Do you think a Sonic Adventure Remake is a good idea?

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  1. ELS


    Fuck. No. Current team cannot match the soul and without the old writer it'll never be that good. Current voice cast is also awful for who the characters were.
  2. Technically Inept

    Technically Inept

    I don't like the original Sonic Adventure. From what I've read as i've scanned the past 25 pages, that's an unpopular opinion.

    Has anyone around here played the demo for Spark 3? I think that game pretty much nails what I'd want out of another adventure game as far as mechanics, level design, and almost controls. (By almost, I mean I don't think Sponic needs DMC combat) If LakeFeperd, the developer of the Spark series jumped on board of a SA1 remake, I'd be 100% for it. If he didn't? Uh...

    People are talking about glitches and camera issues. Yeah, that's a problem, but there are far more serious things wrong with that game, in my opinon.

    For one, and perhaps the biggest one, it's really shallow.

    You can fly over and skip entire levels as Tails.

    When there is platforming, you can usually quite effortlessly spindash jump over it, leaving the rest of SOnic's gameplay to be spamming the infinite spindash, which also makes slopes unneeded and irrelevant.

    Exploration is seldom more deep and satisfying than turning the camera around for a few seconds and seeing some item boxes to homing attack. I can think of an example that is literally this in the very first level Emerald Coast, right at the beginning. I think a game like SRB2 does a better job at making exploration a bit more involved than that in a lot of cases.

    With Knuckles you're just lying around aimlessly until a radar randomly goes off. This is the mainline game that came right after 3K where hidden things (the big rings?) are there as a reward for paying attention and knowing how to read the level. Heck, the game will literal tell you exactly where the next "hidden" object is (Tikal)

    I mean, I guess Knuckles a missions were kind of fun. Find all the objects, restart for time, and plan out an efficient route to all of them to nab them in time. That was kind of cool, I guess?

    I don't think I need to comment on the "boss fights."

    There is absolutely no real incentive to explore the levels, which honestly don't provide as much of that potential as I hear. (I've seen some say it is more exploratory than 3K or even CD, and I'm just like "Did we play the same game?) Ironically, I think SA2 despite being more linear did a better job with that, hiding upgrades in the stages as well as the very existence of the find the lost chao missions.

    The hub worlds are just a pace breaker.

    Dude, tell you the truth, i enjoyed Amy most last time I bothered to boot up that game. Trying to maintain momentum (does she lose it every time she turns?) and having more involved platforming.

    Also, for some reason, almost every character in that game except her loses a ton of speed when they jump, and so there's also that.
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    So what you're saying is, a remake is a great idea to tackle all of these issues. :thatsrad:
  4. Jimbo


    Even with these points, I'd still love to have these games on modern consoles and with all the flaws they have it would be nice to have a game where I don't have to play as Big for an hour. Something "not being needed today" doesn't really make sense as right now we're getting remakes of the genesis games
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    I don't trust Sega with a remake because they gave me lots of reasons not to. No remakes of the adventures, please because they'll ruin them.
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    I really feel like some of Amy's speed physics are mixed up wrong, like she seems to run faster on an upward slope I think.

    I do agree that Amy's levels are probably the most developed after Sonic's however, the one alternative character route that doesn't feel like an afterthought. Shame she only got three of them.

    I don't mind the briskness of Sonic Adventure 1, I feel that is something that makes it feel closer to the original games, the main problem is that often the level design feels....unfinished.

    Like Gamma just being a fast paced shooter works fine, but only Hot Shelter really takes advantage of that with a longer level span and a SLIGHTLY challenging boss fight making running out time even possible. Gamma's first two levels are pathetically short and just abruptly end, like it's where the developers just ran out of time. Windy Valley and Red Mountain feel like they only just reach what the first two should have been, fun but still short and easy practice rounds.

    Knuckles and Tails needed more developed areas to take advantage of their abilities in an intuitive way. More creative hiding spots for Knuckles (without getting TOO obtuse like SA2 sometimes did) and replace a lot of the dash hoops for Tails with actual alternate routes. Big needed more actual platforming altogether leading up to the Froggy area, I don't mind his gameplay being more laid back but his fishing minigame does not make the whole level.

    I also feel like there just should have been more levels altogether. Too much of the Adventure stories are just wandering from cutscene to cutscene, where I feel like an extra level during the more story pivotal scenes would have helped keep the pace going.

    Let's say there was a 'launch base' type level for reaching the Egg Carrier base in the swamp, or a flooded Station Square level for the last story which Sonic had to pace through before reaching Tikal, giving SOME gameplay adrenaline to the final story between the mass of cutscenes before the final boss. Heck maybe even an actual level during the flashbacks where you trek around the ancient Angel Island.
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  7. _oliver


    Yes please, I'd welcome it with open arms.
    SA1, while it does have it's charm and I do personally think the game has some merit, it's a pretty clunky, dated mess. Only half the campaigns are actually good, the camera is just asinine, the controls are slippery, and the hub worlds are obtuse messes where any new player will have no idea where to go without looking up a walkthrough.
    I'd love to see a remake try and revitalize the game for a new generations of players.

    also sa1 story voice acting and cutscenes suck balls and im tired of pretending they dont lolololol, i would like to see them try and fix it