on copyrighted content, so they set up a system where it's automatically prevented from being shared until any copyright claims have been resolved and oh wait that sounds like YouTube never mind.

    Also, given that it's Japanese I'm assuming that this is the elicense in question. Searching their copyrighted music database for anything Sonic related turns up absolutely nothing relevant whatsoever.

    So, no idea what's going on here.