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Does the drowning music scare you?

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by SonikkuForever, Nov 14, 2008.

Does the "drowning music" scare you?

  1. Yes! It's so creepy!

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  2. Not anymore, but it scared me when I was younger.

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  3. No way! How is it scary?

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  1. Aesculapius Piranha

    Aesculapius Piranha

    つづく Oldbie
    Yeah, it scared me as a kid until I started playing Sonic 1 a lot. Considering I played the fuck out of my Genesis, it didn't take too long to get over.
  2. I didn't get into Sonic until I was nine, so it was always more of a nuisance than a terror. That shit's pretty intense, but certainly not scary.
  3. amphobius


    doing more important things with my life Member
    Right, as far as I can remember, it was actually quite scary and funny at the same time for me. But it was in SA2B, which overused the orchestra hits...
    Then again, listening the same song in the original game jinxed me a few years later. Strangely, I never thought "GET A BUBBLE", because I didn't know how it worked, instead I said, "GET OUT OF THE WATER!" Labyrinth Zone was a freaking nightmare.
  4. Cap


    Its more that the music means, "run, your about to die horribly" Also, the fact that sonic runs slower in water didn't help either. But the music was still a tad creepy.

    My earliest memory of it, is from Sonic Advance, the ice zone. Water everywhere in that damn stage. It didn't scare the hell out of me, but it was a panic like state.
  5. Dr. Mustache

    Dr. Mustache

    Likes Sloths Member
    Doesn't scare me, but if I'm ever drowning, it'll probably come into my head
  6. Hybrid Project Alpha

    Hybrid Project Alpha

    It's what's for dinner Oldbie
    Douglas, NB
    Getting a life
    My mom could beat the hover bike level in Battletoads. :argh:

    Also I've always had a fear of drowning, so yeah the music freaked me out. It's also why I hated Clanker's Cavern in Banjo-Kazooie
  7. That freaked me out when I was like seven. I've got used to it now though, seen as it has been like five years since I've drowned, in games and in real life. :P

    But yeah, it really gave me a heart attack. Now all I fear is shoddy programming in Death Egg Zone (one more hit, and you fall through the damn body, into the arms :argh: )
  8. Dan Genesis

    Dan Genesis

    As it was predicted. Plus, this is like some cute Member
    Top Secret. Bitch.
    KuroKomix LPs and Blog.
    It always made me jump. Still does when it happens. Though it doesn't happen to often because I'm really good now a days.
  9. mcbpete


    Musical musicals Member
    My eldest niece is terrified of the music. When she plays it and gets stuck underwater she pauses the game and I have to take over whilst she holds her ears to keep out the drowning countdown music !
  10. Every time I hear it I feel like Im losing air..... and Tails is stealing my bubbles
  11. Overlord


    Now playable in Smash Bros Ultimate Moderator
    Long-term happiness
    "shitoshitoshitoshitoshitoshitoshitoshitoshitoshitoshitoshitoshitoshito-crap, drowned"


    "shitoshitoshitoshitoshitoshitoshitoshitoshitoshitoshitoshitoshitoshito-BUBBLE, CRAP, MISSED IT"


    "shitoshitoshitoshitoshitoshitoshitoshitoshitoshitoshitoshitoshitoshito-BUBBLE, GOT IT. OK, moving on"

  12. Dannyboy


    Children, Children, don't be scared. Member
    Toledo, OH
    Level Concepts
    I doesn't really do anything to me other than remind me that I'm fucking stupid and need to run to the nearest air bubble or dry land immediately. When I was younger, sure, it gave me the chills and made me play sloppily because I was more frantic about finding a way to make it stop... kind of like in Zelda when you're low on health, but in this case you have a timer.

    Nowadays, I basically know all of the bubble locations and waterways through most of the games that I know whether or not I'm going to make it to the next place on time, or if I should wait for a bubble where I'm standing.

    I guess... older Sonic games are just procedural for me now.

    However, here is my real scare...

    In the final release of MegaMix... In the bonus act for Misty Maze zone... there's a section where the water looks as if it's supposed to go down and stay there... but then comes back by some form of magic only the gaming demons could have thought have (and I know they laugh at me every time I attempt to play that stage and do something different). Well... when the water comes back... there's no air bubbles, nor any water shields.... just your character, how long they can hold their breath, and maybe Tweaker laughing... And then you go down... deeper and deeper into the tempest of doom... until you inevitably drown... because there's absolutely fucking -I'm stupid-nothing-I'm stupid- you can do!

    .... And that just bothers me. ;)

    ...... In fact......

    It makes me cry at night...
  13. Metal Man88

    Metal Man88

    Time Traveller Oldbie
    I would continually send Sonic to his drowning death, and only get frustrated 'cuz I was too slow. It wasn't so much a 'OMG SCARY' moment, but more like 'Shoot, I gotta get that stupid bubble!'

    Still, I hate water levels and avoid the water where possible.
  14. DTX


    A fellow w/a name fit for nary a man save himself Member
    It used to scare me because it meant I was about to drown, but it doesn't scare me so much anymore because I'm beginning to like water levels (I've started appreciating them for the challenge they offer.) But hearing jarring, slightly annoying, tense music when you have only 10 seconds (and fewer, as time progresses) left to breathe until you drown to your doom -- and while the screen claims you have only five seconds left (via misleading visuals) -- I still find somewhat frustrating every time. It also makes me a little anxious, of course.

    The word "too" (as in, 'too much' or 'too bad') is spelled with two Os, and "nowadays" is one whole word with no spaces in between. Though I guess English probably isn't your first language, so your mistakes are understandable and quite excusable.

    In any event, sorry for my random act of charity if it in any way at all bothered you. ;)
  15. Chibisteven


    That also never scared me. I was more angry when I lost from running out of time, because the stage was long. Tick-tick it's 9:59, Time Over. *throws something out of anger* Time is not an issue for me anymore with that stage because I know all the faster routes.
  16. Stiv


    NE England
    Sonic the Comic - Online!
    It really used to make me panic, still raises my heartrate to this day. So much so, in fact, that I set the music as my alarm tone on my phone when I really need to get up.
    There's something in me that just can't stand to let the music finish if I can help it.
  17. STHX


    SEGAAAAAAAAA?!? Member
    The world of Trophies
    Sonic In Mushroom Kingdom
    The music is thought to be scary, but when I hear it I'm usually too much worried at finding the nearest bubble, so panic is probably nearer to my state at that moment.

    But if you listen to this music while in the sound test, the thing gets a bit different :thumbsup:

    This music IS supposed to be scary after all.
  18. Dan Genesis

    Dan Genesis

    As it was predicted. Plus, this is like some cute Member
    Top Secret. Bitch.
    KuroKomix LPs and Blog.
    Here's the funny thing: I'm bilingual. I speak English and German. I write better in German (I tend to make less spelling mistakes), but English is my first language. It's not that I'm lazy or anything, I just..... screw it up. A lot. And here I am trying to be a writer. Heh, good thing I have both a spellcheck and the Hitler among Grammar Nazis to check stuff.
  19. Nibble


    To be fair, English is actually a fairly difficult language, being that it has very inconsistent rules at times. Other languages tend to be better at consistency.

    On-topic: Like many others here, I don't remember ever being 'scared' of the drowning music, but it does a good job of rushing me.
  20. 87th


    FOX HOUNDER Member
    I was so scared it hurt. I'm better at getting the bubbles these days.
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