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Crush 40 teases new songs...

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by PsychoSk8r, Jan 23, 2012.

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    Are you all serious? Take off the nostalgia goggles, the Adventure era games were bad. They did have their highlights but do you really want to go back to shooting, emerald hunting and terrible level design? What we have now is an improvement in every way.
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    The gameplay itself was bad, but the concept was decent. It's something along the lines of speed, exploration and combat, which could be executed much better than it was in SA2.

    That being said, every deviation from speed (I.e. Werehog) has always been bad news, so...

    edit: Obviously by speed I meant platforming + speed, not GOTTA GO FAST speed. Just so you dicks don't jump on my throat.
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    Adventure games can't be bad with this rating

    What we have now is really an improvement, but this improvement isn't limited, there is room to grow. They can easily add some more playable characters with some different renewed gameplay and it would be awesome.
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    They had that rating because they were Sonic games, at the time Sonic was in a gold pedestal.

    Just like anything Final Fantasy Modern Warfare Halo Mario, they received it for the brand and/or to please the readers, that's how some "professional" "reviewers" are. (I'm not saying these games are bad, but some of them sell the same crap as new or worse)

    That's why there are still some retarded Sonic reviews nowadays for the same reason but a different negative perspective, Generations and Colors aren't perfect games and have much to perfect, but when some reviews give the sames scores to those games as beta-cashing 2006, something isn't right.

    Sonic Adventure games are fun, but not good as a whole, some parts are good, just that. (I like Adventure games, btw)
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    New Crush 40? Can't wait! Let's hope they're in a proper game this time. They were brilliant in Black Knight, but I don't know anyone else who's played that.

    Funnily enough I downloaded their album of iTunes a few weeks ago and I've been listening to it since. They're really good, if not sometimes a little cheesy.
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    I didn't say I wanted SA3, I said it sounded like SA3. Granted, if they go back and refine the Adventure formula there's a chance for a really fun game. It's not like they'd carry over terrible level design intentionally (Because the SA series had the most boring levels. HOLD UP). After Generations they've showed that they can do multiple pathways and make varied levels. Just do the 2D/3D for Sonic only without the boost and give Knuckles a Werehog lite sorta gameplay, only with more emphasis on puzzles and platforming.

    Tails can have Sonic like levels.
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    I really would like the see Knuckles have levels similar to Knuckles' and Rouge's section of Cannon's Core. The bullshit treasure hunting in SA1&2 was such a poor use of Knuckles, especially since the environments in those stages had some pretty cool ideas like being able to break meteors in Meteor Herd. Definitely would like to see improved combat with Knuckles but dear god, fuck the idea of ever bringing back gameplay similar to the werehog. An extra emphasis on puzzles and platforming sounds good to me though. As for Sonic and Tails, co-op would be awesome and I think having it where both characters had specific advantages in the level design would be great. A level involving Sonic on foot while Tails is flying could also be pretty interesting. These are just some ideas on what could be done in future Sonic games.
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    No, rather they could call the next game SA3 while using the modern mechanics/improvements and make it Sonic only. This is of course baseless speculation though, so I'll wait for more context before really weighing in on the matter.
  9. Just because the SA games had Knuckles's emerald hunting and Tails's mech levels, doesn't mean they need to stay. I alway figured if another Sonic Adventure game was made, they'd probably do something like...

    Sonic - Identical play-style as the Sonic and Shadow levels from Sonic Adventure 1 and 2
    Tails - Controls kept from Sonic Adventure 1. Either keep the idea of racing against Sonic, or play similar to Sonic & Knuckles with the same levels but different routes due to different abilities. (Tails can fly to new areas, while Sonic can use the Light Dash to find places Tails can't get to)
    Knuckles - Ditch the emerald hunts, and replace with Power-Formation type gameplay from Sonic Heroes. Running speed is almost-but-not-quite the same as Sonic (can run through loops but no Light Dash), and can fight using normal jumps/punching attacks/glide attacks. Implement all of the movement abilities from the previous games such as climbing/gliding and fan-riding (riding the air upwards). Fighting enemies is not the main feature like the Werehog levels were, but occasionally you may have to use more than a single strike to kill a particularly tough foe (as long as you don't feel like trying to just run past it.)

