Creating an uncut dub of Sonic X

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    Jack shit.
    I wasn't gonna bring it up, but yeah. Interesting times.
  2. I bet a fan redub would be more viable now - there's a good bit more talent in the Sonic fan scene, including many people who already do voice acting in fan animations or other such.
    The timing would be a good bit better too - no longer are the 4Kids cast considered "definitive" Sonic voices, so the replaced voices would not be unfairly compared to them.
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    It's not lack of demand at this point; it's getting permission and materials. So right now it's just the waiting game. If you've followed the other thread, people would know I've been trying for a while. You do not know how many tweets I get every week from people begging me for Sonic X Subtitled...
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    A subtitled release would be great if it eventually happened, but realistically I think the time for a redub has probably long passed.

    Even if it did somehow happen, I'm betting SEGA would insist the current voice cast from the games were used - while that'd be fine, I'd personally love to see a dub with era-appropriate cast reuniting as many of the Adventure/Heroes era voice actors as possible, though sympathetic recasts would obviously be needed for Eggman and Tails (though as the latter was basically recast every game in that era that wouldn't be too jarring).

    Basically, I guess what I'm saying is I'd like to see a dub produced with the mindset of 'what if the show had been dubbed uncut with the current game cast back when it was originally aired?'. Would be really nostaligic to hear those actors reprise their roles, and interesting to see them finally able to tackle this material - not to mention to hear them with better direction etc than they ever had working on the games themselves!