Do all external/internal flash card readers bar simultaneous

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    So I got one of these a while ago after being disappointed with quite a few USB card readers of late, mainly for not allowing me to read SD and MicroSD (or alternatively Memory Stick Duo and M2) cards simultaneously when both are plugged in - Windows will only let me read one of them at a time. (I also noticed with some USB readers that they're designed in such a compact way that you can't physically fit both kinds of cards into it at the same time due to limited space inside.)

    Imagine my disappointment when I noticed the same thing happen with this StarTech box then. Though perhaps it's made more obvious this time by the fact that the device opens up only four removable drives on Windows despite having 6 slots.

    Is this by design with everything these days? I could've sworn like a decade ago you could have internal or external boxes which treated regular card slots and their little brothers as seperate entities rather than using the same SD/MS section.
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    Some stuff like MMC and SD are electrically compatible and the slots will reuse the pins. XD and SMC cards are often shared too. My cheapass chinese reader presents itself as 4 drives : CF, XD, SD+MMC, MS and its variations.