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Confessions and admissions of a Sonic fan

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Endgame, May 18, 2017.

  1. Chainspike


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    - I bought a Sonic 2 Pirate (or repro?) just to play the simon wai prototype on my Genesis.
    - I also bought a 32x and Sega CD just to play Chaotix and Sonic CD. (I did however eventually get another game for the 32x)
    - I used to think the invalid level slots in Sonic 2, and 3 were real levels.
    - There was a garbage level in Sonic 3 that I was scared of; it had glitched graphics that looked like eyes watching me.
    - Debug glitches used to scare me.
  2. Unreality


    - After Sonic and Knuckles the first Sonic game I played again properly was Sonic Generations.
    - I don't like Modern Sonic. And I haven't played the modern games at length (except, as mentioned, Generations and only because Classic was in it)
    - Sonic Mania feels like a dream come true and I'm overjoyed its happening. If it was £500 I'd still buy it day one.
    - I'd take a job working on Sonic Mania doing anything over pretty much any other job in the world!
  3. Xiao Hayes

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    Wow, I have a lot of these. Let's see...

    About mimicking:
    - Yes I used to do the foot tapping thing too, and also the wristclock checking, but not just that; I did the tails yawning animation instead a lot of times.
    - Yes, I put the C-shaped arms when running for some time, but the most relevant thing was that I usually run instead of walking when going by the street. Then the idle animation when waiting for traffic lights to change.
    - There's even more about this: I used to imagine the side of the buildings as the floor of a level and things like sewer lids and streetlights as platforms through it, moving from one side of the sidewalk to the other as if I was jumping/spinning.

    Fan games, characters and so on:
    - I had some game in mind before all the classic games were released. It featured Sonic, tails, Amy and Mighty as a team, and players could change the character they were using at any time; no followers, only the active character was on screen. My sketches featured a snowy mountain.
    - I knew about segasonic arcade but dind't know about Ray's name until much later, so I called him "Chip" because his colors and shape made him look like a fried potato to me.
    - Not only original characters, I also invented orignal superforms for sonic. All of them might see the light in some fan game in the future.
    - The biggest fan game idea I still have in mind is one from those days before the dreamcast.

    Modern games:
    - I liked Shadow the Hedgehog (the game), and I would have loved it if it hadn't so many bugs and had a better way to handle the alternative story routes.
    - I really hate Sonic Colours, I gave up at terminal velocity 1 but I was pissed off since starlight carnival. Not to mention Wisp powers shouldn't exist in any game.

    Luckily I matured:
    - A friend that bought Chaotix didn't tell me and never let me play it because I abused his friendship when he rented Sonic 3 by the time it came out. I played with his megadrive more than him that week.

    Probably more, but I can'r remember right now and I've already confessed to much. XD
  4. MarkeyJester


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    - I cut the Sonic & Knuckles logo from some slippers my parents bought me, and brought that to school.
    - I stole a Japanese Sonic 2 cartridge from a friend of a friend.
    - I falsely claimed I knew the ending to Sonic 2, claiming that track 10 (which was Hidden Palace Zone's theme) was a secret ending where Knuckles saved Sonic.
    - I drew a lot of Sonic based characters in school, including a whole family belonging to Sonic.
    - I claimed I knew how to beat metal Sonic/Knuckles and that puppet tails in Sonic R, claiming at the beginning of the race there was a monitor with speed shoes, despite not owning Sonic R, having never played it, nor owning a Saturn.
    - I used to draw Sonic, Tails and Knuckles spindashing on a cover for our personal trays at school.
    - I had some Sonic literature books, and never actually read them, I used to simply flick the pages as there was an animation in the top corner.
    - I never actually read the few Sonic comics I actually had, I only looked at the pictures.
    - I threw a Sonic boomerang that came with one of the comics, in my classroom.
    - I used to play Sonic 3 & Knuckles so much, my friend got bored and didn't want to know me anymore.
    - I used to stay up a lot of nights as a kid when I should have been sleeping, playing Sonic 3 (once got caught by my step-dad and beaten for it).
    - My step-dad manage to break my Mega Drive controller port, such that the port had to be pushed further in at the bottom for it to function properly, and I desperately (with sellotape) stuck the wire of the controller under my Mega Drive, forcing the bottom of it into the port, so I could play more Sonic.
    - I rarely (if at all) played any other Mega Drive game I had, only Sonic.
    - I once made a wish list to Santa for a SEGA Saturn, and Sonic R (which of course, I never got due to the expensiveness of the Saturn).
    - I tried getting friends at school to play Sonic Spinball (not the actual game on the Mega Drive, I mean imaginarily in the playground), and of course, that never turned out well.
    - I hand traced an A4 image of Sonic that some kid brought in, onto nearly 20 different A4 blank sheets at school and gave them out to everyone.
    - I once came home really late, and my parents were out, and some girl was watching through a bathroom window, and I started doing Sonic, Tails and Knuckles' idle poses to try and impress her (not to mention I got a belting by my parents for coming home late when they eventually turned up on the drive way, they were out looking for me).
    - I drew a lot of Sonic based levels on square paper in school (this isn't an embarrassing thing actually, I consider it quite healthy).
    - I created a fan character (Pana Der Hejhog is actually older than you all think).
    - I skived off of a school lesson once, went into an unused classroom, and drew a Sonic The Comic front cover that I had in my head.
    - My dad picked me up to go visit him, I brought my Mega Drive with me, and played that instead of having company with him.
    - I skived off of school and entire day, and stole £1 from my mum, so I could buy Sonic 1 from a charity shop.
    - I once made a card for a friend of my aunt's birthday, made it Sonic theme'd. In return he printed off a screenshot of Sonic CD's title screen, and laminated it (very kind of him) and I used it as a lunch/dinner mat. I took it to school once too.
    - I once changed my shirt at school, took my uniform shirt off and put on a SEGA World shirt that my dad got for me from London's Trocadero SEGA world (when it actually existed).
    - I somewhat ignored a girl who really liked me, by playing Sonic CD instead.
    - The very first time I got Sonic 1 and a Mega Drive, the very next morning, I woke up and immediately played it while eating cereal. My mum was not impressed, and sent me to bed with a sore arse.

