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(DC) Sonic Adventure Prototype (1998-10-16)

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Orengefox, May 21, 2013.

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    I've been going through textures for a few hours today (8,000 some from SA Japan Ver alone) So far I've found that some texture assets were placed on other textures, like little graphics and whatnot. I'm gonna go through SADX later to find any possible assets there that were changed between SA1 and SADX. Then SA2 as I'm sure some assets could have made their way into it as well. There are still a huge amount of textures missing it seems...
  2. Is anyone testing anything on actual hardware or all you all using emulators?
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    Everyone's using emulators because it has some weird video output mode on hardware. You can try it but I don't know how much progress you'll make.
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    I've been using the emulator Demul. If you've downloaded the save states that Orenge posted, that's the emulator you'll need in order to get them to load.

    As for testing the game on hardware - you can run it on hardware but only if you've got an AV cable for some strange reason; scart output doesn't work, it just gives the audio and not the picture. We thought at first that it just wouldn't run properly on our Dreamcast, it was only when we spoke to Nik that we tried the AV cable as he told us that there's a couple of other DC games that don't support scart output.

    If there's a way of converting the Cheat Engine codes into Action Replay or Gameshark codes, I'd happily test this out on hardware with the original disc, as I have a cheat disc for the Dreamcast that accepts both of those forms of code.
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    In Speed Highway, is there any sign of a higher-res version of this mystery character?


    It's still driving me crazy that we can't fully make out who it is.
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    I've been trying to get Area 26 Section 1(Station Square train area) to load without success. Anyone got any ideas? Someone posted a pic of Knuckles in it somewhere near the beginning of the thread. As soon as you go in the game fades away, no codes keep it up without it just flickering the Now Loading screen over it.
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    That's been fixed now. Good god that stabilization is awful. I didn't know youtube did that but I know why. The original video was slightly corrupted =P

    Not that I know of. Aside from Robotnik being in game, Tikals textures are in there for certain :v:

    The dimensions for that poster are still the same. Compared to those ones you posted, it's not as grainy. I've doubled the dimensions in size for better viewing.


    There you go, Sonic rule 63'd.
  8. Mastered Realm

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    Wow it really is some ugly character!
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    I can't even. It's even more ugly and awkward than I would have expected. Even so, thanks :)

    Its eyes.... they expand beyond the skull.
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    Kinda sorta off topic, but I noticed that in SHOOTING's object list references TVs, chairs, sofas, cabinets and other furnature. SHOOTING is Sky Chase, so I don't know why the hell they're in there. The reason it's off topic is that these actually still exist in the Preview prototype for SADX and you can load them up through the object debugger. In this prototype, I noticed some more of those kinds of objects in this version's object list. I don't have time to check right now, but it's something worth noting if someone manages to load the fucker up in the game.
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    Jack shit.
    It never refers to anything Gamma does as SHOOTING?
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    might this be a rejected Amy design?
  13. evilhamwizard


    No, SHOOTING is the name of the file that holds the Sky Chase stage data.

    Also something I realized. I believe one of the bigger reasons why some of the stages wont load in game is due to the fact that they were from older versions of the game. What that means is that since each stage file is a compiled binary, any pointers/references it makes to anything outside of the stage file (like to 1ST_READ.BIN) are currently pointing to locations that have moved or are no longer there in 1ST_READ.BIN. For example, since STG02.PRS was made in September we need a 1ST_READ.BIN file that was compiled at the same time in order for it to work. This means that we can't load these stages in this particular version of the game. The only thing that contradicts this is STG00's third test stage, but I think the reason why the third test stage will load with anything but Sonic is because only Sonic has a SET file that loads the objects onto the field - and the fact that it doesn't have any object specific coding in the stage's file (all the objects these stages use are common objects referenced from 1ST_READ.BIN).

    To support the idea, I already had STG00 disassembled, so I went and disassembled something that DOES load in game - Speed Highway STG04. The listed loading subroutine address that's in STG04's object entry list for common objects like the ring correlate to the correct address in this version of the game's 1ST_READ.BIN (8C06ED88). However, STG00 and many other stages have 8C06AB08 as the listed address the loading subroutine in 1ST_READ.BIN for a ring - so they don't match up. A common trait, in terms of file time stamps, is that any stage that will work is dated around the time of when 1ST_READ.BIN was compiled in October 15th, this means STG01/04/05/08/10. The stages that don't work were compiled in September 24th, this means everything else (except for STG00 as an exception with the third level it has).

    Although I don't know if this is a good way of determining if the stage can load or not, I think it's a good enough reason to kind of stop looking into getting anything else that couldn't load to load - simply because I don't think it can ever load given the circumstances I mentioned. The best way to play them is to get the models out and put them in another version. Although, since STG00's third stage can work, maybe we can at least play the stages without the objects loaded in the stage (zeroing out the SET file)? Also, I've seen things work even without the textures so maybe we don't need those either.

    EDIT: Thinking about STG00 some more, it may be possible to easily repair it so it does work again with this version of the game. As I said, I believe all the objects listed in the stage's list are all common objects that have their coding/model data in 1ST_READ.BIN. But I think all of these are common enough to still exist. So the easiest way is to just go to each object in the list and change the loading subroutine address to the correct one that corresponds to this version's 1ST_READ.BIN. Since it's just addressing, we can fix it with a hex editor. Then just pack the bin back into a PRS and put it back on the disc. This can work for the other stages somewhat, however the one thing the other stages have that this one doesn't is programming for level specific objects. While you wouldn't have to worry about the addressing that goes on within the file itself, most instructions will also reference a few places in 1ST_READ.BIN. So it would be incredibly difficult for any other stage besides STG00.
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    Awesome. :)

    Jase, mind if I include yours as well?
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    Updated the cheat table for Cheat Engine (in conjunction with demul). I've fixed it so that everything is now a 'Byte' type. In addition to that, you can now access the game's debug feature (in some form). Thanks for pointing me in the right direction evilhamwizard.


    [Byte] Debug Feature - Address: 2C75AEB0 Value: Set to 1 in order to activate it. 255 to deactivate it.
  16. Jase


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    Sure man :v:

    Hooray! Nice going!

    EDIT: Hey, just adjacent to this Debug address is the HUD address! 2C75AEB0 set to 0


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    Looks like Rouge the Bat
  19. It DOES sort of look like Rouge. Perhaps an early version?
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    Sega isn't known for caring about eyes in in point:

    Edit: Spoiler'd to save space :specialed: