Console Wars - The CBS All Access Documentary (Based on the non-fiction Book of the same name)

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    I'm very surprised not to see anybody discussing this, as I'm watching it now, and although they seem to have stolen some (admittedly easy to conceptualize) logo from a random youtuber, and are seated on a streaming platform that doesn't have the widest audience... (CBS All Access, I use it mostly to keep up with Star Trek releases every few months)

    For a Sega/90s Console fan, this is actually a pretty good documentary. It's an adaptation of the 2014 book on the same subject "Console Wars", only with direct interviews telling the story. Tons of interviews by Tom Kalinskie, Shinobu Toyoda, and more. There are also several interviews from Nintendo's perspective, but the focus of the book is essentially a story of Sega challenging the then unchallengable juggernaut that was Nintendo, and the doc successfully translates that familiar story into an onscreen version.

    As someone who has been around Sega/Sonic forums since the late 90s myself, I find it fascinating to see more commentary from the faces behind so many of the products I grew up with. A lot of 80s/90s Sega history is briefly covered in this piece in a way that's fairly easy to digest for both those who grew up in the era, and those who didn't.

    Has anybody else watched this? If so, what did you think? Did I somehow miss the thread on this, or are you guys really not aware of this piece?

    (Edit: There's also some pretty great footage from CES 1991 here, the original Sega Mall tours, images of old Sonic prototype designs, an early Amy Rose Design concept I've never seen before, and more. I feel like someone needs to study this to make sure there isn't more sonic/sega proto footage we could be missing here, because I've definitely never seen some of these shots before.)
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    Jack shit.
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    I enjoyed the documentary. It kind of made me sad though.

    It did at times feel like a really long commercial for the Comfort Inn Hotel chain.