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(DC) Sonic Adventure Prototype (1998-10-16)

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Orengefox, May 21, 2013.

  1. Skyler


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    The next audtion
    I thought that was already common knowledge.
  2. synchronizer


    Correct me if I'm wrong:

    The bridge in the beta is the same bridge that gets destroyed in the avalanche later in the level, meaning that Sonic actually goes on a round trip. We can't tell that this happens in the final because the bridge is replaced with a rocket.
  3. LockOnRommy11


    It wasn't common knowledge, but I know exactly what you're referring to, and I always thought it weird that there was a rocket there. Makes perfect sense now I guess.

    Can't edit my posts. Here's the final area:
  4. Dude


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    Right. The only way to know in the final is to match the shape of the land and walls, since the bridge makes it look different. Funny how they forgot to delete the bridge in the third level.
  5. GeneHF


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    Surprised they just didn't use the same bridge objects from Windy Valley.

    So who's up to restoring it? :eng101:
  6. synchronizer


    This blows my mind somewhat. There was going to be actual continuity in the level!
  7. Glisp


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    None at the moment I'm afraid.
    I'm working on porting over the prototype layouts for icecap to SADX. I've encountered some erm... problems but it hasn't deterred me yet. (see my previous post and the spoiler within. There's some other problems as well but I'm not sure what's causing them as they're completely unrelated to Icecap but seem indirectly related to rebuilding the exe.) As for the bridge object, I haven't ported it or other objects over but it's on my todo list. Right now, I'm working on solving texture related problems.

    Well I haven't taken a screenshot of it but there's an old scan of it on the wiki:


    The one in the autodemo is the same actually, textures and all. Also, if you want to see it closer, check Orengefox's video.
  8. Orengefox


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    Some artwork, a ZZT game, and a hack.
    I know for certain that this particular version was seen at the Tokyo International Forum. Whether the public got to actually play that particular version or some other version, I'm not certain (taking into account FUSE was claiming people were going to have a chance to play it there).

    Like everyone else is saying, this AutoDemo we've got is a hodgepodge containing all sorts. Definitely a bridge between the early stages of it's development and the final product.

    And while still on the subject of Sonic Adventure's development. Jen found on Team Artail a section which covered the Sonic Adventure Tokyo International Forum event. I found a few Japanese sites which covered that event as well including the Tokyo Game Show Autumn '98. I've also thrown in a link to all the development information SEGA ever posted on their Japanese (for those who might not have seen it before).

    For those who aren't able to run this AutoDemo on their own computer, you can check out the fallowing Youtube channels of it in action.

  9. OKei


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    Mind if I chime in my video too? I uploaded this a few days ago, but it wasn't until now that I could finally post this on Retro.
    Obviously, the annoying mouse cursor you see at the start tells you that I'm running this via emulator.

  10. evilhamwizard


    A few things.

    Didn't see anyone post any other screenshots from Station Square. It's mostly uninteresting, but still.

    These are from the Hotel area.

    Removed ladder:
    Ladder is here. You can't climb it though.

    From this old shot:


    Here's the final version (from the SADX NTSC-J Preview for reference)


    Misplaced tables and chairs:
    Hard to see in this shot.

    Old shots, you can see it more clearly here

    From SADX Preview, notice how everything is lined up along the side of the building now.

    Chairs lined up together, no tables:
    For some reason there are a lot of chairs lined up together with no tables.

    From the final

    Also in case anyone was still working on restoring Windy Valley, I found Sonic's initial X/Y/Z position when he loads into the map. For some reason even though the game lacks the land table for the 2nd part of Windy Valley (the tornado part), the initial coordinates are still here, so that's something.

    These were found in 1ST_READ.BIN. Each character has their own list of initial coordinates for each map. These three coordinates are for Sonic:

    ROM:8C16F034 STG02_0_INITCOORD:Vector3 <256.0, 60.0, -885.0>
    ROM:8C16F048 STG02_1_INITCOORD:Vector3 <694.0, -113.0, -205.0>
    ROM:8C16F05C STG02_2_INITCOORD:Vector3 <0, 700.0, 0>

    I checked to see where Sonic would warp by trying to follow the coordinates in SALVL and they match up. The first coordinate puts you where you might expect if you've looked at the map before, although I don't think it starts you in the air like in the final as it seems you start pretty close the ground. The third coordinate starts you in the middle of the air (like the final) and drops you so you can land on this platform:


    Judging by Cheat Engine, it looks like the stages that crash manage to load up to somewhere after it loads the coordinates in memory. I can use nullDC's to trace where exactly it's crashing and see if maybe I can patch it up but it's really finicky and not really worth the time.

