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Discotek Media has licensed the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by KingOfBunnies, Dec 14, 2021.

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    Not to ask a silly question, but is this due to how the material is/was stored, or is that just par for the course with analog media for shows like these regardless of how well they were stored? It reminds me of what happens with old hard drives and bit rot.
  2. Chibisteven


    It's pretty much par the course, obviously better storage conditions slow down the rot of physical media of all formats, some formats are a lot better than others as digital formats with extensive error correction and multiple copies tend to be better than analog ones which tend to degrade with each generation or copy made. The sad truth is the day since something is made is when the rot actually starts, given enough time it won't exist at all anymore.
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  3. Xiao Hayes

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    I see this from two sides. From the side of preservation, I like this has been made in its best possible form. From my personal perspective, though, well, it's still AoStH. I was 12 when it originally aired and even then me and everyone whose opinion I knew thought it as shit, me being the only one watching it because it was Sonic shit, and I had to watch it. Now I'm too old to watch it the same way, but maybe some kid will still find it entertaining, though most parents won't notice this release. I liked SatAM more, but I wouldn't rewatch that one either, I guess I'm too old for 90's animation in general. XD
  4. KingOfBunnies


    I just got charged for this and Angel Cop on Rightstuf. So I should get it within 2 weeks since I picked their economy shipping. I'll post pics and screencaps when I get it if people want me to.
  5. RetroJordan91


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    Yeah I just got e-mail confirmation as well that my copy was shipped.. will be on the lookout for it for the next week or whatever it is
  6. TheBrickster


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    Mine's said to be coming in today, which is 19 days early, vs. the mentioned 2/22/2022 release date.

    EDIT: It's here. Though I'm going to keep it's seal on, for now, since I don't actually have a PC Blu-Ray drive, yet. I could play it back on my PS4, but I would rather be able to back these up to my computer, so I could de-interlace them, using QTGMC. So for now, it'll stay in my rack of DVDs, waiting for it's time. If you pre-ordered the set from RightStuf, the set should be coming to you, soon, as RightStuf is where I ordered mine. If you got it from Amazon, I don't think you'll be as lucky.

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  7. KingOfBunnies


    Just got my set in today. If anyone has any episodes they want to see, I can take screencaps. If you'd like a specific part of an episode, please tell me at least a time around when it happens in the episode.
  8. Deathscythe


    Robotnik's Pyramid Scheme

    Just want an image of Egyptian Sonic. There should be a good screenshot era from 14:30-15:00.
  9. Rlan


    How easy is it to extract the various drawing assets and break images from the Blu-Ray?
  10. Turbohog


    Pretty easy. I've actually already extracted all the frames from the drawing assets and started converting them into .png's for my personal use. The only annoying part is merging larger images that are spread across two frames (where the first frame contains the top half of an image and the second frame contains the bottom half).

    However, seeing as the blu-ray is so new, I wouldn't feel comfortable uploading them all anywhere.