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  1. Dark Sonic Rus

    Dark Sonic Rus

    How to edit the .ELF file in the PS2 version so that the offsets are read correctly in the assembled new create .CVM archive and the game does not crash?

    I encountered this problem when I edited their .CVM archives in Sonic Heroes, Shadow The Hedgehog and in Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity. This is a kind of ISO archive, only with its own title.
    What tools I just didn’t use, and DkZ Studio, and just rebuild the .CVM archive using Xpert 2.0, and in Apache - the result is the same - the games crash as soon as the main menus appear.
    If at least one file in this archive exceeds the original, the game crashes. After reading various forums, I rather ran into a similar problem that the user described on the example of Persona 3 on PS2.
    Can you help with the problem? Can anyone write a script or tool for the games mentioned above?
    Link to a description of a similar problem -

    I attach the original files from 3 games:

    Sonic Heroes PS2 -!0t1hzSiJ!x8Por5J9_do7GFn0GqRBGw

    Shadow The Hedgehog PS2 -!g50zySIY!j__kBZye9YxZ_oXQc0sB3w

    Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity PS2 -!k4tBFC6L!fFh9vB22DDXGDTZr9_6qOA
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    Edit: y'know what, just ignore me. I only skimmed the blog post and didn't realise the TOC was embedded in the executable. You'd need to do a disassembly if that's the case, as described in the blog post.

    Original post for posterity...

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  3. Dark Sonic Rus

    Dark Sonic Rus

    Create a new CVM, the values there change not only of the file that I am changing, but also for all others that come after it.
    Apparently until you change all the values, the game will crash. But it is not known whether it will help ...

    ELF file


    CVM file


    Is it realistic to write a script so that it automatically changes these offsets in an ELF file, taking it from CVM? Manually just torment them to prescribe with such a volume .... 2.8 GB ....