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Eggman Hates Furries

Discussion in 'Fangaming Discussion' started by Hayate, Dec 9, 2010.

  1. Hayate


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    I don't think it belongs in E&RE, unless Oddwarg actually comes here and posts about it himself, but feel free to move if necessary...

    Well, as for the game itself... I'm impressed! I'm still wondering how a lot of the special effects it does is implemented, but then again, the latest version of Game Maker I used was 5.3A :v:

    I think it's nice having a game like this, I always wanted to make a seamless Sonic game with no results screens, fade-outs, etc. I wouldn't say the lack of platforming was a bad thing, as this game was built to show off special effects and that's really what bosses are for. In any case, I got a huge thrill from playing it, much more than any normal Sonic platforming.

    My favorites are Drill, Robot, Egg and Battle. Not the most appropriate names I'd say, but that's what they're called in the level select! Drill fair enough, but Robot and Egg could be applied to pretty much any Sonic boss... and Battle could be applied to anything!

    I'll also post a link to a rather long comment I posted on the creator's deviantart, where I mostly talk about physics. Quite glad he took my boss fix ideas on board, it took the annoying bits out of Drill and Egg.

    A last note, I do like the music in this game, but a lot of it is midi files with the usual rubbish instruments... I don't know about you, but I would kill for some YM2612 ports!
  2. MegaDash


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    We share the same criticisms. Not enough traction to Sonic's movement, but ultimately it only serves to force caution on the play rather than outright ruining the experience or disabling the ability to play the game. Like he said, it doesn't really matter. It's a great game.

    A few unanswered questions, though: At the end, who shot off Ultimate Eggman's ring halo? And what's with the after-credits scene? By the way, anybody get a vibe of '06 parody from the game? It seems like he also wants to underline how people take Sonic and gay furries too seriously.
  3. Whoah, what the hell happened to Sonic Stadium since the last time I saw it. I've noticed a lot of Sonic sites have been switching over to more generally Sega-related sites, which I really don't have a problem with, since there's not much left to say about Sonic that hasn't already been said.

    EDIT: Oh, yeah, I'm going to also try this game out. Looks fucking fantastic from what I read on that article.
  4. TimmiT


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    Sega Driven is just a part of the Sonic Stadium. The site itself is still Sonic focused.
    Anyway, going to try this out, it looks pretty neat.
  5. MegaDash


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    Oddwarg put down some interestingly dissonant original tunes in this game. My favorite is OrSmovr, the them for that Buzzsaw eggmachine. It's so intense, pretty well put together, and exudes a sense of urgent doom. The credits music are very weird, but eventually I just end up chuckling at it. Just like + - Sonic and Tails kissing deeply and then doing a faggy dance-off celebration.  
  6. Hayate


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    I felt with most of the music it sounds a lot better inside the game than in a music player - probably because of all the sound effects that kind of enhance it.
  7. Beat the fan game. Ending was a bit weird, but everything up to it was EPIC.

    One of the best fan games I have played.
  8. Frozen Nitrogen

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    This isn't a topic about how Eggman is to furries what Hitler is to Jews, and how his tireless dedication to fursecuting the shit out of Sonic and chums makes him the best villain ever?

    I disappoint.
  9. Volpino


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    A secret. >:3
    Well I'm glad it isn't, the last thing this fucking fandom needs is more furry hate, it has enough of that shit flying around like buzzbombers on Hedgehog Season day. /badjoke

    I might actually try this for the special effects once my PC is done being a pussy just because I ran 3 high-end drawing programs at once. :specialed:
  10. MegaDash


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    Nothing stopping you. Technically that's as relevant as talking about the game itself, since that's kinda what he does.

    Eggy's such a wretched fur-hating bastard that his pure hatred rips the energy right out of the Chaos Emeralds and turns him into Super Eggman.
  11. Great game, but what the FUCK is with the ending? That was a horrible reward for an hour and a half of work.

    The pseudo-3D cutscenes were hilarious since they looked so awful.

    Also, why does Sonic's sprite seem to have a dick?
  12. DimensionWarped


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    Yeah, I commented before that I'm into this kind of wacky almost nothing but bosses type of game. In this case it's a real mindscrew.
    Then there's the gangstalicious scene at the end where Sonic and Tails get all pedogay. Let the furry hatred flow!

    Still waiting on that game where I get to play as Robotnik and actually play to win.
  13. Overlord


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    Yes there IS, as blind furry ranting that will do nothing but clog the forums up with crap while having no direct bearing on this game will go straight to Trash. Keep on the subject, please.
  14. This is hilarious / awesome. But the engine wasn't that good for the platforming segments, especially how I kept sticking to the walls.
  15. I just realized something in the ending.

    + - After the credits, the last scene is Tails inside the water chamber before he was rescued. The voice is the Tails Doll, talking about how he and Tails are somehow connected, and how he hopes he did Tails "no wrong."  

    But yeah, just an interesting tidbit. Also the ending that random Tail's noises? Where are they from?
  16. MegaDash


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    Mind = blown


    Makes sense, too. I had never considered that. Then again, + - the title for that clip is "Tails", and I find it difficult to reconcile how or why him and the Tails doll share any deep relationship. It sounded more like Tails was engaging in a soliloquy directed towards Eggman about Sonic, but then why the creepy robot voice? Yeah.  

    Sounds like Corey Bringas from Sonic Adventure 1 & 2.
  17. Holy shit, how did I not realize this before?! + - I still have my doubts about that being the Tails doll speaking, though. It doesn't really make sense.  
  18. Skyler


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    This game is awesome. My laptop chugged a little bit, but it was fine. The ending had me WTFing so hard.
  19. Hayate


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    That's intentional, it takes getting used to but I quite like it.
    Except in the + - rising lava area   , where if you jump too early you stick to the wall, fall, and die :argh:
  20. Yeah, that's what I was getting at. It's OK for the parts where you're just running alongside a boss, but when you need precision, it can be difficult and floaty.