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(DC) Sonic Adventure Prototype (1998-10-16)

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Orengefox, May 21, 2013.

  1. evilhamwizard


    Bumping to keep interest alive.

    I think I mentioned this somewhere before, but Sky Chase (SHOOTING) exists in this version of the game, with textures and all (except for sound and music though). But much like a lot of the crashing levels in the game the addresses in the level's file are all pointing in the wrong places. However, here's some more information that I think I forgot to mention.

    The Autodemo doesn't have path data for either Act 1 or Act 2 (I think the data is used for making the mini game "on rails"). In the final, there are two object set files for Sky Chase (one for Act 1 and the other for Act 2, Sonic and Tails use the same set I think). In this version there are three, two for Act 1 and Act 2 and the other one for some other purpose. In comparison, the two set files for Act 1 and Act 2 are obviously different from the final. But from the list of objects present in the file and what DXEdit can show us, we can compare the Autodemo version and the final version more closely.

    Here are the list of objects for SHOOTING (based from the Autodemo's version, the final version is exactly the same):
    Code (ASM):
    1. ROM:0C905238 aRing:          .sdata "RING   "        ; DATA XREF: ROM:stru_C9063E8o
    2. ROM:0C905238                 .data.b 0
    3. ROM:0C905240 aZako1:         .sdata "ZAKO1"          ; DATA XREF: ROM:stru_C9063E8o
    4. ROM:0C905240                 .data.b 0
    5. ROM:0C905246                 .data.b    0
    6. ROM:0C905247                 .data.b    0
    7. ROM:0C905248 aTv1:           .sdata "TV1"            ; DATA XREF: ROM:stru_C9063E8o
    8. ROM:0C905248                 .data.b 0
    9. ROM:0C90524C aIsu1:          .sdata "ISU1"           ; DATA XREF: ROM:stru_C9063E8o
    10. ROM:0C90524C                 .data.b 0
    11. ROM:0C905251                 .data.b    0
    12. ROM:0C905252                 .data.b    0
    13. ROM:0C905253                 .data.b    0
    14. ROM:0C905254 aIsu2:          .sdata "ISU2"           ; DATA XREF: ROM:stru_C9063E8o
    15. ROM:0C905254                 .data.b 0
    16. ROM:0C905259                 .data.b    0
    17. ROM:0C90525A                 .data.b    0
    18. ROM:0C90525B                 .data.b    0
    19. ROM:0C90525C aTansu:         .sdata "TANSU"          ; DATA XREF: ROM:stru_C9063E8o
    20. ROM:0C90525C                 .data.b 0
    21. ROM:0C905262                 .data.b    0
    22. ROM:0C905263                 .data.b    0
    23. ROM:0C905264 aKabin:         .sdata "KABIN"          ; DATA XREF: ROM:stru_C9063E8o
    24. ROM:0C905264                 .data.b 0
    25. ROM:0C90526A                 .data.b    0
    26. ROM:0C90526B                 .data.b    0
    27. ROM:0C90526C aKaiga:         .sdata "KAIGA"          ; DATA XREF: ROM:stru_C9063E8o
    28. ROM:0C90526C                 .data.b 0
    29. ROM:0C905272                 .data.b    0
    30. ROM:0C905273                 .data.b    0
    31. ROM:0C905274 aTv2:           .sdata "TV2"            ; DATA XREF: ROM:stru_C9063E8o
    32. ROM:0C905274                 .data.b 0
    33. ROM:0C905278 aReizou:        .sdata "REIZOU"         ; DATA XREF: ROM:stru_C9063E8o
    34. ROM:0C905278                 .data.b 0
    35. ROM:0C90527F                 .data.b    0
    36. ROM:0C905280 aSofa:          .sdata "SOFA"           ; DATA XREF: ROM:stru_C9063E8o
    37. ROM:0C905280                 .data.b 0
    38. ROM:0C905285                 .data.b    0
    39. ROM:0C905286                 .data.b    0
    40. ROM:0C905287                 .data.b    0
    41. ROM:0C905288 aTana:          .sdata "TANA"           ; DATA XREF: ROM:stru_C9063E8o
    42. ROM:0C905288                 .data.b 0
    43. ROM:0C90528D                 .data.b    0
    44. ROM:0C90528E                 .data.b    0
    45. ROM:0C90528F                 .data.b    0
    46. ROM:0C905290 aYakan:         .sdata "YAKAN"          ; DATA XREF: ROM:stru_C9063E8o
    47. ROM:0C905290                 .data.b 0
    48. ROM:0C905296                 .data.b    0
    49. ROM:0C905297                 .data.b    0
    50. ROM:0C905298 aKirai:         .sdata "KIRAI"          ; DATA XREF: ROM:stru_C9063E8o
    51. ROM:0C905298                 .data.b 0
    52. ROM:0C90529E                 .data.b    0
    53. ROM:0C90529F                 .data.b    0
    54. ROM:0C9052A0 aHodai:         .sdata "HODAI"          ; DATA XREF: ROM:stru_C9063E8o
    55. ROM:0C9052A0                 .data.b 0
    56. ROM:0C9052A6                 .data.b    0
    57. ROM:0C9052A7                 .data.b    0
    58. ROM:0C9052A8 aRenzako:       .sdata "RENZAKO"        ; DATA XREF: ROM:stru_C9063E8o
    59. ROM:0C9052A8                 .data.b 0
    60. ROM:0C9052B0 aArm:           .sdata "ARM"            ; DATA XREF: ROM:stru_C9063E8o
    61. ROM:0C9052B0                 .data.b 0
    62. ROM:0C9052B4 aRocket:        .sdata "ROCKET"         ; DATA XREF: ROM:stru_C9063E8o
    63. ROM:0C9052B4                 .data.b 0
    64. ROM:0C9052BB                 .data.b    0
    65. ROM:0C9052BC aBoss:          .sdata "BOSS"           ; DATA XREF: ROM:stru_C9063E8o
    As I said before, there are a ton of objects that aren't remotely used anywhere in Sky Chase (like TVs, sofas, cabinets, etc). Keep this in mind for later.

