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Complimenting Sonic 06

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Beamer the Meep, Jul 25, 2020.

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  1. BadBehavior


    A good game? No

    Better than Forces? Yes.
  2. Crimson Neo

    Crimson Neo

    Loopin' around. Member
    I honestly like the level design of SOME stages. I think what actually ruins it is the gameplay.

    Oh, and... I actually like Shadow and Silver story. Also, why Shadow's story in Sonic 2006 is actually better than the story of his own game again?

    Edit: Mephiles is a good villain, forgot to mention that. AND MUCH BETTER than Infinite.
  3. LucasMadword


    LucasSaturn Member
    Ooh, this is my jam!

    So, Sonic 06 has a lot of good things about it, and I will list them here
    • The music is absolutely stellar. We're talking some of the best the franchise has ever had. It is extremely varied, so much so His World has multiple performances from different artists, so you can take your pick as to which you would prefer. Everything about this soundtrack stands out as being some of the best music ever in a Sonic game. Period.
    • The story knows what it is. It's not like Forces where it's trying to be edgy by inserting garbage like "They've been torturing him for months!"... but instead the story is serious in the places it needs to be serious, and fun and lighthearted at the points it needs to be. It's not the most coherent plot of all time, and there are parts of it that make no sense, and some of the romance elements are a bit suspect, but on the whole there's certainly enjoyment to be had out of it. It knows what it is, and I think on the whole, it fits in pretty nicely with the other Adventure game plots.
    • In addition to the previous point, the pre-rendered cutscenes are stellar. The intro scene perfectly encapsulates what Sonic is, he's cocky, but always manages to save the day. He's snarky, but not obnoxiously so. It creates mystery, and it's just epic. People mock the "Bliss Windows XP" background scene, but the cutscene itself is still pretty. Ignoring the creepy implications of a anthropomorphic hedgehog and a human in a relationship, of course.
    • The gameplay is fun. Like, it's buggy, for sure, but it's definitely a guilty pleasure game. Excluding some set-pieces which aren't enjoyable (like the physics ball puzzle in Silvers story, which is easily bypassed anyways), most of it is fairly enjoyable. Especially in regards to Sonic's gameplay.
    • The level design isn't actually that bad. I think some of it is pretty great, and some of it is on-par with previous entries (so inconsistent). On the whole though, I enjoyed playing through the levels in Sonic 06 more than I did in many of the other games in the series.
    • People mock the mach speed sections, but if the lives system wasn't in the game and the sections were at the start of each level, I think those sections would be more fondly remembered as a bit of high-speed fun where you bounce around and hit walls. Once you become good at the sections, there's a lot of fun to be had. In a vacuum, they're not bad sections, but usually the anger of having to replay the whole stage again because you died one too many times sours it all.
    That's just off the top of my head, I'm sure I can think of more good things about Sonic 06.

    The fact about the game, is it's rushed. It's rushed to hell and back. But, underneath all that, as someone else said, there's passion and ambition. If you go into the game expecting a regular Sonic game, of course you'll be disappointed. But being self-aware at what the game is, and going in knowing what it is, well there's certainly a lot of enjoyment to gleam out of it. It's the same reason why people want to remake it to be good; there are things in the game that don't require large amounts of retooling to make fun. What we got was a game that needed heavy judicious editing down, and then a coat of polish and bug-fixes, to have something truly special.... of course we didn't get that in the end :P
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  4. Beltway


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    It's to date the last console 3D Sonic game that tried to have unique stage construction across the board; instead of opting to construct each level from (a) generic template/s like all the succeeding 3D games (Lost World, Boost, Storybook) have done. It's also second to the first Adventure in pulling off unique 3D stage construction the best. Heroes is crippled by having their core ideas (teamwork mechanics) pigeonholed into the levels, Shadow suffers from its grimdark aesthetic making most of levels visually identical. Lost World Wii U's 3D levels almost never deviate from either being planetoids or halfpipes, and those planetiod/halfpipe levels are hardly different from each other as well. I don't think I need to elaborate on the rest (Lost World 3DS, the Boost/Storybook 3D Sonic games, and *especially* Adventure 2).

