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Do you think a Sonic Adventure Remake is a good idea?

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Snub-n0zeMunkey, Oct 11, 2019.

  1. Snub-n0zeMunkey


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    Hi everyone, hope you're having a good day.

    Anyways, I came across a thread on ResetEra where someone was asking about the appeal of an SA1 remake and the OP brought up some pretty good points on why they think a Sonic Adventure remake would be a waste of time. They even mention Sonic Project Hero as a way the franchise could improve.
    The thread:

    Some quotes:
    The demand for a remake is definitely something I've been seeing a lot. I could go either way honestly, I would prefer something new, but I wouldn't mind a remake. I just think the demand for a remake over a new game is funny, it's like people have given up hope that this franchise will ever achieve anything great ever again.
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  2. It is a fantastic idea that could re-invigorate the 3D side of the franchise.
  3. Blue Spikeball

    Blue Spikeball

    That's pretty much my stance, I want the series to move forward. Going back to the SA series with a SA1 remake or a SA3 won't automatically result in Sonic games being good again, it will only hold back their potential to evolve. I'm not really opposed to a SA1 remake though, I just don't think it's what the series truly needs.
  4. LordOfSquad


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    A 1:1 remake would be a bullshit waste of time. A reDO that takes the game's story and core mechanics and polishes the rest of it far past recognition, towards a point of excellence, would be cool. Adventure's story itself still has goofy charm and nostalgic appeal, the aesthetics still pop, and it has one of the top 3 Sonic soundtracks in my books. You can push the franchise forward while going back to Adventure, by making it what Sonic Team wanted to do with it in the first place before they got hampered by a looming release date and crippled final DC hardware. If they spent a lot of time nailing the classic physics in a 3D space, and then really expanded on the level design to take full advantage of that while still keeping all the iconic moments, I'd flood my basement.
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  5. Beltway


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    I'd prefer using Adventure 1's better components for an original game altogether, but I wouldn't be totally hesitant on revisiting Adventure. Despite it's multiple flaws I'd say it's still the best 3D Sonic game from a pure 3D platformer standpoint.

    That said, I'd be far more interested in an Adventure remake if it wasn't designated to be a slavishly accurate reproduction; a reboot that heavily retooled or completely cut out the gameplay roulette bloat and other egregious design flaws would IMO improve the design brief tremendously.

    Although with all that about remaking any of the existing Sonic properties is kinda pointless in concerns to the current makeup of people responsible for making the games. Your best hope is to pull a Taxman/Stealth: make your own Adventure venture and hope that Sega considers it quality enough to publish it as an official work.
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  6. Devon


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    Really, what prevented me from enjoying the original Sonic Adventure a whole lot was just how buggy and slow-paced the game can be. Otherwise, I think I would've enjoyed the hell out of it. If it were to be remade, then I would want it to be polished the fuck up and have some gameplay changes to make it flow better.
  7. Let me fix one of those quotes:
    Forces cemented this, all they will do is hold this franchise back otherwise we would have heard a hint of a Mania sequel or something like it by now. Why did Team Sonic Racing pretend that Mania didn’t exist, that would have been a easy choice for DLC that Sumo would have been on board for so why didn’t it happen?

    I see this Adventure remake that everyone says is totally gonna happen thing as a repackaging of similar claims about Adventure 3, after a decade plus of Adventure 3 not being Sonic Team’s next game I guess it had to be replaced.
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  8. Darth Taco

    Darth Taco

    ResetEra kind of feels like the peanut gallery in this situation

    I dunno, to me it's basically a toss up whether or not an Adventure remake could be good. Any new main series Sonic game is basically playing the lottery, because the Sonic series doesn't run on passion to make a game, it runs on what Sega people think people want, and then the quality of whatever that is seems to depend on what random assortment of Sega devs end up being Sonic Team for the current game.

    The reason people are asking for an SA1 remake because it is a relatively tangible thing to ask for that most people could agree on, and it seems to make some kind of business sense. Asking for a new game using the "adventure formula/style" is difficult because such a thing doesn't really exist. SA1, SA2, 06, Unleashed, though they all have some similarities they all have pretty different gameplay goals, but people will argue they are "adventure games". A remake of SA1 has the chance of possibly defining what that is for future games.

    There's also that there doesn't seem to be much of a downside from our end. An SA1 remake seems hard to screw up, though they certainly could find a way, but in that case the original game still exists. The general public's perception of SA1 is that it's bad, so it's not like a bad remake would sully its name or something. At worst, it's bad, we tell them why it's bad, and then go back to the original/move on. Sega can spin it as a one off and it doesn't really affect the series in the future. At best it's an amazing game that has the chance of actually getting the series on some kind of track and making people realize what it is we liked about the old game so much. I imagine it'd be somewhere in the middle, where it's maybe good but divisive, but even that isn't so bad.
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  9. Sonic Warrior TJ

    Sonic Warrior TJ

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    I would love a remake/reimagining of Sonic Adventure, but I'd want it to take a back seat to a new main series title. If such a game were to be made, it would be great if some of the original team got together with another studio, possibly built up of capable fans like with Mania, while Sonic Team remained focused on whatever it's got in the ol' pipeline this go-round.
  10. lopinjop


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    I don't think Sonic Team as it exists has the know-how to accurately recreate/improve the physics engine in Sonic Adventure. This alone is enough for me to want Sonic Team to completely avoid any remakes. I'm still flabbergasted by the Classic Sonic physics in Sonic Forces (along with everything else in that game). Stiff awful movement, no momentum, useless rolling, every spring a predetermined path. They had 7 years since Generations. Regardless of whether a remake is what should happen for Sonic, I think it's an impossible task for Sonic Team and SEGA at large.
  11. Turbohog


    Yeah, I would love a remake. I truly think the Adventure games are the best 3D games in the series. But it would have to be made by a competent company. And I have no faith in the current Sonic Team. As has already been pointed out, they can't even get 2D Sonic right.
  12. Sir_mihael


    At this point, I would just take a decent non-buggy port of SA1 being available on current gen. Something akin to the modded PC versions (widescreen, Dreamcast models/lighting). Just call it 'Sonic Adventure Remastered' akin to a Bluepoint remaster and call it a day.

