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Complimenting Sonic Lost World

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Mana, Jul 24, 2020.

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  1. Ravenfreak


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    Like most of the "bad" Sonic games, the soundtrack is amazing! Sea Bottom Segue is just amazing on it's own, but other songs such as Silent Forest Zone 1 is catchy and upbeat! I also like the concept of having a parkour style Sonic game too. I like seeing the wisps return in the game, and dare I say it the Deadly Six don't bother me really at all!
  2. Linkabel


    The badniks were actually a threat instead of just being Homing attack/boost fodder.

    I know people didn't like the kick attack, but to me it felt like a breath of fresh air since you actually had to pay attention to see which badnik required one.

    It was a cool idea to break the monotony of the homing attack, and not having to resort to the energy bars that Heroes introduced to make enemies more durable.
  3. Xiao Hayes

    Xiao Hayes

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    Finally played this game for the first time, and I must say I'm enjoying it (I'm talking about the gameplay, for the most part). I'll be honest: the game as a whole feels like the most mixed bag I ever found in a Sonic game, a bag where things I really love are messed up with things I really hate or don't care at all, but the overall experience is good enough for now (though I fear this will be like those Dimps games that start nice and then become awful).

    I think this is the game I would expected Sonic Heroes to be given how that other game was advertised: LW feels like Classic Sonic is somewhat there, but messed up with the kind of stuff that defines and a lot of times hinders modern games. Since this is a complimenting thread, and I've only finished the first two zones for now, I won't give a full review, but this feeling of being able to like this game to some extent despite its faults is great, not my usual feeling with a Sonic game that uses these many action buttons and mimics what Nintendoes. Definitely wisps don't contribute to this positive feeling though.
  4. Blue Blood

    Blue Blood

    The kick sucked both for the fact that it was slow and that it never telegraphed where you should use (why can Crabmeats suddenly not be jumped on after over 20 years?). However, if the game simply let you use the homing attack on all enemies then SLW would have the best enemies of any 3D Sonic game.
  5. Beltway


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    The Nintendo DLC levels are, by and large, the best part of the entire game.

    The Yoshi's Island DLC has 2D gameplay that while not either Genesis gameplay or Boost gameplay I still find more interesting in design than the 2D gameplay in the rest of the game. The slower-paced platforming there doesn't bother me as much, probably because it's more exploration based as opposed to the precision-based platforming in the main game. On that note, I actually applaud the level for not having any bottomless pits or even any dash panels, not even for the loops.
    Meanwhile the overworld in the Zelda DLC is a better showcase for what the 3D gameplay could had been instead of the planetoid/half-pipe template level design most of the game is cribbed in. It's not too deep or elaborate, but it has some nice hidden things for players to discover and the level design offers just enough playspace to try out the parkour mechanics. Not too crazy about the springs hidden in trees or the couple of dash panels on the ground, but again, the automation isn't as frequent compared to the rest of the game. Shame though the real meat of the stage is the underground half-pipe stage with the Bomb Wisp. Ideally the overworld stage should had been the entire level, except twice/thrice as big and with more stuff to discover.
    And the attention to detail towards both the Yoshi and Zelda franchises represented is very admirable, especially in regards to the presentation and sound design. I really, really like the Link-inspired Tunic design they gave Sonic for the Zelda DLC and I'm honestly a bit upset that design not wasn't brought back for, say, the following Smash Bros. games as an alternative character skin. Not being able to use it outside the Zelda stage is disappointing as well.
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  6. Sid Starkiller

    Sid Starkiller

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    Now that you mention it, someone needs to draw Sonic cosplaying as Mario/DK/Yoshi/Samus/Fox/Kirby
  7. The Joebro64

    The Joebro64

    IIRC there is actually official line art of Sonic in Mario's outfit that Yuji Uekawa drew for SMB's 20th anniversary in 2005.
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  8. Xiao Hayes

    Xiao Hayes

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    Quoting myself for an update on what I said: I'm on Sky Road now, and I've played already enough awful acts to almost withdraw from my former compliments. Yet, I still see a lot of inspiring things in this game and, while a lot of shit is going on, there's a lot I'd like to come back or see more often in Sonic games.