    And finally the name of the unused enemy in Final Egg is E HIYOKO. It's actually still referenced in the final version. But it's just a copy of E ROBO (those annoying robots that capture and ram into you) when you load it in game.

    EDIT: Proper level order list. NO and NO ENTRY are two different strings. Not sure if they mean the same thing (unoccupied space in the level list). This is meant for the in game debugger but I'm still figuring out if there's a way to load it in game. I don't think it's possible at the moment.

    Code (Text):
    1. ROM:8C1697F4 off_8C1697F4:   .data.l aPractice1      ; DATA XREF: sub_8C030000+38o
    2. ROM:8C1697F4                                         ; ROM:off_8C03006Co
    3. ROM:8C1697F4                                         ; "PRACTICE 1"
    4. ROM:8C1697F8                 .data.l aPractice2      ; "PRACTICE 2"
    5. ROM:8C1697FC                 .data.l aPractice3      ; "PRACTICE 3"
    6. ROM:8C169800                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    7. ROM:8C169804                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    8. ROM:8C169808                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    9. ROM:8C16980C                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    10. ROM:8C169810                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    11. ROM:8C169814                 .data.l aBeach1         ; "BEACH 1"
    12. ROM:8C169818                 .data.l aBeach2         ; "BEACH 2"
    13. ROM:8C16981C                 .data.l aBeach3         ; "BEACH 3"
    14. ROM:8C169820                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    15. ROM:8C169824                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    16. ROM:8C169828                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    17. ROM:8C16982C                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    18. ROM:8C169830                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    19. ROM:8C169834                 .data.l aWindy1         ; "WINDY 1"
    20. ROM:8C169838                 .data.l aWindy2         ; "WINDY 2"
    21. ROM:8C16983C                 .data.l aWindy3         ; "WINDY 3"
    22. ROM:8C169840                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    23. ROM:8C169844                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    24. ROM:8C169848                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    25. ROM:8C16984C                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    26. ROM:8C169850                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    27. ROM:8C169854                 .data.l aTwinkle1       ; "TWINKLE 1"
    28. ROM:8C169858                 .data.l aTwinkle2       ; "TWINKLE 2"
    29. ROM:8C16985C                 .data.l aTwinkle3       ; "TWINKLE 3"
    30. ROM:8C169860                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    31. ROM:8C169864                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    32. ROM:8C169868                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    33. ROM:8C16986C                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    34. ROM:8C169870                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    35. ROM:8C169874                 .data.l aHighway        ; "HIGHWAY"
    36. ROM:8C169878                 .data.l aBuilding       ; "BUILDING"
    37. ROM:8C16987C                 .data.l aDownTown       ; "DOWN TOWN"
    38. ROM:8C169880                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    39. ROM:8C169884                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    40. ROM:8C169888                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    41. ROM:8C16988C                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    42. ROM:8C169890                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    43. ROM:8C169894                 .data.l aMountain1      ; "MOUNTAIN 1"
    44. ROM:8C169898                 .data.l aMountain2      ; "MOUNTAIN 2"
    45. ROM:8C16989C                 .data.l aMountain3      ; "MOUNTAIN 3"
    46. ROM:8C1698A0                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    47. ROM:8C1698A4                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    48. ROM:8C1698A8                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    49. ROM:8C1698AC                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    50. ROM:8C1698B0                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    51. ROM:8C1698B4                 .data.l aSkyDeck1       ; "SKY DECK 1"
    52. ROM:8C1698B8                 .data.l aSkyDeck2       ; "SKY DECK 2"
    53. ROM:8C1698BC                 .data.l aSkyDeck3       ; "SKY DECK 3"
    54. ROM:8C1698C0                 .data.l aNoEntry        ; "NO ENTRY"
    55. ROM:8C1698C4                 .data.l aNoEntry        ; "NO ENTRY"
    56. ROM:8C1698C8                 .data.l 0
    57. ROM:8C1698CC                 .data.l 0
    58. ROM:8C1698D0                 .data.l 0
    59. ROM:8C1698D4                 .data.l aRuin1          ; "RUIN 1"
