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Does anyone else want a "Sonic R-2?"

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by grap3fruitman, Feb 19, 2014.

  1. Sonic R is definitely a product of its time and I don't know that it holds up to this day, in fact, I don't think it does at all. Even still, I find myself fondly reminiscing about every single part of the game: the graphics, the gameplay and, especially, the music.

    Am I the only one? I don't see it mentioned here at all but while trying to find a picture to post in the thread, I came across several mock-up box arts for Sonic R sequels/ports for various platforms. So perhaps there is some interest?


    I've tried the recent Sega mascot "kart" racers that everyone has been so found of and I don't quite like them. I like them for what they do well: nostalgia. Every reference pulled from a Sega series is done with the utmost respect and beauty. However, I can't say I'm a fan of the gameplay. It doesn't have the old school tight Sega arcade control that I grew up with.

    Controlling your character feels, to me, like trying to tame a fish you just caught with your bare hands. I'm constantly fighting the controls and even the levels. I think those games do a poor job of separating background from the track and I constantly find myself running into invisible walls as a result and just falling so far behind as a result. So I find myself fondly reminiscing about Sonic R...
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    ... while I'd certainly enjoy a Sonic R 2, I must say the idea of complaining the All-Stars Racing series control badly and thus going back to Sonic R as if that were any better is a bit baffling :v:

    But yes, a Sonic R 2 that'd actually control, with a sense of aesthetics on the same line as the first one, would be great.
  3. McAleeCh


    I thoroughly enjoyed the PC version of Sonic R when I was younger, and have reinstalled and replayed it many times over the years. Very fond memories of challenging my best mate or my brother to some split-screen races. And the music! Pure '90s cheese. Gotta love it.

    I'd love either a sequel or an remake with updated graphics - and a ton more tracks added, preferably, since my major complaint with the original is that it only has 5! Maybe with some additional characters to unlock, too - Nack riding the Marvellous Queen could be a good addition, and would add another vehicle-based racer aside from Amy and Robotnik.

    So, in short - yes! I'd be on board for this. Realistically, though, I can't see SEGA doing it - a fangame sequel made by a dedicated team is pretty much the best chance I can imagine for this actually happening. That or reverse-engineering the original game to find a way to add extra tracks. Either of which would be an absolute ass-load of work, I should imagine...! = S
  4. We could always see if Richard Jacques and TJ Davis would be interested. :v:/>
  5. Nova


    They did collaborate at Summer of Sonic 2008, and what a fantastic performance that was.

    I hold the rare distinction of being able to say I've seen 'Can You Feel The Sunshine' live. :eng101:
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    I'd be down with this. Camp shit is camp, but I love it.
  7. Machenstein


    I wouldn't suggest a straight-up sequel as much as I would an update in the same manner as the Mario Kart games. Introduce some new courses with new songs from Richard Jacques and TJ Davis along with the "retro" courses from the original game. I'd also keep it as a love letter to the classic era of Sonic, complete with the classic designs as well as new playable characters from that era such as Fang the Sniper and his air bike, the Marvelous Queen. As for the controls, I'd say the controls from Unleashed Day and Generations Modern would work fine for a racing game where most of the characters race on their feet.
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    I actually didn't like Sonic R... The control was very weird and the game was very short (in a couple of hours you can get all emerald and characters). The music was good but not for a race game and the balance between characters wasn't very fair.

    Although I don't have problem with a future Sonic R 2 if it didn't have all these problems
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    I'm not going to say it's a bad game, but the only times I've played it were to unlock everything, play a few races with my friend, and multiple attempts at the Tails Doll curse. I'm not entirely sure how another game would work out.

    But if they did, I'm torn on how they should treat the Tails Doll. Should they make him less creepy (he is legitimately disturbing in that game), or more to reference the legend?
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    I'd be down for helping if this was going to be a thing. Just sayin'.

    Short as it is, I definitely enjoy the game. Not because I think the ones being made now are bad or anything. Just, seeing another one by the fans would be cool. No way that SEGA's gonna do it.

    Also, there are far too many game Engines this could fit in. I'm pretty sure it'd be possible to get a prototype up and running in Unity3D by the end of the day. So this should be a thing that's gonna happen.
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    Would something like this be possible in the sonic udk?
  12. Bostwick


    The Unleashed/Generations "Modern Sonic" engine would've been perfect for a new foot racing game. Picture Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Shadow running down a track trying to boost each other into oblivion. Hell, it's even got a drifting mechanic.
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    I loved Sonic R when I was about 6. I still play it every once in a while. Honestly, it was one of the worst racing games I've ever played. The controls were abysmal, the level design was awkward (there were only about 5 levels IIRC), the characters were completely unbalanced, and the music was hilariously campy.

    Hell yeah, I'd love a sequel. :specialed:
  14. Jayextee


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    Sonic R2 needs parkour.
  15. Billy


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    My favorite part of Sonic R was unlocking all the content. Just racing itself in that game was pretty boring, but unlocking everything was challenging. Should there be a sequel, there should plenty to unlock. (And I'm sure people would clamor for the turn of Tails Doll)
  16. David The Lurker

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    I'd only accept Tails Doll if they used the same exact model. Make everyone else super modern. Tails Doll remains in 32-bit.
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    Sonic R is the most slippery game I've ever played. Enough so that if a sequel were made and it weren't slippery, it wouldn't really be a proper sequel. Sadly, that also means that a proper sequel wouldn't be fun enough for me to bother with.
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    A couple of hours? Try 20 minutes if you really know what you're doing. I've seen my friend do it in front of me plenty of times.

    I'd be down for a Sonic R 2. It'd probably need a different name because, you know, copyright... It's not my favorite racing game ever, but if they were to tighten the controls up, it'd probably be a fun time.
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    I actually like Sonic R, it's a pretty unique product with some very cool ideas. I even like the handling - the game needs to lean on the heavy racing-style controls than platforming to emphasise the importance of taking a proper racing line.

    Any hypothetical Sonic R 2 would ideally build on the key strength of the original, which was the stage design. The amount of shortcuts and alternate routes available was awesome, and could be greatly expanded with current technology - lending additional weight to the exploration goals for each stage. With the added stages and improved mechanics needed to become a boxed product today, I could see it becoming pretty cool. It's kind of sad that there's no real call for it.
  20. LockOnRommy11


    There's no doubt that Sonic R holds up, but it was so simplistic and quick and easy to finish that how could it not? It's as enjoyable as it was back then, but after a few hours playing that it. I first played it in 2005 on Gems Collection, and it is utterly playable. Everything looks like it should, the environments are distinctive and nice, and it's a game you'd play for short periods to kill a bit of time on a summers day. To call it a full game is an insult to full games; this is more like a mini game you'd expect in a full Dreamcast title.

    Would I want a Sonic R 2? Well to be honest that's a hard answer... they could do a lot with it, but would they? Sonic's never been good on hoverboards and as nice as vehicles are, they detract from what makes Sonic games so appealing. Mario is an actual man, he needs a kart. Sonic has speedy legs, and so do all his mates.