    Personally, I would keep the character play-styles limited to that. If they were to attempt to implement more characters like they did with the last two Adventure games, it might work as long as they don't completely mess things up. Keep the same play controls as Sonic, but give the characters different abilities and running speeds. You know, like how Espio played identically to Sonic but could turn invisible and throw ninja stars from a distance in Sonic Heroes. Have things such as...

    Amy - Chase Sonic through a level, trying to catch him before he gets away. You don't run nearly as fast, so you have to rely on things such as shortcuts and alternate routes to catch up. This would rely on most players having played through the levels as Sonic, and already have a general idea on how the levels are set up. Between prior knowledge of the level's layouts, Sonic intentionally taking a roundabout/inefficient route, and Amy having something like her pole vault-like hammer move to get a higher jump, it could be a fun experience.

    Big - Yes, I believe this character could pull off something successful, despite the neverending hate he deservingly gets. Ditch the whole fishing aspect and use his fishing pole like Sonic Heroes did, as a distance weapon. The main feature to playing as Big would have to be something along the lines of using the fishing pole as a grappling hook or Indiana Jones whip. Let him either use the pole to launch attacks like in Sonic Heroes, or use it like the grappling hook in Wind Waker and steal things from enemies. If the stealing route works, you could pull a Final Fantasy X move and have him steal the things the robots need to function.

    Silver - Having never played Sonic 06, I think my unbiased perspective on his abilities could help, although I have watched parts of Pokecapn's famous Let's Play and have a general idea on how bad it was. Now, if we're talking about a system like the Wii or Wii U, then using a Wii remote to catch projectiles could conceivably work. Have them snap back like a rubber band as an aiming feature. They'll continue traveling for a few feet, then launch themselves in a straight line towards Silver, rocketing over his head towards the target. Using standing objects would work the same way. Silver stands between the target and the throwing object, and it gets launched over Silver's head.

    Now, in an attempt to also stay on the original topic at least slightly, was it Crush-40 or Cash Cash who did "Back-to-Back"? I downloaded the soundtrack to Sonic Generations and listen to it all the time, but I cannot listen to this song in any form without wanting to stab my ears out with a nail. I do want to try to find the full version of Live and Learn and All Hail Shadow, though. Shame the music section here still doesn't work. (I haven't looked in a while, but you would think it would warrant an announcement if it was coming back)
  10. Neither: Back2Back is from Sonic Rush; Hideki Naganuma made it. Live & Learn is naturally from Sonic Adventure 2, and there are three versions of All Hail Shadow: Original (Shadow the Hedgehog), crush 40 (Sonic the Hedgehog 2006) and Hybrid (True Colors: The Best of Sonic the Hedgehog Part 2).
  11. So, which version was used for the Sonic Generations clip?
  12. Crush 40's version. The original is pretty much forgotten at this point.
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  14. I could have sworn that's why people bitch about current Crush 40.
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    Which should only tell you about how the singer of the original song sounds like.
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    I liked both versions of All Hail Shadow, though Crush 40's slightly more; prolly the guitar work was what sold it for me.

    That said, new songs by Crush 40 are almost always something to look forward to if it isn't such forgettable pieces as Live Life.
  17. Goddamn, I don't understand peoples' dislike of Crush 40's slower songs like Life Live.
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    Because no one likes rock ballades anymore.
  19. "Watch Me Fly...", "Live Life" and "Is It You" are all fine songs. :colbert:
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    Admittedly, yeah, I really don't like rock ballads. =B They're just pretty dull to listen to, for me. Might have something to do with the fact that, 90% of the time when I listen to music, I don't really care much for the lyrics and just treat the voice as another "instrument" in my head. :B

    That said, their slower pieces just aren't doing it for me, personally, but, each to their own, eh? =B