    60. ROM:8C1698D8                 .data.l aRuin2          ; "RUIN 2"
    61. ROM:8C1698DC                 .data.l aRuin3          ; "RUIN 3"
    62. ROM:8C1698E0                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    63. ROM:8C1698E4                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    64. ROM:8C1698E8                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    65. ROM:8C1698EC                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    66. ROM:8C1698F0                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    67. ROM:8C1698F4                 .data.l aIcecap1        ; "ICECAP 1"
    68. ROM:8C1698F8                 .data.l aIcecap2        ; "ICECAP 2"
    69. ROM:8C1698FC                 .data.l aIcecap3        ; "ICECAP 3"
    70. ROM:8C169900                 .data.l aIcecapBig      ; "ICECAP BIG"
    71. ROM:8C169904                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    72. ROM:8C169908                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    73. ROM:8C16990C                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    74. ROM:8C169910                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    75. ROM:8C169914                 .data.l aCasino1        ; "CASINO 1"
    76. ROM:8C169918                 .data.l aCasino2        ; "CASINO 2"
    77. ROM:8C16991C                 .data.l aCasino3        ; "CASINO 3"
    78. ROM:8C169920                 .data.l aCasino4        ; "CASINO 4"
    79. ROM:8C169924                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    80. ROM:8C169928                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    81. ROM:8C16992C                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    82. ROM:8C169930                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    83. ROM:8C169934                 .data.l aFinal1         ; "FINAL 1"
    84. ROM:8C169938                 .data.l aFinal2         ; "FINAL 2"
    85. ROM:8C16993C                 .data.l aFinal3         ; "FINAL 3"
    86. ROM:8C169940                 .data.l aFinal4         ; "FINAL 4"
    87. ROM:8C169944                 .data.l aFinal5         ; "FINAL 5"
    88. ROM:8C169948                 .data.l aFinal6         ; "FINAL 6"
    89. ROM:8C16994C                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    90. ROM:8C169950                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    91. ROM:8C169954                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    92. ROM:8C169958                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    93. ROM:8C16995C                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    94. ROM:8C169960                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    95. ROM:8C169964                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    96. ROM:8C169968                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    97. ROM:8C16996C                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    98. ROM:8C169970                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    99. ROM:8C169974                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    100. ROM:8C169978                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    101. ROM:8C16997C                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    102. ROM:8C169980                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    103. ROM:8C169984                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    104. ROM:8C169988                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    105. ROM:8C16998C                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    106. ROM:8C169990                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    107. ROM:8C169994                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    108. ROM:8C169998                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    109. ROM:8C16999C                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    110. ROM:8C1699A0                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    111. ROM:8C1699A4                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    112. ROM:8C1699A8                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    113. ROM:8C1699AC                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    114. ROM:8C1699B0                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    115. ROM:8C1699B4                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    116. ROM:8C1699B8                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    117. ROM:8C1699BC                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    118. ROM:8C1699C0                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    119. ROM:8C1699C4                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    120. ROM:8C1699C8                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    121. ROM:8C1699CC                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    122. ROM:8C1699D0                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    123. ROM:8C1699D4                 .data.l aChaos0         ; "CHAOS 0"
