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Doom on the Sega Genesis

Discussion in 'Technical Discussion' started by True Dude, Dec 8, 2020.

  1. krikzz, known for the Everdrive line of products, created a port of Doom for the Sega Genesis:
    Despite the fact the things barely getting 1FPS, if that, it's already pretty impressive. I looked through the source fairly quickly and it seems like it's mostly just the raw C linux Doom source code, with just a few optimizations to get it running, so a lot more work could be done to get the framerate higher than it currently is. He's released the source code and according to the GitHub doesn't intend to work on it himself anymore, but I'm hopeful someone will continue it, would love to see someone manage to pull off a full Doom port to my favorite console. (Of course there's plenty more hurdles beyond just the framerate, such as the 256 color palette, but there's probably workarounds/solutions to be found)
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    Ehh it's not as interesting if it isn't running on stock hardware. Someone got Doom running on a NES... by shoving a Raspberry Pi in the cartridge - it's not as fun.
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    I agree. It sort of defeats the purpose. "Hey look I connected a modern PC up to the Sega Genesis and basically just used the Genesis for display OMG ITS RUNNING ON A SEGA".