    And the E3 Instrumental version of His World is a genuine banger.
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  5. SystemsReady


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    Shadow is great in this game, and also the soundtrack is fucking rad.
  6. Sonic Warrior TJ

    Sonic Warrior TJ

    O'Doyle rules! Member
    I always thought the game should have been marketed as "Shadow The Hedgehog 2: Ft. Sonic & Silver." Shadow's story always seemed the most fleshed out to me. Might have also saved some of Sonic's rep.

    Also while Dreams of an Absolution is a decent song, Bentley Jones' subsequent milking of it got pretty old.
  7. BadBehavior


    Also, the soundtrack is better than Sonic Forces Neapolitan flavours. They used different instruments for each stage to create a different mood. Wave Ocena is a relaxing stride, White Acropolis is a spy thriller, Radical Train is a high action chase, Crisis City is an apocalyptic endurance test and Flame Core is a lot like Crisis City but more subdued now that you've experienced it. Rather than "all-synth" Modern Sonic, "all-synth with vocals" Avatar and "the audio equivalent of diarrhoea" Classic Sonic.

    Oh and His World >>>>>>>>>>> Fist Bump
  8. Mana


    Good! Great! Awesome! Outstanding! Amazing! Member
    Very ambitious game with some great ideas that I know would have worked with some polish. I feel like if the game functioned as it should have a lot of the complaints surrounding the story would have been non existent at that. It's just a generic anime type story on top of a glitchy can't help but hate it completely.

    There were some powerful moments in the game regardless. Blaze's sacrifice still gets me now. Just not as a whole.


    Look, it's still one of the worst games I've ever played. I can't pretend it's not. Every time I try to think about it with any sort of legitimate fondness I just recall all the constant problems.

    But the initial Demo which played a part of Kingdom Valley was solid and actually had very few glitches. It made the game seem flawed, but still quite promising. I'd dealt with Adventure 1's glitches, afterall, and found a marvelously artistic experience beneath that game's many flaws (and there are also many), that I marveled at for years as a technical wonder. surely I can work my way past them to experience the same thing for 06, right?

    Sadly, that's the problem. Adventure 1 was handcrafted to have a ton of world building, artistic integrity, and fun little details that just made its world interesting to explore back in 1999. Sure, the maps in 06 were larger scale, but far less interesting to explore. My disappointment upon almost every bit of playing the title (and I did indeed beat it), could not be understated. It kind of broke my fandom at the time.

    Having said that, there were things I enjoyed.

    1. I like the story. I don't like Elise, nor ElisexSonic, but I like the rest of the story itself. It felt like a legitimate Sonic Adventure 3 type tale that I wanted to see. Not as good as either of the previous 2, but I also don't think I've enjoyed any Sonic game story as much since 06. Heck, the outright abandonment of Sonic as essentially an anime hero in a fantasy world with lore and worldbuilding is one of the things I miss about the franchise, as I followed all the fun story lore even back in the 90s with the Genesis/Saturn era. Colors may have had a much better script, and is a better game, but I liked the more epic scale stories as a whole and I'm not ashamed to admit that I miss them. Maybe the loss of Naka is part of the reason why the fun anime-esque sci-fi elements went away. I don't know. I think the loss of Naka and Oshima really hurt the vision of what Sonic's game world could be like (though I vastly prefer the Genesis/Adventure 1 aesthetic over the ADV 2 version as well). Oh well.

    2. The 3D Character models were very well made, and are still some of the best looking of the modern era. Sure, Sonic's design screamed awkward college dorm long hair years, and I don't like 06 Eggman's realistic design as much in and of itself, but the models themselves were extremely well detailed and looked fantastic, even scaled up to 4K in emulation today. I just remember being vividly impressed with them in almost every shot we saw them up close in.

    3. It's a shame they couldn't refine and get Havok's physics engine right, because it produced some truly cool effects at the right moment. Seeing all the debris break apart in various different ways was quite cool, but they didn't bother to reign in it at all, which was more a weakness than a strength.

