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Complimenting Sonic Lost World

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Mana, Jul 24, 2020.

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  1. Mana


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    I consider this to be the most underrated game in the franchise so I had to do it.

    -Really creative level design in some places like Desert Ruin Act 2 with it's mix of Boost style gameplay and Lost World's quirks

    -The first levels of each zone tended to be really good because they weren't full of gimmicks and they featured multiple routes you could use to complete a level

    -Good music, good graphic style, and the voice actors are at the top of their game as always

    I could really talk about this game for paragraphs but it'd be cool to see what the community liked about this game which is one of it's most well known black sheep.
  2. Sid Starkiller

    Sid Starkiller

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    Zeena's hot.


    That's literally all the credit I'm willing to give.
  3. Billy


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    It's Sonic Colors with worse gameplay. I appreciate that they tried something different, at least. Also, it's like a fully realized Sonic X-Treme.

    Coming Soon: "Complimenting Sonic Spinball"
  4. Swifthom


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    It has some good acts. Just a couple of levels are large, open platformers, that mesh well with the new control scheme. Levels like Desert Ruins Zone 1, that dont go full on gimmick but just let you enjoy controlling Sonic and travelling from A to B.
    There are maybe about 5 of them like this throughout the game and they are excellent insights into what could have been if the developers just had more faith in their creation!

    Everyone said Sonic Lost World was Sonic doing a Mario Galaxy, but actually when it works it was closer to the top down perspective of Mario 3D World - there was a spark of something great here but they couldn't grasp it.

    Shame they had to pad the rest of the runtime out so awkwardly.
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  5. Palas


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    It has Sea Bottom Segue, which is just

    like really

    I can't even believe such a track even exists, way too beautiful. Might as well use it for the end credits to every Sonic game forever. Pure emotion.
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  6. SuperSnoopy


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    I really like Lost World, it's one of my favorite game in the series.
    I dunno, something about this game just clicks for me. I love the parkour mechanics, I love the level design, I love the presentation, I love the soundtrack...after 3 mindless boost games in a row, finally a Sonic game where you had to actually try to finish a stage.

    It's one of these games where I genuinely don't understand why people don't like it. And yet, there's probably something I'm missing here, because NOBODY like this game. I've probably seen more people praise 06 online than this game, no jokes.

    Well, the story is probably the worst piece of crap Pontac and Graff ever put out (tho I will say I think Colour's is worse), but there's not much for me to hate otherwise. I first played this game when they ported it to PC, then went back and bought it on Wii U just because I loved it so much and the PC port wasn't the best.

    Lost World rocks, man. It's a shame we probably won't see another game like it, oh well. I really hope the 2021 game won't be a boost game, at least.
  7. Mana


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    I feel like if we had gotten a sequel to it that listened to the fan complaints and built on what was good (I thought that Zelda level showed how cool an open world Sonic game with upgradable techniques and the like would be in Lost World's style) then Lost World would looked at more favorably as the start of a good turn for the franchise.

    Instead they ran from it and now it has to lay as it is. A game that gets so close to greatness but is bogged down by enough small flaws that the entire project can come off as bad depending on the person. Ah well...
  8. The Joebro64

    The Joebro64

    Super Sonic in the 3DS version is SOOO much fun.
  9. Starduster


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    As I mentioned in my own thread on them, I think the Deadly Six have a genuinely interesting and adequately defined gimmick in their electromagnetic powers that just oozes storytelling opportunities.

    This is the game that started to bring us towards more interesting cutscene direction, experimenting more with camera angles and having characters move far more naturally.

    It’s breath of fresh air to see Sonic make a blunder and have to deal with the consequences for once. I don’t think his impulsiveness of booting the Conch away runs contrary to his character and his reasoning for doing so makes a lot of sense.

    Finally, the soundtrack in this game is stellar. I know that’s a given for this series but Windy Hill 1, Sky Road 1 and Honeycomb Highway are all instantly hummable, not to mention the theme of the Deadly Six themselves.
  10. Wildcat


    I agree it’s a good game. The graphics and presentation are cool. There’s also a cutenesses to it which I like. The parkour control need some getting used to though. Probably my only complaint.

    Funny story. I recently played this a bit for the Zelda level. I didn’t try it at the time so I downloaded it. However I never played the Nights DLC either and I have the Deadly Six Bonus edition that came with the promo code. I don’t know why I never used it. I think I confused it with something else and assumed it became unavailable.