    - While it's the smallest of all details, I like, for example, how freeing little animals in this game actually counts for something

    - There's a good bunch of concepts that could have been good special stage material in classic games, even moreso if they're gonna keep bringing back the half-pipes time and again.

    - I also like the rotating levels concept for 2D sections, it has a lot of potential for actual classic gameplay that unfortunately isn't present here.

    - Badniks also do their work a lot better than before, and needing specific strategies to be beaten makes a lot of sense; I'd would implement that in a different way, of course, because controls in this game are too confusing with that many buttons to push and such a short time to think what to push sometimes.

    - While the visual style is NintendoMario instead of SegaSonic for the most part, I think there's good stuff in line with classic games. For example, we complain about Windy Hill being yet another Green Hill iteration, but I think they did a much better work reimagining the look of the proverbial level than they did in Sonic 2 when it became Emerald Hill, and it's ten times better than Sonic 4's Splash Hill for sure. They also made better the Hill Top/Sky High trick in Frozen Factory despite the changes being the same ones for the most part (blue palette and christmas trees). I'm a big fan of the 2D design in Silent Forest 4, or I would be as soon as they removed the facial animation of the crushing blocks.

    For the remaining stuff, I more or less think the same as everyone else: the plot, the script and the monsters of the week are all shit, a lot more than usual even, with the nihilistic one being the only one that has some funny lines. 2D level design is really boilerplate, and, while 3D tends to be much better, feels dickish a lot more often, though in both perspectives there are to many cheap deaths. I also can't stand how wisps are implemented, but that's something I think of every game they're in.

    That's all for now; if I finish the game, I'll compliment that too, but I don't think my overall opinion will change much from what I've already written. I'll retry Colours after that, so I might bump its thread too.
  9. The Joebro64

    The Joebro64

    I actually never understood why Sega just didn't go with Classic Sonic's design in Lost World (the final game just uses a slightly modified version of Modern Sonic's model from Generations). If you take a look at the Classic Sonic mod for the PC version, he fits in much better with the aesthetic:

    Not to mention that there's concept art for the game that actually uses Classic Sonic instead of Modern.
  10. Mana


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    Pretty sure it's a Modern Sonic game and that's the franchise Sega of Japan focuses on the most, for one.
  11. muteKi


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    The uses of 3D in this game are all very solid and its some of the cleverest approaches to it from this series outside of the first Sonic Adventure. Similarly it's the first time in a long while that managing Sonic's momentum is actually important and does a lot to affect how you get around obstacles; spacing and getting a running start are crucial for making many jumps efficiently.

    The 3DS game is a lot more consistent at the cost of being, well, samey at times. Most of the game is fine and I think it strikes overall a better balance of 2d and 3d elements with exactly one act of each level being 2d. Wisp powers are better integrated into the level design, but some (quake in particular) don't control very well.

    (The snowball level isn't very good but only needs to be played straight once. The wisp-powered shortcuts make it suck a lot less.)

    The WiiU game also doesn't have very good wisps but they are almost all ignorable. Rocket and drill are the only truly required ones. Rocket is fine because of how it is reinterpreted in 3d here but the mandatory drill segments offer nothing new over Colors. Hover, whole optional, is definitely helpful. Literally no other color power is necessary but that's not a bad thing. U8,

    Again the snowball level isn't very good but I might be even more annoyed with the owl level. Instakill stealth gameplay in a Sonic game?!? Music's nice though.

    Usually I think the spindash is bad but here it's actually implemented well and fun to use.

    The miiverse integration was probably fun but I didn't play the WiiU version until after that was retired. Alas.
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