    124. ROM:8C1699D8                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    125. ROM:8C1699DC                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    126. ROM:8C1699E0                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    127. ROM:8C1699E4                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    128. ROM:8C1699E8                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    129. ROM:8C1699EC                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    130. ROM:8C1699F0                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    131. ROM:8C1699F4                 .data.l aChaos2         ; "CHAOS 2"
    132. ROM:8C1699F8                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    133. ROM:8C1699FC                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    134. ROM:8C169A00                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    135. ROM:8C169A04                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    136. ROM:8C169A08                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    137. ROM:8C169A0C                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    138. ROM:8C169A10                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    139. ROM:8C169A14                 .data.l aChaos4         ; "CHAOS 4"
    140. ROM:8C169A18                 .data.l aNoEntry        ; "NO ENTRY"
    141. ROM:8C169A1C                 .data.l aNoEntry        ; "NO ENTRY"
    142. ROM:8C169A20                 .data.l aNoEntry        ; "NO ENTRY"
    143. ROM:8C169A24                 .data.l aNoEntry        ; "NO ENTRY"
    144. ROM:8C169A28                 .data.l 0
    145. ROM:8C169A2C                 .data.l 0
    146. ROM:8C169A30                 .data.l 0
    147. ROM:8C169A34                 .data.l aChaos6         ; "CHAOS 6"
    148. ROM:8C169A38                 .data.l aNoEntry        ; "NO ENTRY"
    149. ROM:8C169A3C                 .data.l aNoEntry        ; "NO ENTRY"
    150. ROM:8C169A40                 .data.l aNoEntry        ; "NO ENTRY"
    151. ROM:8C169A44                 .data.l aNoEntry        ; "NO ENTRY"
    152. ROM:8C169A48                 .data.l 0
    153. ROM:8C169A4C                 .data.l 0
    154. ROM:8C169A50                 .data.l 0
    155. ROM:8C169A54                 .data.l aChaos7         ; "CHAOS 7"
    156. ROM:8C169A58                 .data.l aNoEntry        ; "NO ENTRY"
    157. ROM:8C169A5C                 .data.l aNoEntry        ; "NO ENTRY"
    158. ROM:8C169A60                 .data.l aNoEntry        ; "NO ENTRY"
    159. ROM:8C169A64                 .data.l aNoEntry        ; "NO ENTRY"
    160. ROM:8C169A68                 .data.l 0
    161. ROM:8C169A6C                 .data.l 0
    162. ROM:8C169A70                 .data.l 0
    163. ROM:8C169A74                 .data.l aEggmobile1     ; "EGGMOBILE1"
    164. ROM:8C169A78                 .data.l aNoEntry        ; "NO ENTRY"
    165. ROM:8C169A7C                 .data.l aNoEntry        ; "NO ENTRY"
    166. ROM:8C169A80                 .data.l aNoEntry        ; "NO ENTRY"
    167. ROM:8C169A84                 .data.l aNoEntry        ; "NO ENTRY"
    168. ROM:8C169A88                 .data.l 0
    169. ROM:8C169A8C                 .data.l 0
    170. ROM:8C169A90                 .data.l 0
    171. ROM:8C169A94                 .data.l aEggmobile2     ; "EGGMOBILE2"
    172. ROM:8C169A98                 .data.l aNoEntry        ; "NO ENTRY"
    173. ROM:8C169A9C                 .data.l aNoEntry        ; "NO ENTRY"
    174. ROM:8C169AA0                 .data.l aNoEntry        ; "NO ENTRY"
    175. ROM:8C169AA4                 .data.l aNoEntry        ; "NO ENTRY"
    176. ROM:8C169AA8                 .data.l 0
    177. ROM:8C169AAC                 .data.l 0
    178. ROM:8C169AB0                 .data.l 0
    179. ROM:8C169AB4                 .data.l aEggmobile3     ; "EGGMOBILE3"
    180. ROM:8C169AB8                 .data.l aNoEntry        ; "NO ENTRY"
    181. ROM:8C169ABC                 .data.l aNoEntry        ; "NO ENTRY"
    182. ROM:8C169AC0                 .data.l aNoEntry        ; "NO ENTRY"
    183. ROM:8C169AC4                 .data.l aNoEntry        ; "NO ENTRY"
    184. ROM:8C169AC8                 .data.l 0
    185. ROM:8C169ACC                 .data.l 0
    186. ROM:8C169AD0                 .data.l 0
    187. ROM:8C169AD4                 .data.l aEggmanrobo     ; "EGGMANROBO"
    188. ROM:8C169AD8                 .data.l aNoEntry        ; "NO ENTRY"
    189. ROM:8C169ADC                 .data.l aNoEntry        ; "NO ENTRY"
    190. ROM:8C169AE0                 .data.l aNoEntry        ; "NO ENTRY"
    191. ROM:8C169AE4                 .data.l aNoEntry        ; "NO ENTRY"
    192. ROM:8C169AE8                 .data.l 0
    193. ROM:8C169AEC                 .data.l 0
    194. ROM:8C169AF0                 .data.l 0
    195. ROM:8C169AF4                 .data.l aE101           ; "E101"
    196. ROM:8C169AF8                 .data.l aNoEntry        ; "NO ENTRY"
