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CCA and GAM file format info (and more)

Discussion in 'Fangaming Discussion' started by Smidge204, Feb 27, 2011.

  1. Smidge204


    A long, long time ago... almost eight years now... I started to work on converting SFGHQ's library of sprites from the proprietary Multimedia Fusion data files into more generic BMP sheets. Obviously this never happened, but I did lay some groundwork which I hope someone might find useful. Specifically, I started reverse-engineering the CCA file format so I could extract the sprite information from it. I also started doing the same for Game Maker files, with the hopes of maybe one day creating a utility that would be able to import and export various fangame related formats.

    So since recent events have stirred up past memories, I rediscovered what I'd done and decided to let everyone in on it again. Maybe someone here will find it useful?

    I also wrote a utility that extracts CCA data (though only for MMF 1.2 and 1.5 version files), which also created data files containing animation data in non-proprietary format; a precursor to what I'd later develop into the "Sprite Image Project" (SIP) file format.

    I later developed a sister format to SIP - "Sprite Image Format" (SIF) which encapsulated the graphical data and animation data. These formats were supported by both the CCA extraction tool and an early sprite animation editor I made. Links here:

    Source code for the two utilities is available, though they're written in VisualBasic 6 :p
  2. Overbound


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    This CCA ripper is really handy. I'm actually through page 10 of the sprites. I'm checking them for quality, and will convert them over to PNG and compressing them as per site policy. We do not yet have a place for them on the wiki but if somebody started at the end of the sprite section and worked backwards we'd meet somewhere in the middle and have the sprites ready by the time Retro's fan game section is ready for them.
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    I also reverse-engineered Clickteam formats, but I worked a lot on the TGF (and CnC) format and less on the one of MMF.
    This topic contains all things I did.
    There's a tool that can fully unpack TGF and KnP files, show images of all Clickteam products and make Level Maps or TGF files.
    I also made a rather detailed file format refernece.