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Characterization in the Sonic Franchise

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Beamer the Meep, Apr 2, 2021.

What style of characterization do you prefer?

  1. Classic Era Characterization

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  2. Adventure Era (SA1 - SH) Characterization

    67 vote(s)
  3. Dark Era (ShTH - SU) Characterization

    17 vote(s)
  4. Modern Era (SC - SF) Characterization

    14 vote(s)
  5. Other

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  1. raphael_fc


    Overthinking Sonic timelines. Member
    There's that line in Forces in which Knuckles (or Silver? I don't recall) states that "Tails has just lost it", and I've read somewhere that this was a mistranslation but I don't know.
  2. It is indeed a mistranslation. The original script just mentioned that he was missing.

    So oops lol.
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  3. ChaddyFantome


    I'm actually surprised to find this video posted here. I was subbed to that channel and was delighted to see it in my subfeed. Though I dunno how relevant the video is to post in this topic. still cool to see though!

    This very much.
    It, like I would argue a lot of things in Forces, is a case of perfectly fine idea but weak/anemic execution. Its like the pieces/skeleton of a good "arc" for Tails that never really goes anywhere because its set up and "resolved" all in more or less one scene. You get the sense they wanted to have Tails go with Classic Sonic and take charge to make up for his weakness. Weakness we were just shown and told he is just getting over all in 1 scene. And their isn't any real ...payoff for it either.

    While I am on the subject, I would argue that with Forces in particular, many issues people have with the characterization largely comes down to similar things. Characters like Shadow, Knuckles, Silver, etc I would argue are written on the book in Forces. But unlike past games where characters got a lot more individual focus, they don't here, which I feel people might be conflating with the characters being "butchered". (not to say there is nothing to criticize mind you.)
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  4. I can see it-

    >Tails is missing >Tails is lost >Tails has lost it
  5. BadBehavior


    Still seems like a leap. I just chalk it up to being a Pontaffism and just groan. What were previously cute embellishments in games with simpler stories like Colors could now seriously alter the context of a given scene (this, "torturing him for months", probably some more im forgetting)
  6. You're really gonna say this after all of the dumb translation crap from the older games???

    Not everything is Pontac and Graff's fault dude.
  7. Pengi


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