    Sonic Team's Dev time and energy would be better going to something new and shiny I reckon.
  13. Just give it to Taxman/Stealth and we'll probably have a very good remake, or maybe even a whole new game.

    I'm not sure if this game really needs a remake, but I think it really deservers a one though, so I'm totally up for that.
  14. Sid Starkiller

    Sid Starkiller

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    Sonic Team absolutely cannot be trusted with such a project. I also fear that if there's an especially shitty remake, assholes would just start going "See? Sonic was never good!" even harder.

    Having said that, I wouldn't mind someone competent taking another crack at the Adventure formula, starting all the way back with SA1. I've had some ideas for it, but seeing as I have neither the talent to do it myself, nor the money to commission someone to do it, I won't waste anyone's time. But I will say this: I've thought a lot about what I would want from such a revival. I've seen people on Youtube say "Aw yeah, gimme a SA3 with all returning characters in it and Blaze and Silver and Omega blah blah blah," and that's a problem for me. You know who I want playable?


    That's it. I would want them to do what the classics did, and what I thought Unleashed was doing by removing extra characters: Perfect Sonic's gameplay before trying to add anyone else to it. Sonic 1 had just Sonic in it, and laid down the basics. Sonic 2 refined it some, and while Tails was playable, he wasn't yet different from Sonic. It was 3K that perfected the game, and only then were there characters that actually had different moves from Sonic. So fuck the other characters and focus on Sonic himself. MAYBE put in a Chao garden, but as much as I want that, even that I can do without if it means the main game is better.

    So for an Adventure remake to be want I what, they would have to remove so much from it that it wouldn't really be Sonic Adventure any more.
  15. SuperSnoopy


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    The problem with Adventure is that's it's a mess of a game that everybody like for a different reason. Should a potential remake include the hub worlds? Amy or Big? The chaos garden? No matter what they do, the remake will NEVER be able to achieve the critical success of the Spyro/Crash remasters, because these games were quite focused and remaking them wasn't the hardest thing in the world. And even then, some people still weren't happy with it.

    That being said, I would be very curious to see how they would remake Adventure. The thing is, I quite enjoyed Forces and I think it's the closest we've been to that Adventure spirit since Unleashed. It was very flawed, but the tone was there. It was certainly better than the baby stuff we had since Colours, you could even see a glimmer of the old Sonic Team in some cutscenes. So yeah, if there's a time to remake Adventure, it's now.
    ...Still, I obviously can't blame people that don't trust Sonic Team anymore. I'm just being optimistic and giving them the benefit of the doubt when they clearly don't deserve it.

    What I really want them to do is remake Adventure 2, the objectively superior game. #hottake
  16. Laughingcow


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    No. The only ones who would want a Sonic Adventure remake are guys like me with a reverence for those old games. Not to mention that there is already an excellent fan effort to fixing the PC version.

    If Sonic Team (whatever that means) or some hired dev screws it up then we have another Sonic 4 situation which isn't worth the risk. A completely new Adventure style game would be fine but stay away from remakes/remasters and using the Sonic Adventure 3 name. Hell, both Forces and Mania were full of reused/remixed/redone old content, we don't need any more of that.
  17. InvisibleUp


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    I'd be fine with a remake if Sonic Team can pull it off. Which given their track record lately IDK. Maybe having the level design and plot already exist will help things along.

    @Sid Starkiller, tbh I'm a bit tired of only having Sonic to play as. I actually like the treasure hunting and sometimes the shooting stages, and I like how all the characters are different and you can like one part of the game while feeling meh about another. I like variety. It certainly should be a little more focused than, say, '06, but I feel like the Sonic games today are almost too constrained and too safe.
  18. Xinus


    i think if they are just gonna do a complete copy paste of original + new graphics then yeah this is a waste of time.

    but while i love Sonic Adventure 1 the game is such a big waste of potential due to it being very rough around the edges because of the time period it was made in.
    i feel like a complete reimagining of the game would be really great. kind of like what RE2 remake did. in the core. they are the same game. but the remake added so much on top of what already was there.
  19. Ayu Tsukimiya

    Ayu Tsukimiya

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    They've had well over a decade to work on *just* Sonic, and their problems haven't changed since 20 years ago. Just like 2D Sonic, they can't figure out how to make him play in 3D even when fans can.
    It's incredibly obvious by now that Sonic's Shitty Friends™ isn't the problem.
  20. MH MD

    MH MD

    Do we really need it? especially in a world where the series already banking on nostalgia for the whole last decade? after 4 and generations and mania and forces? do we really need more of that but with a full remake?

    Maybe this idea would be exciting in 2009, but right now, the last thing this series need is more nostalgia pandering, not that it's bad in itself -generations and mania are fantastic- but this franchise should just move forward , instead of rehashing the past but adventure instead of classic this time.
    Mania got an expansion 1 year after release , plus animated series, that's more love and support than any sonic game basically, it not being in TSR doesn't mean anything