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    This was a little idea which began out of sheer boredom: an attempt to take the concept of Chaos Emeralds, with their variation in number, shapes, and power between games and inexplicable tendancy to disappear at the start of each new installment; and somehow make this plot device canon. And if people can come up with ways to make the Zelda timeline coherent, certainly even I could come up with an explanation for the Emeralds. And so, after a good half hour pondering the enigmatic gemstones, I decided that there could be only one way to tie together every Sonic game featuring Chaos Emeralds without resorting to a multiple-universe theory and placing no restrictions on future additions to the franchise, not even those as retarded as Unleashed and Black Knight.

    Premise: There are thousands of Chaos Emeralds in Sonic's world.

    No no no, don't click out of the page yet. I promise you that this will not violate all that is good and beautiful about the Sonic canon. For example, I keep the rule of seven intact while simultaneously providing logical explanation for all the little quirks which surround the Emeralds.

    All Emeralds belong to sets. Two or more Emeralds can be identified as belonging to the same set if they are acquired through very similar means (I.e. the same-style special stages).
    There are four classes of Emeralds in existence. Listed in order of increasing power, they are: Trick Emeralds, Power Emeralds, True Chaos Emeralds, and the Master Emerald.

    Trick Emeralds - These are the weakest and most common variety of Chaos Emeralds. They do not allow their owner to transform into a Super form, though they may allow some other kind of transformation or a different power altogether. A set of Emeralds can be defined as a Trick Emerald set if at least one of the following is true:
    • There are more or less than seven Emeralds in the complete set.
    • At least two Emeralds are the same color (more commonly, all of them are).
    • They are not all the same shape and size.
    • Owning the complete set does not allow transformation into a Super state (glowing hair, eye color change, invinciblility, etc.)
    Games in which Trick Emeralds appear: Sonic 1 MD, Sonic Spinball MD, Sonic 3D Blast, all of the MS/GG games.

    Power Emeralds - These are much stronger than Trick Emeralds, and much rarer. They always come in sets of seven, they are of uniform shape and size within the set, each Emerald is of a unique color within its set, and a complete set of Power Emeralds allows transformation into a Super state.
    Games in which Power Emeralds appear: Sonic 2 MD, Shadow the Hedgehog.

    True Chaos Emeralds - These are the real deal. Only 7 of these exist in the entire world. The True Chaos Emerald set has all of the properties of a Power Emerald Set, but only True Chaos Emeralds can be upgraded into Super Emeralds. When all seven True Chaos Emeralds have been successfully upgraded, the owner can transform into a Hyper State more powerful than the usual Super state.
    The only game in which True Chaos Emeralds appear is Sonic 3 & Knuckles.

    Master Emerald - You know what this is.

    So this is the basic idea, with no frills attached. But since this concept restricts itself to the current Sonic canon, it fails to explain why the Master Emerald is chased after only as often as the rest of the Chaos Emeralds. This is easily solvable with only the following alterations to the above:

    7 sets of True Chaos Emeralds (for a total of 49).
    7 Master Emeralds, each associated with one of the True Chaos Emerald sets.
    1 Master Master Emerald.

    But by this point, I'm worried that I'm venturing too far into foreign territory, so I think it may be better to just leave it at 1 True Chaos Emerald set and 1 Master Emerald.

    Opinions? Suggestions? Ridicule?
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    Intresting, but I always saw that there were 7, no more, no less.
    6 were on South Island (S1MD) and the seventh located on West Island (S2MD). This is in order to trick people into thinking the Seventh Emerald is upon South Island with the rest, keeping the true power from Power-Hungry Madmen until Sonic and Robotnik show up.
    The Super Emeralds were always seperate, only unlocked by the Chaos Emeralds as a sort of safe with seven keys. The Super Emeralds were lost between S3K and Sonic Adventure.
    The Infamous Eighth Emerald was nothing more than a clone created by mistake when Robotnik clones you in Sonic the Fighters, and it remerges with the original 7 upon the clones defeat.
    The MS Games are in a continuity of their own. I like the theory put forward by Sonic the Comic in that the Chaos Emerlads were drained of so much of their power, they turned too one colour, the colour of the currently strongest emerald.
    The reason the Chaos Emerald keep seperating after usage is because they cause Chaos Control when used, and they warp to a random point, to be either found by someone else or to remain lost until found by Sonic and Co.

    I also have a theory upon why some characters can go super while others can't, but I don't think It should go here, even though it's related to the Chaos Emerald themselves.
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    Nice effort, but I don't think that the consistency of the Chaos Emeralds—or lack thereof—were ever meant to have any sort of officially established place in story canon. They're just plot elements; as a result, you've got tons of different story writers making inconsistent use of them throughout the different games in the series. It's no big mystery—just an oversight that isn't important enough to fix.

    I don't see this topic ending well, so I'm going to opt for a pre-emptive trash here. I guess we just don't bother with these types of topics here, if that makes any sense. Don't take it personally—you seem like a pretty smart guy to me. :objection:
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