    4. I liked the core concept of splitting the story between Sonic, Shadow, and even Silver. I liked different approaches to their gameplay design. The execution was, again, not refined enough, but the concept of playing between these 3 worked just fine for a more refined approach balancing the designs of Adventure 1 and 2.

    5. I enjoyed the 3D Eggman boss fights and thought they were one of the better parts of the game. Most were interesting and at least competently designed.

    6. The voice cast all did their jobs well. Mike Pollock again being stand out as usual, though back then he was still a bit new to us.

    7. Kingdom Valley is the most well refined and ambitious stage in the game, and the one that seems most polished and closest to the game's true potential.

    8. Generations' use of Crisis city proved it could be a fantastic stage with a fantastic soundtrack when polished a lot further. It remains one of the memorable moments of the game, though is sadly still glitchy as hell.

    There's a lot of reasons why it failed. A troubled development, concepts that were too ambitious for the current processing power available to them, lack of proper manpower, the lack of ability to build stages that are so large Sonic can truly explore them with his speed (something easier to do today than back then). Maybe the game could never have been what anyone hoped, but I can't fault them for at least trying.
  10. Shade Vortex

    Shade Vortex

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    USA, WA.
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    The best I can say about 06 is that you could tell that there was a desire for it to be good, at some point. The presentation is overall top notch, and I can't say any game since it, besides Unleashed, have felt like Sonic Team was actually setting out to accomplish making a great game. It had interesting ideas and some aspects, like parts of the level design, were actually much more interesting than pretty much anything we've seen since. Ironically, ditching EVERYTHING 06 threw onto the table was a bad move in the end- learning from your mistakes doesn't mean forgetting everything about something that went wrong- it should be about figuring out WHAT worked, WHY that worked, what DIDN'T work, and WHY that didn't work. This is something Sonic Team is especially bad at- they're always throwing the baby out with the bathwater.
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  11. EmerlForgotten


    Sonic Music Curator Member
    Never played it, admittedly, but the soundtrack is pretty awesome. The level themes are bops.
  12. Ravenfreak


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    I love the soundtrack and honestly I didn't really noticed too many glitches when I first played the game. I first played it on the 360 though, but I no longer have a 360 to play it on so I have the PS3 version. I haven't finished it yet, but I don't remember again running into glitches. I know they're there, but maybe I'm just not looking hard enough. xD I also really like Sonic's model in this game, as well as the rest of the main cast. (The humans well, not so much.) Plus this game gave us the best character of all, Sonicman!
  13. The Joebro64

    The Joebro64

    I've noticed that if you try to just play the game normally, you won't run into many, if any, glitches. It's only when you try to get creative that the glitches crawl out. Sort of like SA1.
  14. kyasarintsu


    The occasional unfair death was frustrating but typically not as annoying as some of the actual game design. Glitches were never something I considered a main problem with the game, despite the large amount of jank.
  15. Laura


    Brightened Eyes Member
    The music is good although I think peopls can overplay how good it actually is in all fairness.

    The only things which I think are good about 06 are legacy carry overs from the Adventure gameplay, and everything from the controls to the moves are way worse than they used to be. So not great.

    I'm not sure how many people who dunk on 06 now actually played the game. I did, and it was horrendous. We all know the famous memes, but I have some memories of it which I domt see discussed much.

    I always wondered why no one memed the final stage, because I thought those black holes were the absolute worst thing in the game. I had to replay that level so many times.

    Also, not many people talk about how the Xbox 360 had an achievement for 'watch the hidden ending' (or something like that) and it didn't even exist.
  16. Vangar


    I really enjoyed the game. But I played it through an emulator which dropped the loading times to pretty muuch 0, which actually makes the game playable and the bad parts more forgivable. The bad loading plus no save point when you get to the first level (meaning when a first time player dies on the speed area in the first level, they will go all the way back to the start of the game) really makes a lot of people hate the game right then and there, unfortunately. The rest of the game is quite fun if you are a Sonic fan.

    Except the silver level where you have to push those eight-balls down a corridor and explode far too easily when bouncing around. That part is an unforgivable piece of trash.
  17. KingOfBunnies


    Gonna also echo the statement that the music is good. That soundtrack is stellar.
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