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Dynamic HTML files highlighting SMPS files

Discussion in 'Engineering & Reverse Engineering' started by FraGag, May 26, 2008.

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  1. When I was trying to learn the SMPS format, I made these HTML files to help me better visualize it, as I learn easily by looking at examples. I made Green Hill Zone because it was the first one, and Special Stage because it uses 6 FM tone channels instead of 5 FM tone channels and the DAC.

    The ZIP file contains the HTML files for Green Hill Zone and Special Stage (from Sonic 1), the CSS file (for colors and borders) and the javascript files necessary to make them work. It works in Firefox, but does NOT work in Internet Explorer (not even IE8 Beta 1). Live with it. Also, your browser might freeze for a few seconds while the script processes the page (don't interrupt it though!).

    The script lays out a table in which each cell is colored according to its function. Here's the legend:
    • cyan background: SMPS header
    • light green background: note
    • light yellow background: duration
    • purple background: rest (80)
    • dark pink background: first byte of a coordination flag
    • light pink background: other bytes of a coordination flag
    • blinking blue text: start of channel data (where the channel pointers point to)
    • white background: voices
    • red text: start of voice
    Also, the cells have borders that help separate sections.

    Move the mouse over the cells to see a description of the bytes. Notice how it tells which note or which DAC sample is played.

    If you want to put your own data in these pages, you have to manually indicate the header bytes, the first byte of each channel (the DAC must have the class "dac" too), and the first byte of each voice.

    LINK :

    More on SMPS and music: SCHG:Music Hacking

    Hope someone has fun with it, and maybe learns from it :P.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.