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Confessions and admissions of a Sonic fan

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Endgame, May 18, 2017.

  1. Ch1pper


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    I think "All Hail Shadow" is a secret guilty pleasure of mine. The original Magna-Fi one. Musically it just sounds less... boring and more involved. Vocals aside, I prefer it over Crush 40's version. :v:
  2. Jason


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    When I was in 4th grade, we were given a story writing assignment. Being a 10 year old Sonic obsessed dork, I did the obvious. The story involved my family going to Emerald Coast for a beach day. Sonic shows up and gets the rock star treatment from the town. Metal Sonic shows up and attacks the beach. We all ran back to the car to leave, but I got out to watch them fight. After the not-twist of Sonic winning, he runs away. I wave goodbye, and he high-fives me while he runs past.

    All I wanted from Sonic when I was 10 was to watch him beat robots and get a high-five. Even in my fantasies I didn't think I was cool enough to actually hang out with him at all.
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    I like the whole album, not just "They call me Sonic"; it's so absurd that is brilliant. The same goes for the video clip, I laughed so loud and for so long with that... :eng101:

    I also like all vocal themes from Shadow's game. "All hail Shadow" is the one I like the less, though.

    Oh, and I don't feel this like a confession, just like a talk about musical tastes involving Sonic related music. Do you want a confession? Here it goes:

    When an album called "Sonic Mix" was released in my country, I was really hyped of having music from Sonic games, but it was just something to put on the cover, as it had techno hits from that time. I was very dissapointed about this, as it happened in a time without internet to tell me there were real Sonic soundtracks out there, and some friends laughed at me because they didn't thought videogame music would be good enough to be released as a soundtrack (friendly bullying is bad). At least, internet came and gave me what I wanted and showed me that I wasn't alone in my liking for classic videogame soundtracks.

    Well ,that's all, I didn't say it was a huge confession. ;)
  4. Stimil Rc.

    Stimil Rc.

    Same. I love its BGM and visuals, but that's where my praise for the game ends.

    I prefer Sonic 1 to Sonic 2. It's been a while since I've played 2, but I recall a ton of annoying enemy and obstacle placement compared to 1 and 3&K.

    Cosmic Eternity - Believe in Yourself is possibly my favorite vocal theme in the entire series.

    Rouge was the first character who I completed all of the missions for in the Dreamcast version of SA2. Why? Well, I was a preteen and...

    Shadow the Hedgehog was the last 3D Sonic game I played until Generations and that was only because my little brother owned it. In fact, most of my Sonic experiences post-Heroes would be because he never dropped the series.

    The latest 2D games I played before Generations were Advance 3 and Battle. Until I got back into the series, I just stuck to those two, the Genesis games, and ROM hacks.

    I love Shadow the Hedgehog's story because of how unintentionally hilarious it is. If the series should ever go grimdark again, I'd love another story like this, except this time with intention to make players laugh at how silly it all is.

    Sonic Battle has my favorite story and characterizations in the series and Emerl's death legitimately saddened me.

    Chip is right up there with Emerl as one of my favorite characters. I also found Marine endearing despite her being an Australian stereotype and typically hating the small annoying archetype.

    I feel Rush Adventure is the pinnacle of Dimps' 2D games and I prefer Lost World 3DS to most of the other 3D Sonic games and many of Dimps' 2D games or, hell, most of the 2D games in general.

    I feel like I bring up Lost World 3DS almost every other time I talk about Sonic games. I need to cut back on that. I've only played through it for the first time within the past year, so it's still fresh on my mind.
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    I love Sonic CD and dislike Sonic 2.
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    Mobius Evolution 2
    Here's something I got to vent: Before releasing the final version of Mobius Evolution, I had a lot of exams from college. The final deadline imposed by Abyssal Leopard was quite tight, with less than 2 weeks away, and the game was still full of bugs everywhere you could imagine. I had to choose. I should have studied... but I also was very tired of social issues, I had some rage against the world or something, but the team counted with me. So idiotically, I prefered to spend sleepless nights fixing bugs, rushing features, and so on. Eventually I got forced to quit college.

    EDIT: Grammar.
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    Here's one that I didn't realize was confessionworthy until I saw just how much people seem to prefer Sonic 1's art: I think Sonic's sprites in the first game is hideous. In fact, I really don't like for any of the art (or music*) in the first game. I all-around liked Sonic 3's aesthetics best. The visually noisier backgrounds, the bigger shoes, the significantly more intricate shading, the rebalanced character proportions, and the all around sense of texture to everything... The first game feels really flat compared to the third, IMO.

