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Connection between "DHZ" and "the desert level"

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Simon, Jan 27, 2004.

  1. Varion Icaria

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    Somebody should just make a midi of new kind of music that sounds Genesis type as well as Desert type, and we could rate it if it's good for Dust Hill.
  2. Quickman


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    omg porjcet
    The music Dust Hill has in our beta (and in the final) is perfect for it.
  3. Fiz


    I personally don't think any level music already existant in Sonic 2 fits the desert level.

    However, Sonic 3/S&K's 2-player zone's "Desert Palace" music would fit, I think. At least in my imagination.
  4. ICEknight


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    It hasn't been "owned", it was the only known magazine with that stuff at the time I posted it. I'm sure there's more than these two. =P

    And by the way, you should have posted that in the other topic instead.
  5. Quickman


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    omg porjcet
    I wasn't the one who worded that. I paraphrased someone else.

    Whatever. I was just pointing out that it wasn't the ONLY known one since that one was already known.
  6. magraimon


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    Regardless of whether the desert level is american or not (I strongly believe it is, what with the large rock formations [cant remember name] in the background), The majority of people associate deserts with arabic music. Most games that contain desert levels have accompanying arabic-themed music.

    However, this is but a mere frivality. The fact that the OOZ music (final) sounds this way triggered something in my mind, which makes a whole-lotta sense.

    Consider this to begin with : In a game filled with a mixture of lush hills/forests/ruins, generally healthy plants (EHZ,ARZ & HTZ), and technological buildings/cities (CPZ,MZ, and the death egg/ building of) , what makes more SENSE :

    a desert level, or a polluted level ?

    Here is my hypothesis : The desert level ( we've established it was never known to be called dust hill) may, in line with zone-themed traps, contain quicksand.
    It would be merely a change of art, and application, to apply the quicksand mechanic to the "oil sea".

    Secondly, as I have refered to, the idea of a zone polluted by the waste caused by all of/either CPZ, MZ or the construction of the death egg (which, don't forget, was a vital part of sonic 2 [star wars /dbz references]) makes a hell of a lot more sense than a desert zone, what with the overgrowth of ARZ reletively nearby. IT also begs to question how it would have been introduced (true, sonic 1/2 never gave much thought to zone plot, but it is plausible).

    Also : The HTZ music wouldn't work as desert music. no way, no how. Plus, am I the only person who, when playing HTZ, had the feeling of being way up high ? on a hill top, perhaps :P ? This was probably the true intention of HTZ, and not just some "extra zone using EHZ's tiles to fill the gaps".


    EDIT: While its fresh in my mind, a rough
    It doesn't matter whether it literally means it or not. The general community (all people, not just sonic fans) then, and probably most now, link dust to sand. Not saying it is, but dust hill sounds most probable as a desert level for this reason. I know I made the link already, but the mock up shows an american desert, not an arabian one. American deserts are known as being DUSTY. Case. and. point.
  7. Syren


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    Brenda Ross calls it Dust Hill Zone herself, IMO. Good theory.
  8. magraimon


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    we've already established that she only called it dust hill because the fans kept referring to it as that.

    I agree with the point that was made about that though. The way she referred to "woods zone" because that is how it was described, and "dust hill" for the same reason.. if she had any knowledge of the zone's title, she may have been able to give a little more information that she let on. She could have been willfully holding back, however...

    She was an artist. She didnt need to be told the name, which would/could have been changed, so she was simply told to draw desert tiles. Obviously, she was given more information that THAT, since that is too vague for her to have developed a specific type of desert, but alas, that is all we are privvy to.
  9. Qjimbo


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    Later in the interview she says how she could only remember Dust Hill's name, not Wood Zones. So when the saw "Woods Zone" she assumed it was because she couldn't remember, however she said she COULD remember Dust Hill.

    I really like your Oil Ocean Oil Sinking code being based off the Quick Sand code idea. that's really clever thinking.
  10. magraimon


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    "Dammit jim I'm a sysadmin, not an expert theorist !"


    I'd rather wait until wetflame gives us his unedited (albeit requested removals) version of the interview before making further judgements now.
  11. Personally I never thought any of the tunes in the game sounded like a desert. Nor do I think that Oil Ocean was once Dust Hill (yes, I'm still going to call it that). But your quicksand theory is really cleaver. I still think the name is Dust Hill becaue
    1. The name sounds like a desert and fits in nicely with the game
    2. As far as we know Brenda Ross may of been told the name of the desert level.
    3. The designers proberly left Mystic Cave's name Dust Hill for awhile as a place holder after they scraped the real Dust Hill, around the time they released a copy for magazines to review, showing why the magazine blurbs call Mystic Cave Dust Hill like our beta.
  12. magraimon


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    "HEY BRENDA !! How are you ? AH well. Listen, your latest project is to make art for a desert ! Due to darth vader getting closer and closer, we can only divulge that its an american-style desert.. oh yeah, and we decided to call it DUST HILL ! WE thought this might help you, so you can get connotations of mounds of dust to draw :o! Of course, we'll probably change the name later on, like in five minute's time, but its fine for you to tell everyone its called dust hill. Confidentially though.. don't tell anyone.. >_>"

    or maybe

    "Hey brenda, can you make some america-style desert tiles, and make a mock up screen shot ? we need it pronto for a press release."

    <brenda notices later on, that a 'zone' is called 'dust hill' . "oh, that must be the name of the level they had me mock-shot!" and thus, to her (and due to the failings of memory over the sands of time, this link became fact)>

    Although I prefer the first one, it doesn't sound as plausible :(.
  13. I said MAY of. She could have overheard somebody calling the desert zone dust hill, somebody might have said it in passing. I don't see why it's soooo impossible for an art designer for a game not to know what the name for the level they are making art for is called. Craig Stitt knew Hidden Palace was Hidden Palace, Oil Ocean was Oil Ocean and knew about the wood and desert levels, DIDN'T HE?! I just don't think the artist were kept in the dark about everything they did as most people make out.
  14. magraimon


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    Oh I'm not. I'm just stating that it would be possible for her to make a mistake.

    In a fun way.
  15. Qjimbo


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    xD welcome to S2B dude :P

    All of this is just speculation and unless someone time travels back and watches brenda working on the desert zone noone will know for sure :P
  16. Kama


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    Does no one remember? :(
  17. That was way before magraimon was even here, including me. Oh well, great minds think alike I guess.
  18. Qjimbo


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    Ooo that does seem familiar now you mention it, good work to you aswell :D
  19. magraimon


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    Was Indiana Jones out before sonic2 ? It was, wasn't it ?

    That may explain that ball thing in OOZ, that seems to not do anything.
    Could possibly have been code for a giant ball that chased sonic (ala indiana jones/ SA (lost world) ).

    THis makes sense, seeing as how sega was trying to make pop-culture references..
    Maybe they thought star wars was much more popular (hell, it was) than Indiana Jones... but it begs to question why both weren't left in...
  20. I think that it was just surpposed to act like the ball in the early Sonic 1 Prototype except smaller.
    EDIT: I read somewhere that there was originally going to have a cutscene of the giant ball chasing Sonic in Sonic 1 like magraimon said. Proberly a theory through but still a nice idea...