Dust Hill and Mystic Cave Discussion 2019

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    I remember this too, but I only ever remember it being mentioned online on forums etc. in the early '00s. Knowing the amount of baseless "theories" floating around at the time, I wouldn't be at all surprised if someone just made the name up, and it became accepted as fact due to nobody pushing for confirmation of the source of the info.
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    Also the more I think about it, Dust Hill doesn't really sound like a Desert. I mean Sand hill maybe (and in a few instances yes Sand Hill = Desert), but are deserts dusty?
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    It's interesting, because in Sonic 3D there is Diamond Dust Zone, which includes a lot of ice and snow.

    I suppose that both sand and snow can be considered somewhat close to dust, in the sense that they all can involve small 'fragments' of matter, such as each grain of sand, each snowflake of snow, and each speck of dust.
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    Okay, but that issue doesn't mention anything regarding the "run upon a large dinosaur in the past and run through large tunnels in the future" bit. Was this also made up by that french magazine?

    I always thought that Dust Hill is not Mystic Cave because I can't see a correlation between the name and the level proper. But if that info is based on real concept art, or was outright said from someone at SEGA, combined with the slides where we see a dinosaur in the past, and in the future, same place, we see DUST HILL ZONE, it may be the most tangible proof that the name (while maybe not accurately pertaining to the level proper) was intended for the cave level.

    I mean, they called Cyber City "Genocide City" once, I can believe the same people named a cave "Dust Hill", but I would like a bit more proof. And no, the title card (at least for me) is not a concluding prove.

    Same here, admittedly. To me it doesn't sound like a desert, but it also doesn't sound like a cave.
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    The content is the same... the story of the "pill" ... is false...
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    So as the french article was poorly written based on the EGM original, we have to doubt the 'tunnels' section too:

    "Sonic will have the possibility of traveling through time by swallowing "warp-zone" drops... he would be able to run upon a large dinossaur in the past and run through large tunnels in the future"...

    "...Sonic's ability to travel through time when he reaches warp-sonic speed. We don't know exactly where or how Sonic is going to travel through time, but prehistoric and futuristic levels are a must. Sonic may do super spins over the back of a brontosaurus or zip through the tubes of some futuristic robot factory."

    Tubes became tunnels and a assumption from the EGM writer was reworded like a description of in-game levels, that are only a coincidence, sadly.

    I still think all evidence points to Dust Hill starting as EHz/HTz bad future that became mystic cave later in development.
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  7. ICEknight


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    They can't have made up the dinosaurs bit and the "Warp Zones" (EGM talks about "warp speed"), somebody must have seen* Yasuhara's maps back then (and clearly misunderstood part of the explanation).

    *(or plagiarized someone who saw them)

    Or the tunnels became tubes because the EGM writer didn't understand why the future would involve them.

    EDIT: Bah, just remembered that the future of Green Hill is actually Chemical Plant and Dust Hill is the ruined present. =P
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    There's "Dusty Desert" from Sonic 06. :P
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    It definitely says, with confidence and not in a joke tone :

    -That the game will make you travel from prehistoric swamps to and polluted cities
    -That Sonic 2 was also in developement on game gear and mega cd
    -They say the team of programmers is the same than the first game.
    - They say that you eat warp zones pills to travel in time but they don't know how that displays
    - That Sonic could ride on the back of a dinosaur in the prehistoric level and use giants tunnels in the futur one.

    I wouldn't be surprised if they ever misunderstood things or basically made them up. That probably happened A LOT back then.
    They definitely mixed up features of both Sonic 2 and Sonic CD.
  10. Mastered Realm

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    That is still pure speculation, considering the French article came later than the EGM original and seems based on it. Also, the EGM author claims to be making the dinousaurs and tubes section up!

    Unless we find a japanese article from that time explaining the time travel mechanic we won't find anything useful here.
  11. ICEknight


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    I'd say that mentioning "Warp Zones" (as in Yasuhara's maps) instead of "warp speed" (as in SEGA's press releases) points towards the French article not being based on EGM's.

    EDIT: Oops, those say "Warp Point".
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    I wouldn't think about that statement too much. It is pretty clear that they were switching out words in an attempt to make the plagiarism less noticeable. If they actually had access to Yasuhara's maps, they probably wouldn't have felt the need to copy the EGM article.
  13. Mastered Realm

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    The whole article follows the same structure and a 'warp zone' is a really common term in games. We can't just say he saw a proto map because of that. I'd love to get a clue from this but the evidences are shallow at best.
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    Just realised that Yasuhara's maps say "Warp Point" instead, so eh. =\
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    Maybe they did see some levels. Both Chemical Plant and Metropolis have high speed (futuristic) tunnels/tubes. And the concept art for Genocide City has what could look like tunnels as well.
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    Those are unrelated and nothing points towards it not always having been a cave.
  17. Blue Spikeball

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    I wouldn't say nothing points toward it. The spot labeled as DHZ in the Now 2 pic doesn't look like a mine to me:

    I also don't really see how MCZ works as a bad future present of EHZ, especially compared to the far more obvious EHZ<->HTZ connection.
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    Basically, if Green/Emerald Hill Zone has been reduced to nothing but dust as the map and name implies, then the stage would take place in the only area left: Underground.
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    It's the exact same area on the map, but the ground collapsed. Or caved in.
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    That's a really good point.