    * + - Star Light Zone's music is pretty great though   .
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    My current ringtone is the invincibility tune from Sonic Runners. It's one of my favourite Invincibility tunes, but I feel a bit off considering how much I didn't get on with Sonic Runners...
  9. XCubed


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    I use the ring sound for text messages and the Sonic Generations Act clear as my voicemail jingle. I'm totally going to use Sonic Mania's Chemical Plant Act 2 as my alarm when the OST is released!
  10. Endgame


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    Up until more recently, I didn't really know what an "anti-hero" actually was. I kind've always thought it was a form of a 'super-villain' that was designed to be a match for the protagonist/hero, rather than just a generic villain - and it was Shadow that was always the one I thought about; but then I got confused (not so much in later days) when Shadow seemed to turn 'good' in the end.

    The term still confuses me a bit. I mean, shouldn't Batman be classed as an "anti-hero' then, rather than a vigilante?
  11. Xiao Hayes

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    An anti-hero is a form of hero that is usually the opposite of a role model. There are many takes on this, whether it is a partially reformed villain, a guy that does things that need to be done, no matter what it takes...

    Batman is not exactly an anti-hero, but he's near that point: while he does many things that more idealist heroes wouldn't do, he still knows where's the line and why some choices are better despite the questionable moral of the choice itself. The Punisher is an anti-hero, basically because he's mad and doesn't bother to stop for a moment and think if he should do what he does, and, also, he's carried off by revenge more than anything else; still, he kills bad guys, so he's doing some kind of heroic task. John Constantine (Hellblazer), is also an anti-hero, but his background is more like Batman's and he retains his mental sanity, so I think this guy fits better the idea you had in mind.

    Shadow is an anti-hero in Sonic Heroes, along with Omega. In his own game, the not-so-good storyline could fit this label as well, but don't ask me about other games because I haven't played them (except for SA2).

    I went off topic, but I wanted to help. I've already confessed to much in previous posts, anyway. :v:
  12. Flygon


    I was quite disappointed when I first played the Mega Drive versions of Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic the Hedgehog 2. My previous exposures to the games were the Master System version of Sonic the Hedgehog, and Sonic 3 & Knuckles.

    Turns out that sort of a first impression on the series can end up making the rest seem underwhelming.
  13. Dark Sonic

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    Yup, pretty sure that's why I didn't enjoy Sonic 1 as much. The first game I played was Sonic 2 and I think the next Sonic game I played was Sonic 3. Sonic 1 has always seemed underwhelming as a result.
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    My first exposure to Sonic was the comicbook, but I did not really think much of the character until I was given a GameGear for Christmas. I have always felt the GG/SMS versions were more fun with their gimmicks and visuals than the actual 16-bit genuine article, and I suppose the exposure would give that a bit of a bias.
  15. Endgame


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    I had a similar experience too.

    My first experience of Sonic [as far as I can remember] is playing Sonic 1 on the Master System, and I think SMS Sonic 1 was possibly the first game I actually completed (loads of times [back then]) - with all the Chaos Emeralds. However, I still remember being blown away by the graphics when I saw Sonic 1 for the Mega Drive at my brother's friend's house - in comparison to what I was used to on my little Master System.

    When I did get S3&K, I just don't know why or how, but on 3 or the savegame slots, someone had already beaten the game and got all the Super Emeralds as Sonic & Tails, Tails alone, and as Knux; obviously I must have gotten it secondhand, so I was able to play as Hyper Sonic from the very beginning (I know I'd never had been able to do it myself back then, I'd be too frustrated when I accidentally hit a red orb to want to try and get them all myself. I guess I'm too lazy :p)
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    Sonic (?): Coming summer of 2055...?

    Mobil gas stations use the ring sound for the till too.

    They think I don't fucking notice that I'm onto them
  17. Stimil Rc.

    Stimil Rc.

    For a while, I was using Quartz Quadrant Past as my ringtone and a portion of the JP/EU Metallic Madness Present to notify me of text messages. In fact, I only stopped because I had to reset my phone for some reason and was too lazy to set it back.

    I remember some of Target's newer portable scanners using either the ring sound effect or coin sound effect from the Mario games. It might have actually been both. It might have also just been my boss being a rebel with his phone.
  18. biggestsonicfan


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    ALWAYS Sonic the Fighters
    I actually believe it's a particular brand of cash register tech. Every time I hear it I have to slyly investigate. The registers and the units are relatively similar in build, and I just assume are all variants from one corp branch.
  19. I probably have a lot of these but the biggest one is that I honest to god think Adventure is better than Adventure 2 - at least in terms of story. It felt totally epic without needing to blow up half the moon, and excelled through its more character driven gameplay. Tails' self-confidence, Amy's independence and Knuckles' history made completing their stories compelling, and you were never forced into switching over to play a different character or mode if you didn't want to. It felt like there was depth, growth and progress, which was then retconned from SA2 onwards.

    Of course the chao garden is heaps better in 2 and there're no fishing levels, but 2 also didn't have E102, and more than anything else I just LOVE that Adventure Sonic is kind of an asshole. I feel like they got his character perfect. He had some corny lines, still cared about everybody, but everything he did was for himself. I'd rather play a game with that Sonic in it rather than Boom Sonic.
  20. Right there with ya. Sonic Adventure, in terms of story and characterization, is miles better than SA2.