DOOM 32X Resurrection

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    This deserves attention. The original thread is here: DOOM 32X Resurrection (

    I've been following progress of getting the Jaguar DOOM source code to compile for the 32X. Lots of past discussions on that subject. I was stunned to see this result. This is what DOOM *could* have looked like on the 32X. Quite impressive I think.

    Despite the comment in the original thread, I had nothing directly to do with this. I wrote the WAD conversion tool about 12 years ago, and I had used that tool to add the Jaguar levels to the 32X version of DOOM. But that's it. The rest of the credit goes elsewhere.

    Download: - Hacks - Doom 32X Resurrection
    Source: GitHub - viciious/d32xr: Sega 32X port of Doom

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    Yes this came up the other day and it's very impressive.

    At least I think it is - Doom's probably been ported to your average garden potato at this point.

    It would have been nice to see the PC levels though, even if you had to sacrifice full screen to get there. That seems to have been the original intention, judging from the prototypes we have.
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    I've been playing this a lot since it was released. It is a huge improvement.