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Dreamcast Controller Woes

Discussion in 'General Sega Discussion' started by SaturnJaguar, Nov 19, 2017.

  1. So I've had a Dreamcast for a while, but one thing that has always bothered me is the analog joystick on my controller; It feels very mushy to push and loose to turn. Everytime I pop in SA1, I can tell that that my controls are not as precise and that it is a bit hard to get any character to move from left to right accurately.

    I ended up buying another Dreamcast controller. While I definitely have more precise controls, the joystick itself feels stiff and there's some resistance trying to turn the joystick in one direction.

    I'm just wondering if one or both of my Dreamcast joystick sound like what a regular Dreamcast joystick is supposed to feel like, or if I need to fix them or just buy another controller?

    Edit: On second thought, I think the second one sounds more like a typical controller from what I found online. Sorry for the extremely noob-teir post, go ahead and trash this.
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    The common misconception is that the Dreamcast controller analog stick is slippery and sucks. However is you manage to pick up a new sealed one or mint one you find something interesting. Due to time and grime the analog stick will become hard to move and lose its precision. A dreamcast analog stick also has a whole bunch of ridges that helps one thumb stay on it, however after nearly 20 years of hundreds of hours of gaming, these ridges literally start to disappear as your thumb files them down to nothing. I have 18 Dreamcast controllers and a couple of them have the issues you have mentioned as as such i only use for parts. My recommendation is to try to find a mint controller or even a brand new one (Pal controllers are pretty cheap new) hope this helps you

  3. Holy crap, 18 Controllers??

    But yeah, I didn't think that was even possible with the Dreamcast control sticks. I just thought they were slippery and stiff since day one. In retrospect it does make sense just from the way that the two that I have feel. Now thinking about it, it does remind me of the N64 control stick which I''ve heard can easily wear down over time as well.

    Surprisingly, I actually did find a few mint controllers on Ebay that are actually not too bad in terms of price. I'll definitely pick one up when my funds are more stable. :v: Thanks!!!