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Community Project Targets

Discussion in 'Sonic 2 HD (Archive)' started by Canned Karma, Mar 23, 2010.

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    Canned Karma

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    -- Community Project Targets --

    Want to help speed up S2HD's development? Curious what the current focus of the project is? You're in the right place. This topic will be used to direct attention toward the immediate goals of the project.

    <!--coloro:yellow--><span style="color:yellow"><!--/coloro-->Hill Top Zone[/COLOR]

    <blockquote>Assets to be included:

    Character art:
    Eagle - unstarted

    Level art:
    "S Tunnel Metablock" - WIP (basic shaping)

    Level specific objects:
    SeesawCatapult - WIP (concept)
    HTZ Tree: Treetop, WIP - Tree trunk, Complete
    Rock - WIP
    Skilift Platform - WIP
    Lava & Flames - unstarted
    Automatic Door - WIP (concept)

    Zone badniks:
    Rexon - Complete
    Spiker - WIP (shading)

    Zone boss
    Boss HTZ - unstarted

    **upon further refinement of Synergy's Special Stage engine**

    <!--coloro:yellow--><span style="color:yellow"><!--/coloro-->If you have any questions, send a PM to a staff member.[/COLOR]
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.