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[DEMO]: BrazSonic 20XX - for Windows and Android

Discussion in 'Fangaming Discussion' started by Campestre, Mar 27, 2020.

  1. Campestre


    Greetings Sonic Retro,

    After many, many years out from game dev, I decided to give BrazSonic a proper comeback.


    BrazSonic 20XX is an actual reboot of the BrazSonic series, with no links with any previous games. The reason for this restart is due to the fact that the BrazSonic 1 is already very outdated, and also BraSonic 2 does not have been succeeded over the last few years.

    The game is set in Brazil in the year 20XX (in some time of the 21st century), where the congressman Ivo Corruptnik, who dreams of being President of the country, seeks the Corruption Emeralds to achieve it. However, his ambition implies chaos and destruction to the lands and citizens. Then the hero BrazSonic will come into the scene to stop him!

    What's new?
    • Action stages inspired by the original BrazSonic, but with new designs
    • Original characters back, but even better
    • Assorted Power-ups
    • New and exciting boss battles
    • More challenging 3d Special Stages
    • New game modes: Time Attack and Mission
    • Offline multiplayer mode for 2 to 4 players!
    • Extra and unlockable content to find out!
    • Joypad support for PC and Mobile
    • Windows and Android versions

    Current Status
    New demo available, for Windows and Android, in Portuguese, English, and Spanish (language settings can be changed in-game).

    Download (mirrors):
    Screens and videos

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    And what happened to BrazSonic 2?
    It's a rather long story. In a few words, I had to give up definitely the project due to personal and technical reasons, several years after its start. The full story you can read here:
  2. Yoritoshi


    São Paulo
    Cosmic Boll
    This picture is more representative of Brazil than soccer and samba.

    Anyway, I played the demo back when you first released it and it was alright. Had fun fighting the bosses and the waterfall level was a nice concept (divekicking against the water currents feels great) even if getting dragged back from falling on the bottom of the stage can get annoying. Compared to that build, the current one just adds fixes and such, right?
  3. Campestre


    Yes, there are many fixes. The water slides and currents in Iguaçu Zone are less strong and more avoidable, as well.
  4. Campestre


    0.2.1. DEMO Important updates:
    • Now supported by Gmate Engine, for a more sonic-like experience
    • New Title Card by
    • New money monitors, with faces of real BRL banknotes, by Pako Maruyama
    • Functional elemental shields
    • Running over water with effects
    • Gliding on bosses fixes (Bubsy and Bahianuckles)
    • Boss battle Vs. Sonic when playing as himself
    • BrazSonic: now works with elemental shields
    • PeloTails: more controllable flight skill
    • Bahianuckles: now has animation after climbing to the end of a wall, preventing it from falling back as it did before
    • Sonic: boost fixed on mobile version and underwater parts
    • Guimo: more reactive shots, hit the wall with effects. 35 coins-shot destroys more than one barrier
    • Multiplayer: fixed pause screen
    • Multiplayer: corrected death animations
    • Redesign of some levels, mainly the extra mode ones
    • Smoother slopes and curves
    • Great Gate Zone: corrected water-running
    • Forest Village: less frustrating, and low jump-friendly
    • Aerial Garden: more springs
    • In Windows version, keyboard/gamepad buttons events were active even outside the game window
    • More responsive touch gamepad
    • Repairs on Catastropybara boss when hitting it
    • Repairs in Patralha boss when hitting him
    • In-game link to the website
    • Some performance improvements
  5. Campestre


    New final demo trailer for SAGE, showing all current features and also the new ones, like the Mission Mode, enjoy!