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Classic Sonic Adventures(Sonic Generations Mod)

Discussion in 'Engineering & Reverse Engineering' started by Dario FF, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. Dario FF

    Dario FF

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    Classic Sonic Adventures for the PC version of Sonic Generations

    Really simple mod that swaps all the classic and modern acts so classic sonic(and modern sonic) can play in each other's acts. This mod modifies the levels' layouts so classic sonic can complete all 9 modern acts. Anyone with the tools and notepad editing skills can do this mod, but I'm releasing it on a simple to use installer. :eng101:


    • Don't spindash in 3D unless you already spindashed once in 2D mode. It's glitchy though. It'll boost you in the direction where you spindashed last time in 2D.
      Make sure you unlocked the homing attack in the regular game. You won't be able to get all the red rings in Planet Wisp with this mod, and you'll really need the skill for post-Genesis era levels.
      Don't use Spike Wisp if there are any springs around added so you can get through. They're there for a reason. (Hint: Crashes)

    Overview Video


    CSA now with SonicGMI support(6 MB)
    Special thanks to Korama for converting the mod to be compatible with the newest version of CPKREDIR!

    You'll need SonicGMI installed for playing this mod. Simply drop the "CSA" folder into the mods folder you have from SonicGMI, then boot up and check the box for SonicGMI. That's all that needs to be done! No backups required.


    Green Hill Zone
    Chemical Plant Zone
    Sky Sanctuary Zone (<- Really nice level for classic)
    City Escape
    Seaside Hill
    Crisis City
    Rooftop Run
    Planet Wisp


    Feel free to report any non-obvious bugs here like impossible paths for classic sonic, or obscure objects that make him crash.
    Modern sonic can play on Classic's levels, but their layouts aren't fixed, so it'll probably crash in some levels like Planet Wisp, Rooftop run, and Seaside Hill.

    I know this mod is simple and anyone could do it with just a bit of patience, but most regular users aren't interested in the technical mumbo-jumbo and would prefer an installer like this one.

    Enjoy! :)
  2. samourai23


    Dude, one word : Awesome !
  3. Tiranno


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    I played it and it was rather fun! I just wish Sonic wasn't so stiff when running at high speeds, but I understand you can't control that.
  4. Josh


    I messed around with it for a while. It's really cool and all, but honestly, I thought having modern in the classic stages was a lot more fun. Now, if you could mod the game so classic Sonic's design was there, playing like modern Sonic in the Act 2 stages, that'd be sweet. But classic Sonic's style just doesn't work all that well for the way the act 2s are designed.

    Still! Awesome, awesome job. It's really sweet to just see the old-school design from this perspective.
  5. Elektro-Omega


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    This is awesome. If I had generations on PC this would be a definate DL.

    It's nice to see this finally get it's own topic after the work you have put in.
  6. DustArma


    Santiago, Chile
    Learning Python.
    You put a lot of effort into this and I'm glad Generations mods are already being released.

    But you opened a whole can of stupid worms with this. :(
  7. ashthedragon


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    Sonic Paradise & Sonic Ages
    this is awesome! althourgh that " you need to have unlocked homing attack before" puts me down, I play on the 360 version and I have not unlecked it on the PC version yet...could someone post a save with classic homing attack?
  8. JaxTH


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    Los Angeles
    Jack shit.
    How so?
  9. DustArma


    Santiago, Chile
    Learning Python.
    Mostly idiots coming out of the woodwork claiming that Classic Sonic in Modern levels is much better than Modern in Modern despite that Dario FF is using Modern's physics for Classic and that Classic is missing nearly all of the moves that make Modern Sonic's gameplay work with said physics in the first place making it objectively worse all around. :colbert:

    Classic in Modern is neat little thing and I'm thankful Dario FF made this, but we can't deny that C.Sonic simply doesn't fit there gameplay-wise.
  10. Dario FF

    Dario FF

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    It's not really different than any other hack which gimps Sonic 1/2 or whatever, like one of those "red ring" hacks. It's a radical change to gameplay to see how it plays out. Here I just take the boost away while using a cute model.

    Most levels suck quite a lot on the steering parts. I do find it interesting that without a boost, using homing attack slows you down a lot. Just try Planet Wisp at the first section with just jumping on those trees, and you'll see how fast you'll get through than if you followed the enemy chain homing attacks.

    It's essentially giving you a new playthrough with different limitations you gotta get around. That's the part I'm mostly happy about a good Sonic game releasing on PC, we can once again take the juice out of it. Even if it ends up playing worse.

    Those worms have been out for a while already. :v:

    EDIT: I do think that whether this is fun or not, it's been ultimately a great learning experience. I learned how a big chunk of the object editing works, found a way to place them in real world coords, and also started the work on an installer so people can distribute mods easily. I don't think I'll continue working on this, it's kinda pointless. I would rather start working on a visual object editor, which I believe would be a huge contribution at the moment.
  11. Afro Thunder

    Afro Thunder

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    Trying to get outta Dr. Dre mode, and actually release an album.
    Like everybody already said before me, This is a beautiful hack.

    Now if only Classic Sonic could do the tricks modren does when he goes through a rainbow ring. :v:
  12. Hez


    I really can't help it but say you're right. I also must say that I guess I really don't mind either type of game play. Classic Sonic is just so much easier on the eyes...and I am in no way trying to start the flame war about modern sonic. He just is better looking. Fact.
  13. Mastered Realm

    Mastered Realm

    Well I prefer modern all around, classic looks fat and not speedy, modern could undergo some tweaks but yeah. Different oppinions xD.
  14. Dark Sonic

    Dark Sonic

    Working on my art!
    While I love the idea, Classic Sonic simply was not meant to be playable in these levels. In order for him to work the spindash has got to be fixed and homing attack needs to be enabled at least.

    Now I would love to see Modern Sonic in the classic levels. That'd work. Or better yet give Classic Sonic all of Modern Sonic's powers.
  15. DustArma


    Santiago, Chile
    Learning Python.
    Modern in Classic works 100% in every level except Rooftop Run, Seaside Hill and Planet Wisp, and with slight issues in City Escape.

    Modern's snowboard works differently to Classic's skateboard and can cause you to get stuck in areas (Mostly because unlike Classic, Modern doesn't lose his snowboard when crashing into geometry)

    Seaside Hill requires you to take the upper paths as the sideway fans that cause Classic Sonic to go into his tunnel spinning animation, which doesn't exist for Modern, will cause the game to crash, removing said fans would enable the lower paths to be taken.

    Rooftop Run has 2 issues, first the pushable barrel in the cellar section causes Modern to crash for some reason despite that both him and Classic have pushing animations, you can just go over the barrel if you want to go down that path. Secondly the poles you grab as Classic in the Clock Tower section will cause a crash if Modern touches them, in order to beat it you need to take the path on the right when you get to the section with the 2 red platforms, use the red spring then once you land get to the upper rightmost spring and use the Aero-Cannon as a platform to get to the center of the Clock, the sequence will work fine from there as Modern has a spindash animation (The one used after hitting boostpads), the best course of action would be to remove the poles and replace them with Homing Attack targets but I haven't been able to separate the entire Clock from them (they seem to be a single object).

    Planet Wisp will require heavy editing to get around the spike wisp sections, in particular those that trigger new platforms to appear.
  16. Here's a way late bump, but is there any chance of us seeing this made in a way for CPKREDIR? I would imagine it wouldn't be too hard, would it?
  17. Chris Highwind

    Chris Highwind

    Statesville, NC
    I believe the CPKREDIR download in its topic comes with this mod.
  18. Korama


    Tech Member
    Actually, CPKREDIR includes Classic Sonic Adventures, except for the fixed files which you still have to download from the first post here.
    One of the big new features in v0.3 was the ability to manipulate (swap, rename, etc.) CPK internal files, which is necessary for CSA.
  19. Rosie


    aka Rosie Member
    I have to say, mate. Seeing classic Sonic skateboard down City Escape in 3D was the most awesome thing I've seen in a long while. Kudos!