Does anyone know what happened to Sonic Eats Rings (SER)?

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by segamaniac, Feb 27, 2022.

  1. segamaniac


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    The site has been showing this for around a year now I believe, as far as I know of, there wasn't any fallout that happened there. It's just really got me curious if the forum is taking a hiatus or is just privated out of concern, since it was last archived as publicly available on May 16 of last year, I hope things are okay and nothing bad happened.
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    I was able to access the forum without issue?
  3. Think it may have just been somewhat between Archival and bot prevention. I could still log in normally too, and there's been so little activity there the last few years. I'm pretty sure most of the activity migrated to their Discord channel.
  4. Just gave it a try and my login's working as well. Is it Discord everyone moved to? I remember joining a discord server for the site awhile back, but I mostly ignore Discord so I don't know how active the server is. I've drifted away from that community over the years, but I've got a bunch of great memories there!
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    Hey everyone, I want to thank all of you for your kind input, I'm glad to hear it's all good and well! This question came across my mind recently since nothing has really been stated for the record (or perhaps overlooked), as even our wiki page about it doesn't say anything about it, and as such, I was curious if it should be mentioned in the page we have because I'd be willing to do so (although I think it'd be a better idea to let a proper Wiki Sysop make that decision probably).
    I can relate to that a bit too SoNick, for instance I'm not in the SR Discord Server due to personal reasons, more recently I've felt that the forums here are nice and more at a friendlier steady pace for me. Glad you've made great memories there yo, it's just things like hearing this about an old Sonic fansite/forum/etc. that just make me feel heart warmed and happy, even sometimes a bit nostalgic too although I wasn't around at the time.