Colorful Encore 2.0 (Post-SAGE Release)

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    Hey people! Nice to finally post here. As an habitual lurker, the Sonic Retro community was a big inspiration for this mod. When Sonic Mania Plus was released, I carefully read what people said about Encore mode and his palettes. This was an initial insight, that now developed into something a lot bigger.

    Colorful Encore 2.0 is an enhancement mod for Sonic Mania Plus focused on reimaginated or revamped palettes for Encore Mode, with more vibrant and exciting tones than ever. Some of them were reworked from scratch with original themes, others are enhanced versions of the originals. It also improves some sprites and other visual assets.

    The Post-Sage edition features some minor tweaks and bugfixes, including the Super Transformation music fix.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    More screenshots:






    • Highly detailed palettes for almost all stages. Some of them are revamped versions of the originals, others are completely different
    • Mighty and Ray tuned up with brighter tones to be more aligned with the new palettes and the other characters
    • There are some bonus features for Mania Mode: Better contrast for Lava Reef (1-2-3), better shading for sprites in GHZ, MSZ and upgraded bgs for SSZ1-2
    • OOZ1, SSZ1 and MSZ2 preserves the original palette for the most part, but they have modified assets as well


    You can see more screenshots and commentaries for each zone here:

    And here comparisons with the original Encore Mode, also with sprites\Mania Mode:
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    I'll be sure to check it out asap. The screenshots look great.
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    Wow, you did some really nice work!
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    I've been playing this for a few of the revisions now and I must say I'm a huge fan. The original palettes were fine but I think the brighter colors are just more suited to the game, especially if they were trying to go for Chaotix vibes as that was a very colorful game.

    This, Vape Mode, and the mod that turns Super Mighty yellow and Super Ray Blue is basically the main way I play the game on PC.