    Anyway I tried the code out of curiosity. It says it expired Oct 2014...but it actually worked. So I guess they never really expired but still surprising it worked so long afterwards imo.
  11. Dark Sonic

    Dark Sonic

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    The art direction was alright. In some ways Generations maybe wasn't stylized enough, so this was a good start bringing back the more geometric aesthetic of Sonic 1, 2, and CD. That being said I think Forces found the best balance so far.

    The parkour makes sense for Sonic's move set. It wasn't perfect here but it should have been expanded on.

    Props for the game being somewhat focused much like Colors

    Prob my favorite approach to badniks out of all the 3d games. They're not all push overs, some require different approaches, and you can't just boost into them. All without Heroes esq health bars. Fair variety of enemies too, even if a lot if them were rehashed.
  12. kyasarintsu


    The HD game had problems but I think it was an interesting enough game. The variety kept me always looking forward to the next level and its design could be neat. It felt more like a mediocre kid's game in big need of polish than the trainwreck I see so many people make it out to be.
    I don't think I can bring myself to praise the 3DS version, though. I absolutely loathed it.
  13. Dark Sonic

    Dark Sonic

    Working on my art!
    No joke the 3DS version is the only Sonic game I've ever sold that I've not had an interest in rebuying later. I even rebought Sonic 06 for the PS3 (I mean only for $10 but still) after I sold my 360 and everything with it. Dreadful game Lost world 3DS was. Least the RC things were useful in that game though, also only modern game with the 3 elemental shields so neat I guess.
  14. Gestalt


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    Lost World has nicely directed and easy to follow cutscenes. I thoroughly enjoyed watching them. :colbert:

    I've been wanting to say this for a long a time.
  15. Josh


    The grind rail levels are a lot of fun, and have excellent music and atmosphere.

    I mean, the whole thing is totally just aping Donkey Kong Country, but still. It's a good aping!

    Other than that, uh... OH, the DLC levels were really cool!
  16. Xiao Hayes

    Xiao Hayes

    Classic Eggman art Member
    I'll probably play this later this summer, so ask me later. It was one of the Sonic games I bought on Steam when I pre-ordered Mania but haven't touched it yet, I hope I regret not trying it before.
  17. E-122-Psi


    The retro art direction was good and I loved seeing them trying a non-boost gameplay style. A shame they didn't try refining on that for games after.

    Also the game at least had a bit of after-support, with the controls refined through updates and some DLC.

    The story was VERY slapdash in execution but I liked the concept and how it was trying to deconstruct the main three cast members, showing us a more flawed and vulnerable take on Sonic than we usually do in the games. Most of these aspects have been done better in other medias (Boom feels a LOT like Lost World's direction only much better done) but it's nice the main work TRIED.

    Also I have to say it, I DON'T hate the Deadly Six. Sure they're kind of one note, but I like having more cartoony side villains that aren't more menacing and competent than Eggman in every way. And while they do usurp him, it's based more on a game of power play between them and Eggman, they're opportunists, which I think makes things more interesting. They could make fun comedic rivals to Eggman if they were only done better justice.
  18. GoldeMan


    I really enjoyed the aesthetic / presentation... not necessarily the Windy Hill zone itself because it screams retread, but everything after looks great. It really popped and the color choice was perfect. Frozen Factory is a particular favorite of mine with it being the best looking snow level in the series.

    The music is also really really great. While it's not my favorite in the series the soundtrack has so many great tracks. Windy Hill (1 and 2), Desert Ruins (1 and 4), Sea Bottom Segue, Wonder World, The Deadly Six Theme, Frozen Factory, Snowball Waltz, and Midnight Owl are some of my favorites from the soundtrack. But there really is a lot to enjoy. It mixes orchestral instruments with pop melodies and I think it works really well.

    The game isn't very buggy from my experience, which considering this is a Sonic Team Production is fairly surprising... although I say that, they've been technically competent for a decade at least.

    The parkour system is a lot of fun to use and makes Sonic feel more varied with his natural moveset, even if the execution wasn't perfect.

    "Diet and Exercise" is the best line in the game, for whatever that means. The line read itself was stilted and bad but still its funny in a bad way, a lot of the dialogue in this game is enjoyable in a similar but liter way then Sonic 06.

    I never hated this game, I always thought it was decent. Not great but decent enough.
  19. kyasarintsu


    Frozen Factory 1's track was always something that stood out to me. It's such a feel-good song.
  20. Rudie Radio Waves

    Rudie Radio Waves

    Many a game.
    I don't like Lost World (3DS, I've never played the the PC version), but I can definitely compliment the graphics, which look great, and the parkour idea.
    It's so stiff it physically hurts me.

    Aside from that, I like one thing from the plot, which is that Sonic, because of his recklessness, sets it in motion. The rest of the plot is bad and I dislike it.
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