    197. ROM:8C169AFC                 .data.l aNoEntry        ; "NO ENTRY"
    198. ROM:8C169B00                 .data.l aNoEntry        ; "NO ENTRY"
    199. ROM:8C169B04                 .data.l aNoEntry        ; "NO ENTRY"
    200. ROM:8C169B08                 .data.l 0
    201. ROM:8C169B0C                 .data.l 0
    202. ROM:8C169B10                 .data.l 0
    203. ROM:8C169B14                 .data.l aE101R          ; "E101 R"
    204. ROM:8C169B18                 .data.l aNoEntry        ; "NO ENTRY"
    205. ROM:8C169B1C                 .data.l aNoEntry        ; "NO ENTRY"
    206. ROM:8C169B20                 .data.l aNoEntry        ; "NO ENTRY"
    207. ROM:8C169B24                 .data.l aNoEntry        ; "NO ENTRY"
    208. ROM:8C169B28                 .data.l 0
    209. ROM:8C169B2C                 .data.l 0
    210. ROM:8C169B30                 .data.l 0
    211. ROM:8C169B34                 .data.l aSdOffice       ; "SD OFFICE"
    212. ROM:8C169B38                 .data.l aSdCasino       ; "SD CASINO"
    213. ROM:8C169B3C                 .data.l aSdGesui        ; "SD GESUI"
    214. ROM:8C169B40                 .data.l aSdStation      ; "SD STATION"
    215. ROM:8C169B44                 .data.l aSdHotel        ; "SD HOTEL"
    216. ROM:8C169B48                 .data.l aSdTwinkle      ; "SD TWINKLE"
    217. ROM:8C169B4C                 .data.l aNoEntry        ; "NO ENTRY"
    218. ROM:8C169B50                 .data.l aNoEntry        ; "NO ENTRY"
    219. ROM:8C169B54                 .data.l aNoEntry        ; "NO ENTRY"
    220. ROM:8C169B58                 .data.l aNoEntry        ; "NO ENTRY"
    221. ROM:8C169B5C                 .data.l aNoEntry        ; "NO ENTRY"
    222. ROM:8C169B60                 .data.l aNoEntry        ; "NO ENTRY"
    223. ROM:8C169B64                 .data.l aNoEntry        ; "NO ENTRY"
    224. ROM:8C169B68                 .data.l aNoEntry        ; "NO ENTRY"
    225. ROM:8C169B6C                 .data.l aNoEntry        ; "NO ENTRY"
    226. ROM:8C169B70                 .data.l aNoEntry        ; "NO ENTRY"
    227. ROM:8C169B74                 .data.l aNoEntry        ; "NO ENTRY"
    228. ROM:8C169B78                 .data.l aNoEntry        ; "NO ENTRY"
    229. ROM:8C169B7C                 .data.l aNoEntry        ; "NO ENTRY"
    230. ROM:8C169B80                 .data.l aNoEntry        ; "NO ENTRY"
    231. ROM:8C169B84                 .data.l aNoEntry        ; "NO ENTRY"
    232. ROM:8C169B88                 .data.l aNoEntry        ; "NO ENTRY"
    233. ROM:8C169B8C                 .data.l aNoEntry        ; "NO ENTRY"
    234. ROM:8C169B90                 .data.l aNoEntry        ; "NO ENTRY"
    235. ROM:8C169B94                 .data.l aEcDeckFb       ; "EC DECK FB"
    236. ROM:8C169B98                 .data.l aEcDeckF        ; "EC DECK F"
    237. ROM:8C169B9C                 .data.l aEcDeckB        ; "EC DECK B"
    238. ROM:8C169BA0                 .data.l aEcCaptain      ; "EC CAPTAIN"
    239. ROM:8C169BA4                 .data.l aEcLiving       ; "EC LIVING"
    240. ROM:8C169BA8                 .data.l aEcPool         ; "EC POOL"
    241. ROM:8C169BAC                 .data.l aNoEntry        ; "NO ENTRY"
    242. ROM:8C169BB0                 .data.l aNoEntry        ; "NO ENTRY"
    243. ROM:8C169BB4                 .data.l aNoEntry        ; "NO ENTRY"
    244. ROM:8C169BB8                 .data.l aNoEntry        ; "NO ENTRY"
    245. ROM:8C169BBC                 .data.l aNoEntry        ; "NO ENTRY"
    246. ROM:8C169BC0                 .data.l aNoEntry        ; "NO ENTRY"
    247. ROM:8C169BC4                 .data.l aNoEntry        ; "NO ENTRY"
    248. ROM:8C169BC8                 .data.l aNoEntry        ; "NO ENTRY"
    249. ROM:8C169BCC                 .data.l aNoEntry        ; "NO ENTRY"
    250. ROM:8C169BD0                 .data.l aNoEntry        ; "NO ENTRY"
    251. ROM:8C169BD4                 .data.l aNoEntry        ; "NO ENTRY"
    252. ROM:8C169BD8                 .data.l aNoEntry        ; "NO ENTRY"
    253. ROM:8C169BDC                 .data.l aNoEntry        ; "NO ENTRY"
    254. ROM:8C169BE0                 .data.l aNoEntry        ; "NO ENTRY"
    255. ROM:8C169BE4                 .data.l aNoEntry        ; "NO ENTRY"
    256. ROM:8C169BE8                 .data.l aNoEntry        ; "NO ENTRY"
    257. ROM:8C169BEC                 .data.l aNoEntry        ; "NO ENTRY"
    258. ROM:8C169BF0                 .data.l aNoEntry        ; "NO ENTRY"
    259. ROM:8C169BF4                 .data.l aEcBooster      ; "EC BOOSTER"
    260. ROM:8C169BF8                 .data.l aEcHall         ; "EC HALL"
    261. ROM:8C169BFC                 .data.l aEcMogura       ; "EC MOGURA"
    262. ROM:8C169C00                 .data.l aEcPrison       ; "EC PRISON"
    263. ROM:8C169C04                 .data.l aEcTyosui       ; "EC TYOSUI"
    264. ROM:8C169C08                 .data.l aEcKakushi      ; "EC KAKUSHI"
    265. ROM:8C169C0C                 .data.l aNoEntry        ; "NO ENTRY"
    266. ROM:8C169C10                 .data.l aNoEntry        ; "NO ENTRY"
    267. ROM:8C169C14                 .data.l aMrA            ; "MR A"
    268. ROM:8C169C18                 .data.l aMrB            ; "MR B"
    269. ROM:8C169C1C                 .data.l aMrC            ; "MR C"