    Now let's compare the object placement set file to the final version (note Type is the value of the object in the list. DXEdit presents the value in hexadecimal, so E = 14 = HODAI, etc).

    Act 1 in the Autodemo:

    Act 1 in the Final (NTSC-J):

    Differences: In the demo, the only enemies present are "HODAI" (the most common enemy ships that you find in the stage). In the final they added a few Renzako and Zakos enemies to the stage as well.

    Act 2 in the Autodemo:

    Act 2 in the Final (NTSC-J):

    Differences: In the demo, they used the same exact object/placement as Act 1. In Act 2, obviously they used a lot more objects than Act 1 in the final (in comparison to Act 1, the final's Act 2 also uses "ARM" and "KIRAI"). I didn't list all the objects from the Final's set file since it would make the image too big, but you get the idea.

    Now for something really interesting. This set file does not exist in the final, but exists in the Autodemo.

    "SETSHTS.BIN" from the Autodemo.

    Notice now that there are a few objects that weren't previously used in any list before. Here are those objects:

    1.) Ring (0) //two rings loaded for some reason
    2.) TV1 (2) //model of a television set
    3.) Tansu (5) //model of a drawer
    4.) Kabin (6) //model of a jar
    5.) Kaiga (7) //model of a painting
    6.) TV2 (8) //another television set
    7.) Tana (B) //model of a cabinet
    8.) Yakan ( C ) //model of a coffee pot
    9.) Boss (12) //The Dragon!

    I posted pictures of these objects in the old SADX Preview thread since they aren't really related to the Autodemo.

    So to sum it all up. There is an object set file that doesn't exist in the final version for Sky Chase that does exist in the Autodemo that loads the Dragon. The object set file isn't for any particular act for Sky Chase, but we can probably assume that at some point both Act 1 and Act 2 used this unused set file at some point.

    Now if we could only load up Sky Chase in the Autodemo...
  2. Glaber


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    Say, maybe with what we discover in this, we can turn SADX into a True Director's cut?
  3. Woofmute


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    turning into a dreamcast
    I'm having a strange issue with the controls address on my dev unit, setting it to 00 does not enable controls like it does in Demul and on my retail unit with the codebreaker code. It is the correct byte in memory, I've compared it to the one in Demul. The byte for the HUD and the collision debug can be changed to 00 and they both function properly...

