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Chili Dog a la Sonic

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by David The Lurker, Feb 1, 2010.

  1. Arctides


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    I'm just getting over food poisoning. So I felt I'd whip something up to celebrate.


    I made some modifications to the recipe, mostly by adding a few spices. I don't usually add barbecue sauce to chili, but it added a nice flavor. Cayenne pepper, in moderate amounts, adds a nice zest as well.
  2. Insalubrious


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    I ended up slightly modifying the recipe, too, mostly since I couldn't get a hold of all the right ingredients. I removed the peppers (because I don't like them), roughly halved the amount of onion and mushroom, I replaced the chili powder with powdered cayenne pepper, and I ended up adding a small can of tomato sauce because the only barbecue sauce they sell here is KC Masterpiece, which is really too sweet for this. Even despite that, it was still a little too sweet, but it was a good Saturday night dinner.

    Here's a picture of the final product:

    And here are some images of the rest of the process.
    Preparing for a nice half-hour simmer.
    The recipe, nice and handy.
    All the seasonings. Yum yum. (Ignore the curry powder. I didn't actually use that.)
    Corn bread to go along with it.
    Into the fire.
    Cheese, buns, and—of course—the hot dogs.
    Adding the beans.
    And the spices. Lookin' good now.
    The corn bread's done. It was delicious.
    Me, watching over the chili during its second simmer. I'm not very photogenic.
    Oh—time for the hot dogs. And in they go.
    Mixing it up. This is pretty much how the final product looked before being put on the buns.
    Speaking of buns... here are the ones I used. They were kind of unevenly toasted, but whatever.
    Plop on the hot dogs and the chili. (You can already see they're falling apart.)
    And the cheese (not optional!).
    My first bite was a failure. The hot dog fell through the bun and made a huge mess.
    But I persisted! The second bite is a success!
    A painfully wide-eyed third bite.
    And, victory!
    The remains.
    Saving the rest for later.

    I had some more for lunch today, and the chili reheated quite nicely. Definitely not bad. I should get two to three more meals out of this, and it wasn't all that expensive, either.
  3. Malevolence


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    So this one time, I made the most delicious chili dog for a contest at a website called Sonic Retro:

    ^ Mmmmm yeah!

    ^ Oh baby!

    ^ See how happy it makes me!

    I asked how delicious could a chili dog get and look superior? Well, I found out ;)
  4. Phithpleis


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    Wow, these chili dogs look really tasty, they're making me so hungry! I gotta try Sonic's secret recipe one day!
  5. MathUser


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    I'd certainly like to try the chilli but I don't think I'll cook it myself.
  6. Tweaker


    Hey guys, just a heads up—only two more days to make Chili Dog a la Sonic and post your results! If you feel like winning our Fabulous Prizes™, try and hurry before time is up!
  7. Tidbit


    ARGH! How did I not here about this?! Ima make one now! Well as soon as I ingredients <_<.
  8. MathUser


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    The best looking chilli dog thus far I say. Browning the bun was smart.
  9. Lyrica


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    damn I wanted to take part in this but time and funds got the best of me :<
  10. Enzo Aquarius

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    You guys should try larger hot dogs and bakery buns for epic success. I'm going to try this on Friday or Wednesday.

    In all honesty, when I made chili dogs in the past, I cooked the hot dogs separate from the chili. Looks like I'll be going a different path this time. :v:
  11. Ravenfreak


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    That sir looks very delicious. I'm going to have to try your recipe someday. ^^ Also I agree with Enzo, that would make them taste even better and then it may even taste like Sonic's Chili dogs. (I mean the restaurant this time. xP)

    Webcam pics suck, but it's all I have. >.> Yep that's my dinner, Chili Dogs are my favorite. <3
  12. Ink


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    Mine too! I think there were subliminal messages in SatAM and AoStH... >_>

    Dying to try Sonic's recipe, but it'll probably have to wait until next month; I've already spent my grocery budget for the month. (lol budget what's that)

    The dogs look great, guys! [​IMG]
  13. Honestly the reason I like chilli dogs or tried them is cuse of Sonic. I still refer to them as the coolest food ever simply because they're Sonic's favorite and must be cool by association.
  14. just to see, what kind of pepper did you all use? I used habenero, jalepeño, and I think it was poblano peppers
  15. Arctides


    I am a bloated bag of hate. Oldbie
    I just used a regular green bell pepper, and some ground-up red cayenne pepper.
  16. Sonic Joe

    Sonic Joe

    Mmmm... yum yum, those sure look tasty! I may give these chilli dogs a try but I lack the ingredients and money :(
  17. Tina Russell

    Tina Russell

    I tried this recipe, and the results were okay, but I didn't succeed in melting the cheese very well at all. I don't know anything about cheese... I tried stirring some grated cheese in a saucepan over heat, and it created a malleable blob of cheese, but not melted cheese. Putting some grated cheese in a pan, and putting that into the oven, had similar results.

    People here who've melted cheese for the chili dogs don't seem to have had any problem. How did you do it? Thank you!
  18. Insalubrious


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    I just sprinkled cheese over the chili dogs after they were all assembled. The heat from the chili melts the cheese. :)