    270. ROM:8C169C20                 .data.l aMrD            ; "MR D"
    271. ROM:8C169C24                 .data.l aNoEntry        ; "NO ENTRY"
    272. ROM:8C169C28                 .data.l aNoEntry        ; "NO ENTRY"
    273. ROM:8C169C2C                 .data.l aNoEntry        ; "NO ENTRY"
    274. ROM:8C169C30                 .data.l aNoEntry        ; "NO ENTRY"
    275. ROM:8C169C34                 .data.l aCart           ; "CART"
    276. ROM:8C169C38                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    277. ROM:8C169C3C                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    278. ROM:8C169C40                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    279. ROM:8C169C44                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    280. ROM:8C169C48                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    281. ROM:8C169C4C                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    282. ROM:8C169C50                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    283. ROM:8C169C54                 .data.l aShooting1      ; "SHOOTING1"
    284. ROM:8C169C58                 .data.l aShooting2      ; "SHOOTING2"
    285. ROM:8C169C5C                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    286. ROM:8C169C60                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    287. ROM:8C169C64                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    288. ROM:8C169C68                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    289. ROM:8C169C6C                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    290. ROM:8C169C70                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    291. ROM:8C169C74                 .data.l aSunaboard      ; "SUNABOARD"
    292. ROM:8C169C78                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    293. ROM:8C169C7C                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    294. ROM:8C169C80                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    295. ROM:8C169C84                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    296. ROM:8C169C88                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    297. ROM:8C169C8C                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    298. ROM:8C169C90                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    299. ROM:8C169C94                 .data.l aAlifeSs        ; "ALIFE SS"
    300. ROM:8C169C98                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    301. ROM:8C169C9C                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    302. ROM:8C169CA0                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    303. ROM:8C169CA4                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    304. ROM:8C169CA8                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    305. ROM:8C169CAC                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    306. ROM:8C169CB0                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    307. ROM:8C169CB4                 .data.l aAlifeEg        ; "ALIFE EG"
    308. ROM:8C169CB8                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    309. ROM:8C169CBC                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    310. ROM:8C169CC0                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    311. ROM:8C169CC4                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    312. ROM:8C169CC8                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    313. ROM:8C169CCC                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    314. ROM:8C169CD0                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    315. ROM:8C169CD4                 .data.l aAlifeMr        ; "ALIFE MR"
    316. ROM:8C169CD8                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    317. ROM:8C169CDC                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    318. ROM:8C169CE0                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    319. ROM:8C169CE4                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    320. ROM:8C169CE8                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    321. ROM:8C169CEC                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    322. ROM:8C169CF0                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    323. ROM:8C169CF4                 .data.l aAlifeRace      ; "ALIFE RACE"
    324. ROM:8C169CF8                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    325. ROM:8C169CFC                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    326. ROM:8C169D00                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    327. ROM:8C169D04                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    328. ROM:8C169D08                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    329. ROM:8C169D0C                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    330. ROM:8C169D10                 .data.l aNo             ; "NO"
    331. ROM:8C169D14                 .data.l 0
  11. Glisp