    EDIT: Nevermind, it works but not as easily as it worked in Demul...
  4. ICEknight


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    Out of curiosity, what do you mean "not as easily"?
  5. Laura


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    I think most of us are very interested, it's just that nothing has been updated in a long time and there's not really anything to discuss yet.

    I, for one, am always keeping an eye open for anything on this topic, no matter how inane it may seem.

    I do hope people post whatever discoveries they have here.
  6. Woofmute


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    turning into a dreamcast
    In the Speed Highway demo for example, I could pause the SH4 and change the control byte from 01 to 00. After resuming the SH4 the demo would still be running and I wouldn't have any control. I checked and the byte was still set to 00, so I should have had control. It wouldn't work in any demo so I gave up on it a while back. Yesterday however, after struggling for a while in Speed Highway and making that post, I tried again and this time it worked. Each time it had been the correct area in memory, so it was really odd that it didn't want to work initially. In Demul it seems to always work as soon as you change that bite, even at the start of Speed Highway.

    I don't know if it was a problem on the retail units, but the demo timing seems to work perfectly on a dev unit.
  7. MainMemory


    Kate the Wolf Tech Member
    The "At Dawn" segment of Speed Highway is now available for SADXPC:

    Unfortunately Knuckles' layout is completely screwed up, which makes me think it's designed for an older version with a different object list (the AutoDemo's is identical to the final except the final added some to the end).
  8. Glaber


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    looking more and more like a director's cut with each port.
  9. Lanzer


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    Living life.
    Truly amazing! Thanks Mainmemory.
  10. SaviourDCX


    Nice! :)
  11. muteKi


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    I can see why they didn't keep the level like this for the final
  12. OKei


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    Wow. Speed Highway here looks really illogically designed. Them springs are everywhere.
  13. darkspines35


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    Sanik Adevnt Casters
    To add to a new find to this thread, using some of the old SADX tools SANiK made, I have found that the tornado section of Windy Valley's beta does exist!


    This is just a preliminary hunt in hopes we can find a way to properly rip the level, but we now know it exists! Haha.
  14. Jen


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    Awesome work on porting At Dawn across to SADX, MainMemory!

    And just when I thought we'd discovered all there was to discover in the AutoDemo, the tornado section is found! Fantastic stuff Darkspines, here's hoping you guys manage to get a rip of it :D
  15. AeonicB


    At Dawn looks great! I've never wanted to play a level so badly... (now I need SA:DX on the PC for sure.)

    Just curious, couldn't change the paths the cars are on? It just amuses me some are in midair, and others are driving on the sidewalk. Maybe that's why it was cut the first time? :)/>

    Also whoo Tornado. =3
  16. Dark Sonic

    Dark Sonic

    Working on my art!
    I'm talking out of my ass here, but I assume what's going on is that the cars use either the mappings from a very early version of At Dawn or they use the ones from the final version of At Dawn, either of which may have been higher than his one. Thus, floating cars.
  17. MainMemory


    Kate the Wolf Tech Member
    As I said in the SADX hacking topic, I couldn't figure out how the cars worked, and even if I could, I probably wouldn't be able to find their path in the AutoDemo file, so I just left them as is.
  18. darkspines35


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    Sanik Adevnt Casters
    Okay, so Windy Valley part 2 doesn't seem to have a real land table after looking. I did take the time to try and piece together the object models for Windy Valley though, and I think I found most. It's really iffy

    On another note, I did some digging in Final Egg since I knew about these textures that are based on Sonic's except they seem like a robot (They're even in the final). They're similar to the AoSTH Pseudo Sonic in my opinion. Turns out it's this:


    The address is 0x1D5584

    The model doesn't seem to have any data linked to it other than just being there. I actually don't know if its in the final or not as I haven't checked. I just know it wasn't found until conclusion is that Sonic Team had some sadistic members on the team...sheesh haha.
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    Alternate take on the sonic target from gamma's route, perhaps?
  20. MykonosFan


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    Yeah, this makes the most sense to me.