Did these alternate SA2B commercials actually air?

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    Ok, the following videos I've shared before but I wanted to ask this just to make sure of something...

    Everyone knows the live-action commercials made for SA2B, right?
    They're total classics:

    So here's the deal, about a while back I came across alternative versions of these commercials that I had never seen before until then.
    Not only did they have slight swearing in one of them, but they also had a completely different tagline:

    "Nintendo couldn't find their own hedgehog, so they're using SEGA's" instead of "The right hedgehog is hard to find"

    Watch them here:

    Here's my question:
    Did these alternative commercials ever actually air, or were they replaced by the ones we know now?

    I couldn't find any tv recordings of these versions, nor any mention of them elsewhere.
    I you remember seeing these alternative versions back in the day, please say so.
  2. Linkabel


    I remember seeing the first alternative commercial during Fox's late night times lot.

    When SA2 came out they actually sponsored That '70s Show with commercial bumpers (i.e. "That '70s Show is brought to you by Sonic Adventure 2") and then the Good Hedgehog, Bad Hedgehog commercial after that.

    So maybe when SA2B came out they made commercials that could be divided into time slots? As in the ones that we know aired during morning's when kids are watching and the alternative versions during late at night?
  3. Don’t remember seeing versions with that tagline. Granted, I was only 7, but even then I had an anti-Nintendo mindset (despite owning all their systems lol) and would have loved that joke.

    Edit: In case anyone was wondering from my profile if these aired in Denmark, I don’t know. I lived in the US during that period.