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Confessions and admissions of a Sonic fan

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Endgame, May 18, 2017.

  1. Artemis Davar

    Artemis Davar

    I used to despise sonic games. You can't blame me though, my first experience was sonic 06 which I hated even as a little kid. I finally got around to playing sonic CD around a month ago and now I can't get enough of it.
  2. Xiao Hayes

    Xiao Hayes

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    Good news! Mention this on the topics for Mania and Forces, it's a sign of hope for the franchise (that is, as long as you wish to play Mania.)
  3. Sir_mihael


    Yup, I certainly miss the well made Manuals like Donkey Kong Country's ones. I love the old SEGA manuals for nostalgia reasons, but maan looking back they were printed on the cheap. Not that I cared as a kid, but sega definitely did what Nintendidn't and opted for non-exciting colour.

    I think the last modern game I remember having a good manual was 'Mega Man Powered Up' on PSP. Full colour pages and even some comics/manga of Mega Man playing the PSP.


    I guess now collector's edition artbooks/game guides play that role if you want the paper goods.
  4. SuperSnoopy


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    I used to think that Tails was a girl. The only Sonic game I played as a kid was Sonic Advance 2 on my step brother GBA. When I discovered the 3d sonic games later on, I also discovered that Tails was a dude. I was on my ass.
  5. Sirius-R


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    Back when the only Sonic game I could play was Sonic 3 with no manual, I dubbed Knuckes "Argin". No idea why.
    I also used to have two fan characters - a cat and a kangaroo - but I can't recall any details about them other than them being completely bland and featureless.

    Then I've got a laptop (which I'm still using up to this day) and my knowledge on Sonic sort of increased.
    Then I've made another fan character. Donut steel.
    (I don't feel like ditching this one completely though, so I'll probably do a complete overhaul of him someday)

    With time my interest in official Sonic games and stuff dropped noticeably, leaving me more-or-less interested only in rather obscure stuff (such as SatAM's setting) and fan-made stuff.
    I'm still hunting for quality slice-of-life comics/fanfics about Sonic fan characters. I'll probably end up making such a fanfic myself sooner or later, lawl.
  6. Just-in


    I also thought that to... back in the day before I had any consoles the only Sonic games I could play were flash games so its not like I knew Tails voice or anything

    Here a a few confessions...
    I haven't beaten Sonic 3 & Knuckles before... (bad or good ending)
    The only Sonic game I've gotten the good ending for is Sonic Colours DS (I'm bad at special stages)
    Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity might be my favourite Sonic game (I still can't quite decide though)
  7. Xiao Hayes

    Xiao Hayes

    Classic Eggman art Member
    I used to tell other people Tails was a boy and not a girl, many people thought like that. I read the instruction booklet and knew his real name was "Miles", otherwise I would have thought that way too.
  8. Just-in


    None of my friends owned any Sonic games at the time so I had no one to go off of.
    Now that I think about it I don't quite remember when I found out Tails was a boy.
  9. MartiusR


    1.I personally think that Sonic 4 Episode 1 was an enjoyable title (not perfect, but it gave me surprisingly lot (for so bashed title) fun), in fact I had better impression than with Sonic 4 Episode 2.
    2. I'm always struggling inside when there is some Sonic game exclusively on Nintendo's console, due to the fact I really hate this company, but on the other hand I'd like to play in most games from the series. So far I've never bought any stationary console from Nintendo, also didn't play in any Sonic game which was released exclusively on Nintendo's stationary console.
    3.I'm surprisingly lenient for most hated parts of sonic fanbase/community (so especially young children and peoples with "original" tastes), on the other hand, I admit that I sometimes have problems with being lenient for most hardcore "old-school" part of fanbase/community.
    4.I never had a problem with the fact that we've got so many characters in Sonic's universe. In fact I see there a lot of potential and believe that they just need some tallented people, who have decent ideas how to use them (perfect example is implementing various characters in StC Online).
    5.I admit that I'm quite jealous about being able to play in Sonic games back in those days when Sonic was "at the top" (so during MD era and partially during Dreamcast's short life (official one)). I've played in them far too late to "feel the atmosphere" (despite the fact, that I still appreciate the quality of those games, even if I personally consider them as having more lacks than most people think).
  10. juicitron


    Sonic Adventure Unlimited
    I'm pretty sure I first learned about what death was when I beat Sonic Adventure 2... like I didn't understand what happened to Shadow at the end at first, but then it clicked. I was pretty young at the time hahaha
  11. XCubed


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    I was five when Sonic 1 came out...FIVE. I was hooked playing in the stores, back with department/retail stores outside of Walmart or Target had such stations. Service Merchandise (now defunct) was where Sonic and I first met. As a young child, I had no idea you were supposed to do anything other than get through the levels to the end (blame Super Mario Bros. for that one). I didn't know about the specials stages and the 50 rings, etc. I just thought I REALLY defeated Robotnik with that last hit as he escapes Final Zone. I didn't realize the emeralds were so special until Sonic 2.

