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    Sonic Mania is my favourite Sonic game and I think it's a shame that the game's development isn't as well covered as the classic games (for obvious reasons). The early prototype versions of Studiopolis and Green Hill Zone were playable on the retail Sonic Mania through the Developer Menu on the PC release. It's pretty easy to see the changes in development because you can play the levels yourself! Yet the demo version of Mirage Saloon wasn't playable, so I thought it would be fun to catalogue all of the changes I can detect between the prototype version of the level shown by Polygon on 27/10/2016 and the final release almost a year later.

    The level is almost exactly the same between the two versions which I think is interesting, but there are some minor changes which make the level easier in the final release. I think they are worth cataloguing! And let's be honest, if you are frequent browser of Sonic Retro, you'd probably be interested in even the most obscure stuff.

    I'm showing the changes on a blog post, simply because I can't show all the images on here. I know posting to external sites can be frowned upon, but I'm not promoting anything, I created the blog post simply so I could show what I would otherwise post on here!

    (it might take a while to load right now, because I just created it and it has loads of images on it :V )
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    Thanks for taking the time to do this, I love this kind of obscure prerelease changes :)
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    Only because we have a wiki that is specifically geared up for this sort of thing ;)