    You guys have no idea how obsessed I was back in the day as a kid... In a way, it's sort of ruined my life, ever since my Dad exposed me to Sonic 1 when I was 4 years old. I was a bad child, but then in fairness, I wasn't exactly treated right by my parents, their poor unbringing and overabusiveness left me with a very bad obsessiveness for Sonic the hedgehog, it was my way of escaping.

    My only hope is that whatever I do that is Sonic related, will fix my life, and make up for failure it's brought me. Not to mention making up for all the bad things I did in relation to Sonic.
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    Did it work?
  6. TheOcelot


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    I think MarkeyJester just won the thread, lol.

    Here's an embarrassing confession. When I was young I used to suck my thumb (which isn't unusual as lots of people do when they're young). However, I was quite late to stop sucking my thumb. Can't remember my exact age when I stopped, I was still under 10. Anyway, at the time I owned a Mega Drive. I'd borrowed a copy of Sonic 2 off a friend which I completed, then had to give back. My parents decided to offer me a bribe. They said, "if I stop sucking my thumb they would buy me a copy of Sonic 2". From that moment onwards I never sucked my thumb again, wasn't even tempted. I was determined to get Sonic 2. My parents were true to their word and bought me a copy of Sonic 2 :)

    Also when I first got into Sonic I thought Tails was a girl for about two years. I used to draw lots of pictures of Sonic, Tails & Knuckles and always drew Tails as a girl, until one day when I realised Tails is actually a boy. Think I read it in a magazine. I was really disappointed at the time because I liked Tails being a girl.

    I'm currently on a diet. I set myself a goal at the start of 2017 to lose 42 pounds because I was overweight. I've now lost 34 pounds so far this year which I'm very pleased with and I've been using Mania's release window as extra motivation to get my weight down.
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    I forgot to mention this one, I wrote an essay in college about the history of Sonic and got a C on it... College wasn't my forte.

    OK, so this is gonna be a bit long. This isn't really my own confession, but back when I used to live at my one year younger than me cousin's house when I was about 11, we sort of lifted each other up with our intense love of the Sonic series. I specifically remember during the holidays, we made me our Santa Claus wishlist. He put down: a remote that can turn you into any Sonic character you wanted to for as long as you wanted. Me being a little more mature, I knew it wasn't? possible, but I still had a little "What if" feeling.
    Christmastime is here and we both are hoping to open the Sonic remote. Sadly, no remote, but Santa wrote a letter to both of us saying the remote fell out of his gift bag so the elves are going to make a new one, hopefully finished for next year. After a couple days, I knew the Sonic remote wasn't going to happen, but my cousin still had the strong belief the elves were working as hard as they could for next year.
    Fastfoward to next year, the whole Sonic remote deal vanished from my mind, until my cousin asked me, "Do you think Santa is going to give me the remote this year? I'm going to add it to my Christmas list again to remind him not to drop it."