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    Bloomington, IN
    None at the moment I'm afraid.
    Impressive. I honestly didn't think they kept the starting locations in there. Also, nice to know the duck enemy has a name. Would it be possible to port it to the final and replace the duplicate file with it? Granted, it has not textures but I'm sure that could be remedied somehow.

    On another note, I'm probably going to have to switch over to imageshack from now on since Photobucket wants to be stupid. Hell, I should give majhost a try.
  12. evilhamwizard


    I don't think it's possible. The model you can port over with animations (maybe) but it'd be difficult to port over the coding for the object since that would probably require you to rewrite the functions from sh4 assembly to x86 or C and pray it does everything you want it to do.

    Also if you notice on the list, Final Egg has 3 extra stages. The land table listing only lists 4 though. The fourth LT for Final Egg is the map for the cutscene with Sonic and Eggman before their final boss fight. If I remember correctly though, that map existed in it's own file and wasn't part of Final Egg's stage file wasn't it? I could be wrong though.

    The set files exist for the three extra acts. However, the three extra set files are exactly the same. Upon looking at them closely, they're actually identical to the first test map's set file. The only thing that's different are the object IDs for each entry. But the entries and their coordinates are exactly the same. What this means is that the extra three acts (FINAL 4/5/6) were actually just copies of the test maps.
  13. n00neimp0rtant


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    Creation Kit (Skyrim mods and patches)
    Not sure what you mean. My Dreamcast is hooked up to my TV via a single cable that goes from this "AV OUT" slot...

    [​IMG] your standard red/yellow/white composite video hookups. Would I be able to see the picture on hardware?
  14. Black Squirrel

    Black Squirrel

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    It's a standard in PAL regions and a better alternative to composite (the yellow/red/white leads). The idea here is that composite works and scart doesn't (although it's surprising scart doesn't work since the technologies aren't wildly different).

    The Dreamcast has a bespoke port on the back for audio/video which is then converted into the video standard of choice. Most Dreamcasts where bundled with cheapo RF adapters* - you would buy different ones to get a clearer picture.

