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Dreamcast Collection for Steam is finally being sorted out

Discussion in 'General Sega Discussion' started by Conzuh, Aug 1, 2014.

  1. Conzuh


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    Whoa I didn't think they were that serious about this release. If they're going to put effort into porting it again, I guess that gives us more hope for widescreen.
  2. SF94


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    Last page context because reasons:
    Also, changes from the original Dreamcast Collection release:

    • Now includes the worst AA in existence: FXAA.
    • They for some reason decided that nobody wants a right analog stick, triggers, or a D-Pad. So you can't look around (which breaks free camera mode), you can't rotate your camera with the triggers like you used to (restricted to bumpers much like the 2004 release), and the D-Pad does nothing.
    • It renders almost 1:1, but still not quite. Better than 640x480 everywhere, but still not good. In windowed mode, there are still some scaling artifacts as well.
    • Somebody also decided it would be a good idea to run the configuration tool in d3d fullscreen when the game is set to run in fullscreen. A little awkward if you ask me.
  3. IndyTheGreat


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    Well, you can change the buttons around in the config. I was able to return my camera movement to the triggers. The fact that the right stick is useless still puzzles me, though. Why can't they just put actual effort into this port? It seems like every port of Sonic Adventure since SADX on the Gamecube has been broken in some way. Honestly, I'd love for them to just give us true widescreen, return the water ripples from the Gamecube version, return the lighting from the Dreamcast version and give us fluid controls from the Gamecube version. On top of that, fix problems people have been having since the Gamecube version (such as glitches and inconsistent textures).

    This is all wishful thinking though. These updates are probably nothing but false hope that they might fix this port.
  4. Billy


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    Given how the game behaves and how many ports have been made, the codebase for SADX must be a nightmare by now.
  5. ShadowBlitz


    Just for the hell of it, I started the game up to take a looksie at it. I'm pretty sure this isn't supposed to happen:

    And I'm sure this has been known for a while, but this is still here. Not that I really expected them to fix it:

    City Hall A???? seems legit.
  6. SF94


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    They should just give me the source code. I'd re-write it if I had to in order to fix its problems :v: