Clint Dyer is NOT responsible for the 1,000 proto release

Discussion in 'General Sega Discussion' started by MathUser, Feb 8, 2017.

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    This article says Clint Dyer is responsible for sneaking out that Proto archive that drx released sometime back. The article also talks about the origins of Sonic Crackers. Apparently a guy mass copied them onto spare eeprom boards before he left Sega and thought they would sell cause of name recognition. It's not a true prototype as in they were used for testing. Kinda a repro but not really since it used official dev boards.

    Clint Dyer apparently was in the special thanks section of Knuckles Chaotix credits.
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    That's a pretty cool find. It's a shame no one's able to get ahold of him.
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    You're a few months behind me :eng101:

    I came across the name while hunting for Sega Neptunes. I noticed a single Neptune prototype has journeyed across the US for the best part of 20 years - it's recognisable by the bits of white paint near the cartridge slot. As far as I can tell there is only one in public hands, and this lad is believed to have put it there.

    It's now part of a travelling collection. Much like that "Play Station" SNES prototype that showed up recently.
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    [15:04:07] <drx> most definitely not
    [15:04:18] <drx> clint sold all his stuff in the early 2000s
    [15:04:19] <drx> before my time
    [15:04:32] <drx> he sold the crackers carts in ~1995-1996
    [15:04:44] <drx> for like $40 a piece

    [15:04:57] Oh, they could be his but whoever bought them sold to you?
    [15:05:39] <drx> no
    [15:05:53] <drx> definitely not
    [15:06:07] <drx> they had nothing to do with clint dyer

    I guess it wasn't clint dyer after all.