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Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Starduster, Jul 24, 2020.

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  1. TheOcelot


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    The aesthetic looks georgous, soundtrack is absolutely outstanding. I like how simple easy going the story is. Eggman is the main villian as he always should be in Sonic games. A basic-very simple hub-world which works fine. I like how the Egg-pawns wear different outfits depending on which stage you are in. The final boss being non-Super Sonic makes a nice change. The final boss itself is a decent enough fight, not unfair and doesn't take too long to beat. The other bosses are creative and unique, although the same bosses being reused twice is a bit disappointing.

    Yay for Super Sonic no longer being restricted to a final boss fight. The wisps gimmick work well for this game but should not have returned in other games.

    As for the level design; I'll take "blocky plaforming" over Unleashed, Gens & Forces boring boost gameplay any day. A few levels are bit too short, a bit cumbersome due some pace-killing gimmicks, but overall the levels are creative, interesting and mostly fun. They make you work hard to locate all red-star rings but I enjoy the challenge.

    Oh and yay Sonic can finally swim ( ball form) in Aquarium Park which is awesome.

    Gameplay may seem unorthodox compared to the other modern Sonic games but it's still my favourite since the Adventure games.

    Sonic Team should port Colours to Steam & Nintendo Switch.
  2. kyasarintsu


    Can we not do this? I'm really a not a fan of this kind of lazy dismissal of opinion, as if you know people's thoughts better than they do. There are many people who don't this game, with different tastes and experiences, and they don't need to be dragged into this discussion like this.
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  3. SuperSnoopy


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    Yeah, I hated Colours since day one :V Gens and Lost World have nothing to do with it. Also, I think all the Sonic games that came after it ended up being way better in their own ways, so it's not like they made me hate this one retroactively.

    At the end of the day, I don't care if Colours was "needed". It's a blocky, boring game that has nothing do to with Sonic's philosophy imo.
    And it's not fundamentally broken like 06, so I can absolutely see why people might like it! Sonic Colours is a good game that I hate, that's all. But this isn't a "Bashing Sonic Colours" topic, so I'll stop here.
  4. Crasher


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    Colo(u)rs would've been better if they hadn't split up the levels so heavily, and had instead followed the DS structure of 3 main levels, and 3 (optional) gimmick levels. The Wii version was one of the few games I've just... dropped and never finished. I think the main reason it got so much praise was due to how it was a Sonic game that didn't have some incredibly oppressive gimmick. Now that I've got that off my chest...

    The Wisps were a good idea that, while needing some polish, worked incredibly well as a way to extend Sonic's moveset. The aesthetic and music is something that was top-notch: while I enjoyed Unleashed's cartoony realism, Colour's more... colourful aesthetic was welcome after years of a more grounded style. When the game wasn't trying to be a block platformer, it was incredibly fun and worked really well. The DS game is basically a sequel to the Rush games - which I personally enjoy - with wisps and an extended moveset. It seemed like a logical continuation, and I enjoyed it as much as the Rush series.

    Personally, I'd say Colours Wii is a definite "play this" if you go into it with the right mindset. I'd recommend the DS over the Wii one, simply because you can play through actual stages and not have to bother with the gimmick ones. However, I think the Wii version is likely funner to come back to after finishing all of the game. I haven't finished it, so I can't say for sure, though :V
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  5. My biggest nitpick with Sonic Colors on the Wii is how there's no Super Sonic final boss. I think it would've been sick if they'd done it something like this: you're engulfed in that black hole, the Wisps try to save Sonic, but then Eggman sucks them all in with the Nega Wisp Armor, which goes into Frenzy mode. Sonic then whips out the Emeralds (which he took from Tails) and the fight begins, with the orchestral version of Reach for the Stars playing.
  6. DigitalDuck


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    Colours is my favourite Sonic game that isn't S3K. It's an absolute blast to play, it's a blast to speedrun, it's a blast to score attack. The Wisps in particular offer tons of replay value, with lots of multiple routes and secrets in the levels, and the music's awesome. Plus, Super Sonic is playable in levels and is exactly as broken as he should be.
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  7. raphael_fc


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    This is not a lazy dismissal of opinion. Of course people are different and gonna like or dislike a game for whatever reason, so it is obvious that there are many people that don't like Colors and many people that do. That is not my point.
    Colors was (highly) praised when came out. It was not considered a spectacular game or something like that, but a surprisingly good game. And now there is a noisy niche bashing Colors that wasn't there at the time (or wasn't that noisy), and that's because Colors' storytelling is silly and they missed the serious tone of before. It's like IGN's "Sonic was never good" when of course it was.

    And these topics about complimenting some game are about games that are considered bad but people might like them, just like the topics about bashing some game are the other way around. But Colors was considered a good game, so we should not need a topic to compliment it (of course we can have topics to compliment good games, but that is not the case that is happening the last days).
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  8. Overlord


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    This is something I'd forgotten which in retrospect should be made a bigger deal of - Colours was the first time in years we'd had a main-sequence game where Robotnik had been the main villain without a monster sidekick that turned out to either overpower or betray him towards the climax of the game, or just take over as the final thing you need to deal with. When was the last time before this? What has the last time been since? By my count, it's Sonic 3 & Knuckles, 16 years earlier.