    I was amazed. My love for Sonic could never top my cousins.
  8. Xiao Hayes

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    Wow, we've started confessing big things! Now I feel sad about MarkeyJester. :(

    I remembered a couple more things, by the way:

    - Before I had my own Mega Drive, I occasionally played with my aunt's. Once, I asked her to lend it to me, and she said that she was going on vacation and that I had to be really early at her door next morning to keep it those days. She thought I wouldn't do it, but I wanted to play Sonic 3 & Knuckles. Nuff said.

    - I also made parents for Sonic, they were Turbo and Hedgina. Daddy Turbo worked as forest police chief, or something like that, with spikes of a similar color to Blaze's fur. Mommy Hedgina looked a bit like a grown up Amy but was red instead of pink.

    I did other things similar to some you all posted, but not with Sonic, so there's no point in telling them. :v:
  9. KingOfBunnies


    - In March 2011, I tweeted SEGA that if they ported Sonic CD, they should include the JPN soundtrack. They responded to it, but I can't see it anymore. I think it said that they appreciated the feedback. I like to think I influenced the decision to put that in the 2011 remake by Taxman. :P

    - I did the Sonic run with my hands behind my back when I was really young and my dad yelled at me.
  10. Dr. Corndog

    Dr. Corndog

    I made a Sonic OC way back. I thinm he was Sonic's...son? (I guess my OC existed many years in the future.)

    I used to cut the images of Sonic games and Sega consoles out of the Sears catalog, glue those to a sheet of paper, and then tape that onto the wall.

    The first comic book I ever bought was StH #13 (Archie). I still remember seeing it on the turnstile at the grocery store, not having even known beforehand that it existed. (I subscribed for several years; the inly other series I've ever subscribed to is Archie's Mega Man.)

    In my teens I would regularly beat S3&K in 3 separate files (one for each character) with all Super Emeralds, then erase all three files and do it again. Repeatedly.

    I made a 30-second edit of HouseTheGreat's "Walk on Water" and set it as my ringtone. My message tone is often one of several Sonic sound effects (emerald, 1-up, etc).
  11. Dark Sonic

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    My ring tone has been throwing title theme from generations for years now. Also my alarm is often Planet Wisp acts 1 or 2.

    I have a savery ritual in Sonic 3K. S, ST, T, K with all emeralds, S, K with chaos emeralds, S, T with no emeralds
  12. Ravenfreak


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    My text ring tone is the continue jingle, on my old phone it was the one up jingle from Sonic 1&2.
  13. My ringtone/alarm is Studiopolis, and my message tone is the SCD time stone jingle. They work so perfectly
  14. Knucklez


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    Another confession: I've only ever played Sonic 2 from start to finish just once.

    Why? I absolutely HATE it. I can't stand it and all I play in regard to it is the Simon Wai Proto to mess around in HPZ (go figure I only like what they scrapped).
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    Oh are we talking about ringtones? For a while my text tone was the Chaotix "blue sphere get" sfx. (Now it's the sound when your Fever meter fills in Puyo Puyo Fever.)
  16. Sid Starkiller

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    On the subject of phones, my phone is entirely Sonic 3-themed.
    Background - HD version of the Sonic render on the SEGA screen
    Lock screen - Sonic 3 Complete boxart
    Ringtone - Sonic 3 title screen
    Roommate's text - Chaos Emerald jingle for one, Continue jingle for the other
    Parents' text - Sonic 3 1-UP jingle
    Default alert - Transformation sound effect

    My car also has a decal: Sonic's pose from the S&K Collection boxart.
  17. Crappy Blue

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    I theme all my ringtones to songs/sounds from games I associate with my respective friends, but I do have one that's Sonic related: the text tone for my friend Ariel is the little jingle that plays in Sonic Adventure when you do a thing that opens up progress (like when you lightspeed dash into the bumper to open Casinopolis).
  18. My phone is always on either vibrate or silent, so I haven't bothered with ringtones. But, my wallpaper and lock screen have been the 25th anniversary Blaze for at least a year now.
  19. Endgame


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    I have a confession that I used to absolutely love the song "They Call Me Sonic" when I was younger //

    I also invented a kind of "Shadow the Hedgehog" before he even existed! My version was plainly just called "The evil Shadow Sonic" - he was identical to Sonic, except he was all completely gray (he was part of a small 2-part comic strip that I drew).

    Aside from him (and 2 characters called "Power Man" and "Torno" (to which they were combined together [Sonic's fault] before Sonic spun them to Mobius' core), I had 3 other OC's, but never actually used them for anything - a scan of them here: http://growler.devia...Diggers-6930932
  20. I have a confession then; I still love "They Call Me Sonic".