    *may be different in Japan (and the US?) - Japanese Saturns came with composite connectors IIRC
  15. GerbilSoft


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    DC SCART cables use RGB signalling instead of composite. The DC doesn't have any special video mode for RGB SCART compared to composite or S-Video, so I'm not sure why an RGB SCART cable wouldn't work correctly. (VGA, on the other hand, uses a different video mode [31 kHz vs. 15 kHz]; there's a few games that explicitly disable VGA mode, and will show an error message on boot. You can bypass this with a boot disc, which works most of the time, but there's another subset of games that won't work properly in VGA even when the check is bypassed.)
  16. Overlord


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    Just as a note, PAL Dreamcasts were still bundling the cheap-ass RF connection right up until the end - mine came with one, and was one of the last sold in the UK.
  17. Orengefox


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    Meant to post this ages ago. Finally got around to it.


    Here is my last and final update for the Sonic Adventure AutoDemo cheat table for Cheat Engine (in conjunction with demul). Included with the cheat table (which gives you access to all sorts of cheats) is three text files. The first one shows you how to use the cheat table. The second one shows you a list of all the cheats and what they do. The third and final one shows you which stages and segments/acts are playable. Many thanks to everyone.

    Download: Sonic Adventure AutoDemo Demul Cheat Engine Table v2.0


    Also at long last, download links to a collection demul savestates I've put together. Each download indicates the character you will play as. The savestates in each download allows you access to most of the levels for that character. A text file is also included in each download so that you know which savestate to choose in order access that level.

    Download: demul Savestates - Sonic Adventure AutoDemo - Sonic
    Download: demul Savestates - Sonic Adventure AutoDemo - Tails
    Download: demul Savestates - Sonic Adventure AutoDemo - Knuckles
    Download: demul Savestates - Sonic Adventure AutoDemo - Amy
    Download: demul Savestates - Sonic Adventure AutoDemo - E-102
    Download: demul Savestates - Sonic Adventure AutoDemo - Big

    Note: Make sure you load the savestate after the intro movie starts otherwise it will crash demul.


    Just so that everyone is aware. Jen and I was able to test that Codebreaker code (along with a few other converted codes) on actual hardware using "Xploder" (a DC cheat disc which uses Codebreaker codes) and it worked. We just fallowed the guide on GameFAQs was able to convert some of the Cheat Engine Table codes into Codebreaker codes. We'll be sure to post a list of codebreaker codes at some point along with some YouTube videos showing it off on hardware.


    One last thing, I managed to look through a few guides on how to build a DC rom/image back together again. Because I've not done any sort of modifications to the Sonic Adventure AutoDemo game yet, I don't see the point of building a DC rom/image back together again. I have a project in mind, and if I go through with it, that's when I'll start looking into this stuff.

    So until then, thanks again everyone for all the comments, help, research and effort you put towards all this =)
  18. evilhamwizard


    I have something nice for one and all.

    Casinopolis Main Lobby:


    If I remember correctly, the level in it's present form lacks any references to textures, so it's like the test maps. I'm not sure if everything looks so rough on purpose or if the conversion to obj isn't entirely accurate (see the Sonic statue).

    However the BIGGEST different is the bunny girl! And she's sporting a mini bar too. In the initial Japanese release, the game would use a flat neon sign of a cow girl instead (holding a drink, but no bar afaik). In the final US versions, these were removed entirely and replaced with something else.

    Otherwise, this version seems to have all the ideas in place. Shower room is here (although I think it just contains showers, no sinks), the Chaos Emerald room is there, the upper levels, etc.

    I also included obj files for this level and some other level data I couldn't otherwise view before (like Mystic Ruins). However, I can't get the Lost World part of Mystic Ruins converted to an obj file. As far as I know, there aren't any big differences in those besides the Casinopolis one.

    Download everything here.
  19. MainMemory


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    I suppose this is relevant to this thread: I managed to get all three test levels working in SADXPC, using level slot 0 (Hedgehog Hammer). I also managed to get all the objects loaded this time. Unfortunately only the third level has any paths defined, and I could not find any paths in the demo's files.

    In order to get the levels to show up in the Trial mode level selection, you will have to edit your save file with SASave, go to the Level Clear Counts tab and set the value for Hedgehog Hammer to 1 or higher for every character you want to use.

    You can download the mod from this link, and you'll need the SADX Mod Loader to use it.
  20. MainJp


    Looks like the prototype NiGHTS pinball table is still in here.