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Connection to certain games crashing every few moments

Discussion in 'Technical Discussion' started by Saidian, Mar 2, 2014.

  1. Saidian


    Blast From The Fast (Fangame)
    I have no idea why this has suddenly became an issue. I don't usually play multiplayer games on my PC but I do like to play a couple MMOs now and then (SWTOR and FFXIV).
    Sometime in the past month I noticed I was suddenly getting 20k+ms every so often on SWTOR, both on NA and EU servers (this is after playing the game since open beta). I would be stuck for like 20 seconds which isn't great itself but recently I've had trouble doing anything at all after logging in. Someone in my guild suggested trying WTFast (VPN) and that did stabilize for a while but now just back to usual dropping out and I uninstalled the VPN. I know it's not a issue server side otherwise there would obviously be reports on the game forums.

    As far as FFXIV, it was fine for like the first night I played (bought the game Friday) but then after logging back in the next morning I just DC after a few seconds without being able to do anything...

    I thought maybe opening ports might help as my firewall is set up fine for the games, so I followed the instructions on and used their port checking tool to make sure they were open. Even after opening the ports correctly I still get the same results in game. I called my ISP (Sky) and they were thoroughly unhelpful, saying my connection on their end seems good (which it is mostly, web browsing and torrents work fine) but had no advice on why my ports were not working or any other idea as to why I can't access my games.

    I'm usually fine researching solutions to my technical issues but I'm totally stumped here so any help or ideas you guys can give me would be awesome :)