    S1 - Robotnik
    CD - Robotnik
    S2 - Robotnik
    S3&K - Robotnik
    Chaotix - Metal Sonic Kai
    SA1 - Chaos
    SA2 - Biolizard
    Heroes - Metal Overlord
    Shadow - Black Doom, GUN
    06 - Mephilies
    Unleashed - Gaia
    Generations - Still the main villain, only now there's two of them
    Lost World - Zeti
    Mania (yes, even Mania) - the Hard Boiled Heavies, especially King
    Forces - Robotnik, largely because of how fucking pathetic Infinite is compared to his usual hangers-on
  9. raphael_fc


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    It gets worst if you count the DS version, because we have Mother Wisp.
  10. Mother Wisp doesn't betray Eggman though. She shows up only after he's been defeated.
  11. Xiao Hayes

    Xiao Hayes

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    I sometimes feel like I'm in an alternate dimension, I honestly and seriously don't get how the gameplay of Colours can be described that way save for a few exceptions. I agree rescuing the plot Yasuhara suggested for Sonic Xtreme and keeping the game quite in a classic style based on that concept was good, but just dealing with too much boost gameplay, too much Dimps gameplay and the weird thing of getting bazillions of red rings to then beat bazillions of special stages which include more floaty controls ruin absolutely everything. Sorry for not adhering to what we're meant to do in this thread, and I might try Colours again some time in the future to see if I can at least agree with youa bit, but, right now, I hate Unwiished less than I hate this.
  12. raphael_fc


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    I didn't like the "special stages" in Colors but I had a great time looking for the red rings. I genuinely enjoyed that, more than in Generations.
  13. How long has it been since you've played the game? I don't think it's anything like what you describe here. Like, how is there "too much boost gameplay"? If anything, Colors REALLY downplays boosting compared to the other boost games, because you can't upgrade the meter, you can't fill up the meter with rings, and White Wisps aren't all that plentiful.
  14. BadBehavior


    I think opinion has only soured on this game in retrospect seeing as how what people originally thought was some Single A budget side project in preparation for the big effing deal that was Generations, turned out the opposite was true: that Generations was the glorified side project while Colours would be the big effing deal that would determine the direction for the entire series going forward, including mediocre trash like Lost World and Forces. Like how people only hated the Adventure games because they begat Shadow and 06.
  15. Xiao Hayes

    Xiao Hayes

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    I refused to get Unleashed when it came out because I was already burned, but Generations was announced and my good will led me to buy and play it before Gens came out (I think I had played S4Ep1 already). I finished it and tried to get some medals. Then, after waiting for a physical release for PC that didn't happen but I wanted to actually own my game (you know, drm sucks), I got Gens on Steam and loved it. That got me enough good will to think "Hey! The game's supposed to be almost as good as Generations, it will probably be a better purchase than Unleashed!" and I found I was wrong. Heroes was the first game I didn't get to 100%, Gens was the first game I did after that, and just after that Colours bacame the first game I even didn't finish, with a small try to get some red rings before giving up with the game entirely.

    I admit I would be less biased if I tried a fresh save of the game now, hence why I'm willing to try again, but I don't think I would get a better impression from it than the best I got from Unwiished and both Episodes of Sonic 4.
  16. MastaSys


    Still Eggman, he's the one that changes Metal Sonic and there's nothing there that implies he lost control or something of the sort.
    So yeah, He's the main villain in Chaotix.
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  17. Xiao Hayes

    Xiao Hayes

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    Upgrading my own life to pro edition
    I accidentally lied on this part, I remembered a couple of things:

    - Colours was the first MAIN game I didn't finished. The first game I owned that didn't finished was Sonic Advance 2 thanks to its auto-run bosses. I haven't finished some other side titles and third line stuff like Sonic Blast, Spinball and Sonic Labyrinth.

    - I actually plugged my Wii at some point in more recent years and tried again Terminal Velocity 1. Left it even quicker than the first time, but it was then when I thought I could try again if I started a new save. I also tried Unwiished a bit that day and it didn't feel as bad as the first time.
  18. Palas


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    Ah, right - I love how the Sonic Simulator stages mimic the level design of 8-bit games. Or maybe they don't. But I was absolutely sure they did when I played it. I distinctly remember recognizing a section of Labyrinth Act 1 from Sonic 1 (MS/GG) in I think the fourth special stage?
  19. Yeah, all the Sonic Simulator stages are based on stages from Sonic 1 and Unleashed. The exact stages they're based on are named in the game files.
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  20. Gestalt


    I like this little Super Mario reference in Planet Wisp:

    (starts at 0:51)

    Can't unhear it anymore. Bravo, Sega.
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