    Also, Sonic 1 is pretty difficult compared to the later classic games. While Sonic 4's difficulty was cheap.

    I also find it weird that they dropped the giant gold rings in Sonic 2, only to bring them back in Sonic 3.
  12. Sonic 1's final boss is pretty easy though, I can almost beat it with my eyes closed, but I still have trouble with the final bosses of the other classic games. I've probably only beaten Sonic 2's Death Egg Zone once or twice during all these years.
  13. Dark Sonic

    Dark Sonic

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    Sonic 2's Death Egg is one of the reasons why it took me 9 years to beat the game (well that and I first played it when I was 4, but still). I'd say Sonic 1's base game is harder but Sonic 2's bosses are harder. Sonic 3K is probably the easiest but that could be because I've played it so much, but at the same time I think it's just designed better so that might make it a bit easier.
  14. Xiao Hayes

    Xiao Hayes

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    Sonic 2 is easy, until Death Egg: mecha Sonic is quite easy but dangerous because of the lack of rings, but the final boss is on another level; I basically earned lives and continues throughout the game just to have enough chances of beating it.

    Sonic 1 isn't that hard, but not having the spindash at some moments makes it harder to traverse and compels you to master the engine physics; special stages, on the other side, are a hell to master and the chaos from the emeralds is real here with so many changes in rotation and speed, and bouncy things and... EVERYTHING. I had a real problem with the boss from Labyrinth, but the boss from Star Light was really easy for me; my aunt, on the other hand, had no problem in beating Robotnik at Labyrinth but never beat Star Light boss. I think is a matter of how each one plays.

    And yes, S3&K is the easiest overall, unless you play Knuckles; both S3&K and Sonic 2 get harder as Knuckles. I enjoy each game in a different manner anyways, so I consider them different approaches to the formula, each one adequate to the degree of refinement of their moment.

    But this was a confession thread, so I confess I only beat Sonic 1 with all the emeralds once, the first time I beat Labyrinth boss because I needed to use level select prior to this in order to play after that point. I also confess that I like Sonic 2 special stages, I find them the more relaxing challenges from all the special stages (I don't consider the ones in 16-Bit 3D Blast as challenges).
  15. Covarr


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    Is it just me, or is this boss MUCH harder in the mobile remakes? I think the collision on his spikes may be different or something, because I consistently get hit in jumps that I'm almost positive I would've made in the original.
  16. Every old Sonic game has a lot more crushing hazards than I remember, not that it's a bad thing. Playing Mania really spoiled me though haha. I got messed up by the blocks in Mystic Cave recently and just had this thought. Mania's spoiled me =P
  17. Xiao Hayes

    Xiao Hayes

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    Wrong thread, maybe? We were talking about crushing hazards somewhere else.
  18. Nah it's a confession, mostly that I haven't played the old games in quite some time =P. I guess my wording was strangely obtuse, my apologies.

    I guess if I could add another thing it'd be an admission. As a wee lad I always got stuck in Flying Battery Zone and the first act boss confused my little child mind. It was, suffice to say, quite bad. Kid me did not have very good Sonic intuition despite playing the games a lot.
  19. muteKi


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    Even now, I don't know the routing for Sandopolis Act 1. Every other level I know a route that gets you to as many gold rings as you'd want both maximizing ring acccess and stage time (like how you can't get more than 5 gold rings in Marble Garden without some very severe backtracking or dying), but that level in particular continues to stymie me.
  20. Shoemanbundy


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    Gotta admit, the older I get the more I'm becoming sensitive to the sound when you collect rings in the Sonic games. Am I the only one? Hearing that loud screeching sound in succession no matter where you go is starting to just get on my nerves when it never used to. I find myself even trying to go around rings just to avoid the sound.